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How often should you update your CPR certification?30/10/2009

If you currently have your CPR certification you may wonder if it qualifies as being current and up to date. It is a good rule of thumb that if you have not updated your CPR certification in more than two years, it is time for a refresher course. You may wonder why it is necessary to take courses so frequently and how you can best update your qualifications quickly and easily. If you have never considered online 70-290certification you should since this is a quick and simple way to stay up to date.

Online CPR certification can be a wonderful way to update your CPR certification quickly and easily. You will be able to focus on the information you need to review the most. Rather than being involved in a lengthy in class session you can breeze through specific topics and get the information you require. This can often allow you to renew your CPR certification in a matter of minutes rather than committing to a weekend or week long class. You can also focus on changes to the curriculum which can include information on positioning changes and respiration rates.

One important piece of information that you will want to brush up on is the use of AED’s or automatic external defibrillators. These machines are now available in many gyms, schools and athletic complexes and can be valuable tools for dealing with people whose hearts may not restart using CPR alone. These machines can be very effective but they are powerful and it can be a good idea to know how and when they should be used. If you received your 70-291 certification over two years ago, you may not have had this information included in your course. An online CPR certification course from a website such as cprprofessor.com will include this in any of their CPR certification or first aid courses.

CPR certification can be expensive as well unless you opt to take online CPR certification. You may end up letting your CPR certification lapse if you spend too much time looking for free or discounted courses. You should not let financial issues get in the way of your CPR certification process. An online CPR certification course can allow you to brush up on your skills and renew your qualifications for under twenty dollars, which can make it much more affordable if you are paying out of pocket.

If you are looking for a way to update your CPR certification affordably and conveniently, consider getting your online 70-270 certification. Using websites that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home can make getting recertified affordable and will let you work at your own pace. Scheduling will be a non-issue and you never need to worry about being unable to find a course when it is convenient for you. Checking out a variety of websites will help you find the course which covers the information you need and allows you to renew your qualifications in as little as an hour.

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Death toll in Rio de Janeiro drug violence reaches 2523/10/2009
Twenty-five people have been confirmed dead so far in fierce clashes between drug gangs and police over the weekend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's second largest city.

Local police lately found the body of a man with several bruises and bullet wounds inside a supermarket cart in the Morro dos Macacos shantytown, in northern Rio de Janeiro.

Clashes broke out early Saturday when criminals from drug gang "Comando Vermelho" tried to take over the drug business in Morro dos Macacos slum, which is controlled by a rival gang, "Amigos dosAmigos."

Several gunfights then took place over the weekend between these two drug gangs and also between criminals and policemen.

At least 12 vehicles were burnt down as drug traffickers tried to divert the police's attention from their conflicts. Criminals also managed to bring down a police helicopter, killing three police officers.

The police then launched operations in several shantytowns in Rio's northern region to arrest the criminals. Several weapons anddrugs were seized, including heavy weaponry which may have been used to bring down the police helicopter.

Governor of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, said Monday that 58 million U.S. dollars would be allocated to better equip local police forces. Brazilian PresidentLuiz Inacio Lula da Silva has also offered the federal government's support.
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