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what a ridiculous!

Posted at 04:16, 26/9/2010

Now I'm free and thinking of my past time,feel funny and lucky.also with some ridiculous.I learned a lot and thanked all the unpleased things happened to me.what a rough life..
.please read the following story about me if you have enough time..
I'm lvia,from AnHui province.I graduated from a vacational college in July,2009.But I didn't have lucky enough and experienced a lot these years.During my vacation at student ages,I would like to find a part-job to practice myself been outside,unfortunately,Eventually I failed again and again,either torment of the day,or cheated by the fake company,because of my lack experience and naive..deposit for the insurance or clothing..They catch the weakness of ignorance of students..I ended in failure every time..I now only feel ridiculous thinking of my action then..
Then,at my last semester,I originally practice in a advertisement company,I was happy with my real first work even the incomes only to support life,So I did well till the Chinese NewYear coming,I quited the work and went home..I either plan to my next station or what to do.I had received a call from one of my friends just at that time,after known my recent situation,he catch my mind of eagering to work,then pretended it happened to had a job suit me and attracted me,I didn't have any feeling at first..He continued to attract me and pursuaded me,At last I couldn't resist the temptation and decided to have a look there because of no job,no plan at that time..You know what had happened..I feel into "chuanxiao"Group in chinese which called "direct marketing" abroad..I had no concept of that that time,just believed my friend can't hurt me .He is a good guy who loved me for five years and he was very nive to me all the time.. though I didn't like him at all ,just regard him as a usual friend.I find everything stranged,decided to go away.But they all show their friendly and kind to me,That let me can't decline.They constantly keep me.I found nothing to fear,then play with them and find a chance to leave..next I was brainwashing unconsciously while my leaving thought disappeared..I lost myself after the together power of them.I cheated my parents and friends for money,then willing to gave to them..next..How foolish I am.a big mistake by my ignorant and naive..But I only spent my half half a year there..I clear-headed ..I'm lucky enough to realized everything soon..left away regardless of anyone's persuasion and even my money invested..I finished all my nightmare from then..and start my normal life..
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