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Danny Kroonen Music

1/1/2009 - London 2008

Hello there!

So...I'm back in Holland. My gigs in London went very well and there have been very good responses to my songs from the audience.

On December 23rd I was performing for The Hidden Away Music Session, at Berties Bar in Wimbledon.

I met David, the promotor and he's a very nice chap! There would be more musicians performing that night as well, and I was to be the opening act. The sound was good, and the place was really crowded.

Despite some people being a bit noisy in the background, there were actually enough serious listeners, and after my performance I met some people who told me they really digged my sound!

Which, of course, is very nice to hear....

My second gig was on December 26th, Boxing Day...I spent my time between the two gigs walking the streets of London, and spending some quality time with David and Margaret, my friends from London.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were really nice! On Boxing Day it was actually very cold and after a long walk during the daytime I prepared myself for the gig of  that evening.

When I arrived at The Gaff Club I was welcomed by Gene,  the owner. A nice and easygoing guy!

The Gaff Club is really a nice place, and the stage was great!!! This friendly guy named Barry did a great job on getting my sound together and he also took a lot of pictures with my camera. Two videos will be posted online soon!

Again, there were some very enthusiastic people, and for me it was simply great to be playing in London, the city that I do so love...

So what's next? I hope to complete my album this year and write some more songs, because inspiration struck me!!! And hopefully I will be on another stage in London this year again!


Cheers for now,






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21/12/2008 - London

Getting ready...you will hear fom me...ehrm: you'll read me....
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15/12/2008 - Preparing...

To keep the focus on my activities for everyone to see I will be posting in English.

So hello again!

It has been a rough and cold weekend, and an even more so rough and cold bloody Monday!
As London comes closer it seems almost unreal... I made my checklist as to what to keep in mind,
especially regarding gear and all...I don't mind wearing the same trousers for days on end, but to
be without proper tools for my music...is a NO CAN DO.

Marianne van Netten once again did a great job supplying me with posters and flyers, which she
will be sending to the U.K.  Thank you, Marianne!
She's a very nice person, and I appreciate her help!!!

Oh, what's next? Yes, indeed: making a good setlist!!! I am aware of the fact that my songs might not
always cause you to get up and dance and be nothing but happy....To quote my guitarhero Bruce Cockburn (do pronounce that as Coburn! No matter what you read into the name...):

"The whole point of songwriting is to share your experiences with other people..."

But I will make a good setlist which will (hopefully) represent my finest work and of course will leave the audience in a proper state of mind, rather than going for that Prozac! (Okay, okay, okay...my work isn't all THAT depressing...but come Christmas...yes, Dan: let's keep it nice!!!!)

The people who know me and my music already will know how I mean that...

Till we meet again...

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7/12/2008 - Going to London

To keep the focus on my activities for everyone to see I will be posting in English.


I received confirmation that I will be doing an acoustic gig in London on December the 23rd!
it's for the Hidden Away music sessions, a weekly event for acoustic live acts.

I will perform at Berties Bar, part of The Prince of Wales Public House in Wimbledon.
Perhaps there will be another gig on the 24th opposite Victoria Station, but that is yet to be
confirmed, seen the fact that it will be on Christmas Eve...

I am very happy with this gig and will be staying in London for a few days, most likely to return
on the 28th...

I will be staying with friends, meet up with someone I haven't seen for 15 odd years, and after the
gig I will be strolling the streets of London, just me and my thoughts...wonderful!

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2/12/2008 - Work in progress...

Hello and welcome!!!

Here is where I will keep you informed about my activities regarding my upcoming project,
set for release in 2009!

To keep the focus on my project for everyone to see I will be posting in English...

So, what happened?

Although 2008 has already proved to be quite an exhausting year for me, I will keep my chin up
and be cool, dealing with life as it happens...Despite some personal very frightening situations
and all the stresses and strains, it has been a good year in the musical sense...
Reilly, the band I'm in, has worked hard and done some pretty good live-shows! Nevertheless,
we decided to take a break and see where things will lead in the next year...

I thought about songs I had written in the past which never seemed to fit in with the Reilly-concept,
and decided it was about time I started my own project. It has been seven years now since  I released
Solitary Journey. And though I am still proud of that CD, I knew it was time to make an album that
will be completely different...

I will keep you informed about how things are going...
In the meantime: you might want to enjoy my previous work at  www.dannykroonen.nl

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