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It's me again

Heey There friends!


Sorry it took so long before I started a new entry, but here it is.


I was very busy with school and work, but now I want to make time for you guys. 2 weeks ago on a Sunday I was at Walibi World for my Halloween scare actor role. I've had some tips and my clothes and make-up where done. Pictures are coming later.....

I'm very happy with the role I've got! And the girl, who I'm gonna work with, is very nice. Her name is Jennie, she plays a coffin seller, and guess who's in the coffin.....that's right....me....but don't tell anyone ssssttt ;-)



Enough about Halloween....let's talk about other things. Work at the supermarket isn't very nice as it used to be. A few of my collegues quit the job and now it's very hard working.

At Walibi everythings going very well, but now I can't wait before it's Halloween. School still sucks, my friends are in different classes and the ones I usually hung around with all past for there exames and left school. 


My boyfriend went to Orlando to visit all the famous amusement parks like: Walt Disney World, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios and lots of more. Today he started hir journey back home, and will arive in Holland tomorrow morning.


Well tha't was it for now, I'll try to add the Halloween pictures as soon as possible.




Kisses Mandy

Posted: 13:37, 3/10/2006
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