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Guild Wars 2 should do some improvements in WvW

Posted on 7/6/2013 at 04:09

Even though WvW is a great part in Guild Wars 2 and welcomed by many players, but they should do more to make the WvW a difference in the future.

  Player positioning

  A lot of things are developed naturally as time goes on. Guild Wars 2 wants to encourage the player to have a good role positioning in world war. Everyone can see that the commander's plan, then the whole plans will be revealed by a spy. The main goal of Guild Wars 2 is to introduce more systems to encourage players to act as more roles, not only one or two. Scouts, siege masters and the defender are only part of the role they want to add. Guild Wars 2 thinks is an integral part in any server you want to succeed in the world war, so the players who have finished the quests can get a reward of some Guild Wars 2 gold  or items so that they can felt the important of themselves in game.


  Mob is a part of the game, it is well known by every player in any battlefield, but it cannot be the dominant part of the victory.

  The big difference between Large-scale organized team and mob group is that the former has a clear direction, while the latter would run blindly. The former is fatal and efficient, but the latter is sometimes can be fatal, and most of the time they all have no strategic objectives. Guild Wars 2 want continues to encourage the growth of large-scale organized team. At the same time give some high technology practical tools to a small team to harvest that mob team with large members. They always believe that traveling follow with mob group is a very interesting thing, but it is more important for strategic and technology more than the members of the game.

Tyria batman growth adventure in plains of ashford in gw2goldtaker.com

Posted on 3/5/2013 at 03:17
Plains of ashford is new shire's good place for power leveling, here has a very diverse dynamic task, and monsters are good humiliate. Just entered the game is actually not directly go to downtown oh, must complete a new task, of course, it is certainly a piece of cake for me. I, as a decent shire soldiers in Guild Wars 2, will be the leading man in the future, received the first task was "the cattle on cattle sticks back to the barn to", I said it is to do logistics in the... I this big shots must be "please command thousands of shire dig holes on the side of the person gets it" such tasks to just go... After completing the task, I head will not step down a teleporter, saw a few plain larval body on the road, feel very good humiliate, brush got "slime" kill a few times. Practice living skills of players can actually don't want to sell these things for money, is also a kind of extra income. You! Give me come on! "Oh, you what attitude? I come I will come, so I am still in the past and see what this guy is a position... this guy is a legion of the centurion, see I have just a few times there was a good, want to find my.would... look on this skill bonus with guild wars 2 gold of the elder brother had to accompany you to play. This guy seems to is an engineer, ran down under my feet as mines... just what centurion is just so much, well, a wave of his hand skill points easily.

Blade and Soul white valentine day event review

Posted on 18/3/2013 at 06:50
 White valentine day event has be officially started on yesterday! NCsoft launched the white valentine day event- Sweetest Gift in the World in buy blade soul gold which will last for three weeks. Players can get 3 random coins when upgrading at any place in the game and then find the NPC He Xuetang to exchange for many new items.   NPC He Xuetang is located beside the logistics warehouse keeper of all areas. Below is the catalogue of items she sells:   Secret Medicine for Love   Gather 15 love smell materials and find NPC He Xuetang to exchange.   It increases critical strike by 1% which lasts for 15 minutes. The cooldown is 2 seconds. The liquor item can¨t be traded and you can only use it during the activity.   Box of Love Smell   Gather 1 Sweet Powder + 1 Bitter Powder and then find the NPC He Xuetang to exchange. The box with 10 Love Smell can¨t be used to trade.   Mini Fireworks   Gather 3 Love Smell and then find the NPC He Xuetang to exchange. Cooldown for fireworks is 2 seconds. It¨s a celebration item. After blade and soul gold igniting the mini fireworks, beautiful fireworks will appear.

Diablo 3 physical effect is to set off game

Posted on 18/3/2013 at 06:47
A friend of mine and I said, he is a fist fight the zombie flew to the moment in front of the screen to play Diablo 3 biggest impression. Indeed, had to admit that the physical effects of the game for Diablo 3 considerably. But surprisingly, the players will feel such a gorgeous effect is somewhat exaggerated, not realistic. Like Lylirra said, in a fight ring can Cuochu big ball of fire, a call to return to the past with a microwave oven, the robot can launch flying fist and girls emits the fantasy world of the heart-shaped beam, so that "exaggerated" a little physical performance practices demonstrated by a handsome players? Diablo 3 world you can not leave buy d3 gold .You kill a monster just like on the universe. If you are a Monk powerful punch, or are barbarians Slam, magician spell killed there should be a law of gravity. If I hit a fat monster monks then it fly overhead, and should be landing in the landing d3 gold faster because it is heavier. Not deflated balloon as floating slowly. I'm not a physics expert, but this is a fact, I think I can with your fingers fire flame world, and the world, through a spiritual realm summoned several attacks will be able to put something fried heaven world turn a few hours ring the world will never vertigo, and sneak into the shadow world


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