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Op zoek naar God?
Minister Van der Hoeven ..........Volkskrant 28-9-05

This morning to my surprise A Dutch Minister came up with a great Idea. If the kids do not go to school or leave it tooooooo early lets solve that problem. Lets force them to stay longer in school like till the age of 30, sorry joke till the age of 17. Now all of us know that when the youth decides to leave the school at the age of 14, and they hear of this plan at the ministery of education they will all want to go to university. Of course this minister of education is only thinking of what's best for the Dutch youth.

Mabye the minister of justice will take this concept over and change the laws as well, so that we have less petty theft in the stores by some of the youth. For example the minister of justice can make a law that when you think about stealing anything in the store you can be aprehended by the police and put in jail. Of corse this will also cause that less youth will be involved with theft or even think of stealing anything.

Now we can go on and on with this nonsense, and make laws over every bad thought, isn't that what religion is doing? " Thou shalt not this or that " Are we still talking about a political minister or a religious minister or a minister of some religion. Where is this minister leading us in Holland. She is leading us! She is chosen to lead.

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