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That's a Dari thing. 


21:23, 24/6/2011  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
Hello everyone, I wanted to share my plans for my life. Like when i'm 16/18 I want to have dreadlocks someday I want to change the world, if that doesn't work out great is a part of the world enough.. I want to watch movies two days long without doing something different. I want to draw and paint till somebody is buying my work, and then I quick for a while.. I want to sing in my own band. I have already found people, the only thing I have to do now is grow up and learn. I want to have a cat someday. I want to be Tumblr famous (: I want to do a sport where I win a competition someday, like running or volleyball, or hockey.. I want to do extreme-sports. I want to travel to at least 5 different countries with a friend, if i'm older than I thought i'm going alone. Before that, (if i'm older) i'd like to be a model for a day of two.. I want to meet new people like people who are as crazy as I am.. I want to love somebody in my life where I could share a part of my life and heart with. Just a part, I can't live with giving my whole heart to somebody I only know as how he is now. Past is important to me. I want to live for a week without money. I want to smoke one time as a asshole without limits. I want to get drunk at a party and let it all just happen. everything I type right now wasn't in my head before i started to write if ya think I really have so much ways to happiness. I want to visit India or Nepal and live with a random family. I want to make a difference for people who don't have it good as we have in life. and in future. i want to play guitar. I want to have a teacher for singing. I want to learn Nepali language. maybe ya'all think, how did she learned that English from that age? It;s because I played online games when I got back from school. I learned fast because people there were way much older than me, and they still are like 10 or 20 years older. But they all talked so fast to each other, I couldn't fit in the conversations. I played MMORPG or something, sherwood dungeon it called. And I played habbohotel, it cost money so I'd quit. Now, a year ago, I found another habbohotel'' but it was called leethotel and it was free. So I could dress how I wanted to, like a total crazy badass D:. but it was fun, I still do it sometimes when I am really bored. I learned to type at habbohotel, it was the same story for learning my english. So I started to type like really fast without any lessons, friends followed lessons while I learned everything on my own way. that's what I always did, and always do. I can't help.. ok I keep writing about nothing, it always goes like that :c It's a Dari thing. see you guys later! lololol, wedden dat dit dit blogdingetje sinds vandaag dood is..

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