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funny cat videos 

Cat Scratching Post Review

12:09, 12/3/2015  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

The Atlas Cat tree is a large structure which stretches to ceiling height. As such it is designed for homes with lots of room and is especially suitable for households with multiple cats. It has all the features you could want with large sisal scratch posts, two big hammocks a den and various platforms mounted at differing heights. Available in a choice of beige or grey finishes to suit your decor, this large cat tree can be ceiling mounted for maximum stability. There is a den on one of the lowest levels and as you work your way up you will count seven areas for climbing or for relaxing on. The twin hammocks are generously sized to accommodate larger breeds and the double scratch posts have a thick sisal covering to withstand repeated scratching. One of the larger models of cat tree that you can buy so make sure you have the space for it before ordering. Plenty of interesting areas which will keep kitty amused and it is perfect if you have two or more cats at home. The low level den and neighbouring platform are ideal for kittens or perhaps less mobile older cats. The choice of two colours means you can match it to the room you want it to go in.

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Cat Scratching Post Review


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