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week of 31/09

this was the first week i went to school, it was good to see al the kids again but not good that we immediatly got homework.

we had new things like chemistry and economy but some things were also stopped.

in the weekend my friend came to me because his parents had a party.

Posted: 150303, 1/9/2009
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in my holiday I first went to ouddorp for 4 weeks, on a camping, there i went to the beach almost all of the time. but i also went to renesse because my friend had his birthday on his camping in renesse. i also went on bike to nearby villages around ouddorp.

after 4 weeks in ouddorp i was home for 1 week, i didnt do much that week i just watched tv on the couch.

then i went to Spain with my friend Ivo, his grandparents have a house there.  in Spain i swam alot in the pool that was nearby the house.

Posted: 140256, 1/9/2009
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Week of monday 22/06 2009

today I went to school, and i heared that we need to make a blog in the vacation

Posted: 101038, 22/6/2009
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