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Common issue for Mascot Costume5/9/2017

Sometimes you have to wear a smurf 3 mascot costume that wasn’t made for you or that is old and in need of repair. Here are some common micky mouse adult mascot costume issues and how to fix them:

1.The inside of cartoon mascot head is too big

Try adding some foam to the Emoji poop costume head. You can get sheets foam at fabric stores or online. You can also try wearing a bandanna or a headband, but be cautious as sometime these can move on your head and slip over your eyes.

2.The head inside is too small

Ask the lighting Mcqueen mascot costume company to check if the head size is adjustable. If it isn’t, you’re out of luck for the moment. You’ll need to buy another suitable head to replaced so you can wear it.

3,There is no helmet inside the mascot head

 A Cartoon mascot head is essence for whole halloween minnie mascot costume, in order to the best fit and allows for the best performance. a helmets is very important as Heads without helmets often have straps that secure under the performer’s arms. If there are no straps see if you can add them on. in a word safety pins can come undone and may end up stabbing you or a fan.

4.The shoes of Deer mascot costume are too big

Try wearing multiple layers of socks or try wearing a scuba bootie inside the foot. The best mascot feet allow you to secure your own sneaker with straps or are built over sneakers that are your size.tell you foot size to mascot costume factory and let them design the mascot shoes according to you foot size.

5.The shoes are too small

If you can’t get your shoes into the mascot feet, try going barefoot. If this doesn’t work you may be out of luck. For a quick fix see if you can find clown shoes or costume shoes for a replacement.

If you have a problem that we didn't solve here, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!





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