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Get a Fashionable Power Case for iPhone 5 Now

02:35, 27/7/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

Power case for iphone 5, iphone 5 power case, iPhone5 power battery case QYG QB1600-i5W is a new power case which is especially designed for iPhone 5, this power case for iphone5 is a protective case too. This new iphone 5 power case comes with lighting output and features its function of wireless charging, together with fashion LED design give you longer standby time, so wherever you are at home, in your office or on the go, this fashionable iPhone 5 power case helps you out of the no power. We believe that QB1600-i5W will become your best charging partner.


How to charge you iPhone 5 via this new power case?

To many new users ,they may be confused that how to charge my device by this iphone 5 power case and is it safe for my iPhone5 ? Doní»t worry about it, just put your device to this iphone power case,then press the power botton for 2S, then the charging begins. After 5S, the LED power indicator will turn off and switches to the power-saving mode.

To many youge people, what bothers them most may be their prefer devices drop, knock.etc,But this stylish power case for iPhone 5 can prevent your iphone 5 from drop ,knock and scratches - that is so-called protective case,of course, you can charge your power case iPhone 5 by its wiresless charger on condition that you follow the steps below:

First put the iPhone 5 into these fashionable power case then put iPhone on the wireless charging pan parallelly, then the charging starts and the LED power indicator lights up, and the iPhone 5 is prior to charge via wirless charger .

Features of this fashionable power case for iPhone 5:

Battery Type: Li-Polyer


Input:DC 5V/500Ma

Output: DC 5V/1A

Size: 138x63x13.6mm

Weight: Approx:67g

Outport port:lightning

Input port:Micro

Charging time:about 3.6h

Cable cable:Micro USB

Why not getting one power case for your iphone 5 and make your iPhone5 stylish and different now ? We are a professional iphone 5 accessory manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in producing and exporting all kinds of mobile power banks ,fashionable power case for a wide range of brands,etc. If you choose this power case of iphone 5, you will get a competitive wholesale price and top quality with it.

Welcome to choose these dual core smart phones at Coolseason

11:17, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
I believe a lot of people, including me, have on Saipan today officially quit message is not surprised Saipan exit as early as expected. For more than a year ago, due to the user experience can not advance with the times, Saipan system status come from behind iOS and Android systems completely replace everyone in speculation Saipan when will formally withdraw. Now, just further from Nokia official confirmed.

However, when the day really comes, we will have to Nokia dual core smart phones create brilliant, complex also leave a the fond memories Saipan party hard to break away to many users. However, the history of the total front line, the trend of the times and trends are unpredictable and unavoidable. Has looked very outdated Saipan system now seems, though still old and solid, but the fact they are the market and the user marginalized, exit the ultimate fate of these dual core smart phones will become its unavoidable.

Saipan exit, signifying the end of an era of the smart phone. Perhaps, someday, we occasionally still remembered once used by the N70, N95 or E63, E71, reminds me of a a Symbian phone to bring us moved and happy. So at this moment, let us in the breakdown of those years with chase classic Saipan phone while ended Saipan sincerely say thanks, said loudly blessing to take a good Saipan. It can be said that the declining Saipan system unfolded for a long time, and the reasons are many and varied, but can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Fuse is the birth of the dual core smart phones in the world's hot, and immediately following the iPhone from Android phone, dual core smart phones are also the emergence of the iPhone and Android phones already Innovation weak Saipan system dragged to the edge of the cliff, and eventually go to the end. View more cell phones in 2013 at coolseason online store.

4 inch android phones lead new IT industry in 2013

11:17, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
This article is taken from Netease phone parts of these 4 inch android phones have been published in the QD forum, because of the author's first 4 inch android phones is QD.

January 24, 2013, the day for the once all-powerful in the smart phone industry, take 4 inch android phones for example Nokia will be far-reaching. On this day, Nokia officially announced earnings for the fourth quarter of 2012. Is gratifying's Lumia series smart, Asha series of non-intelligent machines 4 inch android phones as well as low-end function machine sales, thanks to growth in the fourth quarter, Nokia has finally financial profitability. 4 inch android phones are sad but at the same time is endless, Nokia confirmed Saipan dead on the same day.

Reported in the fourth quarter of 2012, total shipments of the Nokia smart phone 6600000 Lumia series smart machine shipments grew to 4.4 million from 2.9 million in the third quarter, at the same time Saipan phone sales have dropped to 2.2 million, only half Lumia series smart machine. Already evident from the current smartphone sales, the implementation of the overall strategic transformation in the smartphone market, Nokia has achieved remarkable success, The WP series smart phones have replaced Saipan to become the dominant company's future product.

Nokia released fourth quarter earnings, the company also confirmed the release of last year, 41 million-pixel camera phone the - 808 PureView, will Nokia launched the final of a cell phone equipped with the Symbian operating system. Which means accompany the Nokia years, once for Nokia in the smartphone industry summit contribute significantly to Saipan, these 4 inch android phones have completed its historical mission, formally denounce. View more cell phones in 2013 at coolseason online store.

which function do you need most by 5 inch smart phone ?

11:17, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Refurbished assembly machine hardware problem aside, the BlackBerry 9000 can not get WIFI of this 5 inch smart phone is generally not a hardware problem, the main problem of this 5 inch smart phone is the BlackBerry 9000 pairs of high wifi security requirements, such as individual WEP

encryption WIFI will not allow the transmission of data, sometimes even in the the signal full grid display can not connect. Find Blackberry devices in their hands WIFI connection failure, first rule out equipment failure of their own hands, so as to turn our gaze to the WIFI source! Here given some suggestions: BB WIFI of this 5 inch smart phone can not connect with the wireless router encryption MAC address filtering "radio channel" 802.11 a / b / g / n Operating Mode "band bandwidth 20M/40M are nothing to do! Most important sights on the functionality of the device-specific development of the major router vendors!

Third, once you think Blackberry 9000 WIFI of this 5 inch smart phone is a very simple thing , but when you change the router will let you very egg pain, should not have ! Online friend sent a BlackBerry 5 inch smart phone , but wifi how can not go up I will start with options - advanced options - browser the default browser configuration to hotspot browser, and then enter the management options - the wifi marked with check mark, and then enter the interface set wifi network - Scan Network - Select a network connection - (connected) then launched to enter own browser - Options - Browser Configuration - Hotspot Browser - save option. I then entered the home appears in the upper-right corner of wifi but is Rom, unable to find the requested server. Which expert prawns help solve,I appreciate it. Search WIFI, normal links on WIFI, including the interface of this 5 inch smart phone shows operators tips there, there is WIFI Link tips success, but 5 inch smart phone has links on.

Both the solution of this 5 inch smart phone is only one another wireless router, MINI type, not the kind of password, avoid, or else you are wasting time. Summary: Blackberry 5 inch smart phone is really too pick a router, if your WIFI not, please do not suspect is the problem of the phone, another simple router should be able to solve. View more cell phones in 2013 at coolseason online store.

Hot sale 5 inch smart phone here

11:16, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Network on Blackberry 5 inch smart phone many, many people also normal use, no problem, but the author of 5 inch smart phone has gone through a lot in the WIFI settings, Brush because WIF issues, this 5 inch smart phone join a professional forums and groups, a lot of people the WIFI problems, the first to report the WIFI hardware no problem, under normal circumstances is not a hardware problem.

9000 demanding wifi security, such as individual WEP encrypted WIFI will not allow the transmission of data, and sometimes even in the the signal full grid when unable to connect. And set, this set is very simple. I repeatedly brush machine, after several tests at home when Mercury's wireless routing, turn off WEP encryption, you can search for5 inch smart phone, and also the link to the normal link on the screen WIFI signal, the access point The normal setting, but still can not link to WIFI.

Then another router the MINI wireless plugged directly into the network card this normal links, WIFI.If your BlackBerry 5 inch smart phone has normal links WIFI, screen display normal, and 5 inch smart phone still can not link, 5 inch smart phone is recommended to replace the wireless router, you can solve the MINI type this. View more cell phones in 2013 at coolseason online store.

Get your dual sim android smart phone with low price now

11:15, 4/2/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
A soft spot for the full keyboard, must like the design of dual sim android smart phone, atmosphere, Profile, very much a man of the appearance conquered many full keyboard control.

Keyboard feel very good and very comfortable, the case of this dual sim android smart phone is generally difficult to press the wrong. The whole feel comfortable, this dual sim android smart phone is suitable for big hands, back cover cortex of this dual sim android smart phone feel good, fairly upscale.

System ROM, now used more when OS5.0; disadvantage of this system of this dual sim android smart phone is the Internet broken network now BlackBerry intermittent cream can solve, the trouble with 4.6, the network is relatively stable, but in terms of For micro-channel, lack of support, and prestige that only supports 5.0, 6.0 of 4.6 micro-channel will lose Picky, the software of this dual sim android smart phone is basic enough, UC, QQ, reading software, incoming call, connected to vibration, manager, etc., relative Andrews WP8 gap between Apple system Taiming heart, even smaller than the old plug class system, but daily use.

Install the software of this dual sim android smart phone is about 3 kinds of ways, one with BlackBerry Desktop Manager, generally with 5.0 bar, the brush is also with this, Brush still relatively simple of, is just great ROM installation, according prompted to go, one thing to note, a lot of people Chinese Brush, because that ROM without the Chinese want to select the Asia-Pacific Edition, Brush also select Far Eastern language support for Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese in this column. Downloaded to MINISD card on the dual sim android smart phone, installed directly on the phone, JAD format. With WIFI in the UC directly into the wireless BlackBerry to download and install directly. View more cell phones in 2013 at coolseason online store.

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Get a Fashionable Power Case for iPhone 5 Now
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4 inch android phones lead new IT industry in 2013
which function do you need most by 5 inch smart phone ?
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