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Secrets to Getting the Right Protection for Your Nursery, Pre School or Kindergarten

12:00, 18/12/2007 .. Link

For many people and businesses insurance is something they would rather not have to purchase.

Most people don?t want Insurance. Most people don?t like insurance.

What you probably do want is protection for your family, your loved ones, your business and the things that are most important to you. The mere mention of Insurance may very well make a vast number of people think of words like:

Rip-off, too expensive, waste of money, doesn?t pay claims, annoying, boring and some much worse!

The truth is though for most people and businesses Insurance is required as it provides them with protection and peace of mind.

With literally thousands of insurance companies, brokers and providers you are faced with a massive choice. So faced with decisions at every turn finding the right cover for you, your Nursery, Pre-School or Kindergarten is sometimes difficult.

This article will therefore give you some free advice that insurance providers rarely share with their customers. These few steps should help you in your quest to find the cover that is best for you at the right premium and with the best service.

Secret Number 1

The first secret to making sure you get the right cover at the right premium is perhaps the one that most people will find hardest to believe but it really works.

Are you sitting comfortably??? Here it is:

When you find yourself ringing around for quotes (and for anyone looking for Nursery Insurance I would recommend buying face to face or on the phone rather than online) the chances are you will be asked ?What?s your current premium?? or ?What?s the best price you?ve had??

The single biggest mistake people make when asked this question is to not tell the person asking the question. That?s right, when you are asked the best price you?ve had TELL THEM.

Most people assume that by telling an insurance provider your premium you are at a disadvantage. The truth is the opposite is true. Let me explain:

If you tell a good insurance provider your premium they should pretty much know straight away whether the premium is too high, too low or about right. Armed with this information they could give you an immediate indication if they can get a lower premium. If they know they can?t they can tell you and save you time.

Another reason you should tell the person if they ask your premium is because the vast majority of insurance companies won?t give you the best price unless they have something to beat. Let me say that again, if you don?t give your broker or company a price to beat, the chances are you won?t get the best premium. However, if you do tell them, they can use this information when dealing with the insurance company which ultimately can save you money.

One final tip on this matter is, don?t be tempted to make up a price. For example, Mrs Blogs is looking for Nursery Insurance and she has a best price of ?2500.00. She thinks it?s too much money so when asked the magic question of ?What?s the best price you?ve had so far?? she decides to go in low at ?1800.00. By doing this most companies will know the price seems low and many won?t even provide a quote. Whereas had Mrs Blogs been up front and said ?2500.00 there?s every chance she could have saved some money.

Therefore Secret Number 1 is be totally honest when looking for insurance as it?s the best way to make sure you get the best premium. Give it a go...it really works.

Secret Number 2

Secret number 2 is common sense but so many Nurseries fail to make sure it happens because they are focusing on the price. The second way to ensure you get the right cover is therefore to use an insurance provider who has an understanding of your requirements.

You can establish this by listening to what questions they ask, how they ask them and how they react to what you are saying. If they enter into a conversation about your Nursery it?s likely to be because the more information they have about your circumstances, the better cover, the better premium and the better service they can provide you.

If the conversation is very scripted and they either don?t understand what you?re looking for or don?t ask the type of questions you would expect there is every chance it?s because they don?t have a real understanding of your business. If this is the case you risk not getting the right cover and ultimately not being correctly insured.

Secret Number 3

Secret number 3 is ask questions. So many people ring around looking for Nursery insurance, Pre-School Insurance or Kindergarten Insurance and spend the entire conversation answering questions. Secret 3 is therefore ask questions to find out if they provide not only the right cover and premiums but also the right level of customer service. Types of question you might want to ask are:

In the event of a claim what will they do to help you and to ensure your claim is settled as quickly and as favourably as possible? Do they just give you a telephone number and leave you to it or do they offer help when you most need it? Are they experienced? How long have they been trading? If it?s a Broker, which Insurance companies do they use? Again, if they are Brokers are they independent? That is, do they have access to numerous policies and insurance companies or are they tied into just one?

By getting answers to these questions you can then a make a decision on whether you would like to deal with them (and whether you trust them to act on your behalf.)

Secret Number 4

The fourth and final secret to making sure you get the best from your insurance provider is another which may not seem right as Insurance is one of the most price sensitive purchases a Nursery, Pre-School or Kindergarten will make.

With this in mind many Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Kindergartens make the decision on where to place their insurance on price alone. I would advise anyone looking for Nursery insurance, Pre-School Insurance, Kindergarten Insurance or indeed any kind of Business Insurance is NOT TO ASSUME THAT CHEAPEST IS BEST.

Whilst getting a low premium is one of the most important things to look for, a really cheap premium without a combination of other factors is probably cheap for a reason. Things you may want as well as a low premium are:

Are they local? Are they friendly and approachable? (we all prefer doing business with people we like) Who are the insurance company? Have you heard of them? What is the excess? Make sure the excess is one you agree on and not one given just to give you a low premium Do they have a good reputation? Do they listen to you and explain things in a way that you understand?

If you follow these 4 simple secrets there is every chance your experience when dealing with Insurance for your Nursery, Pre-School or Kindergarten will improve. And whilst I cannot guarantee that Insurance will become your number 1 hobby (in fact I?d be a little concerned if it did!) there is every chance the cover you get will be what you want, the premiums you pay will be less than you?ve paid before and the service you receive will be one you would be happy in giving and one you would be happy to recommend.

The secrets to getting the right protection for your Nursery, Pre School or Kindergarten was compiled by Mark Burdett, Marketing Manager of Northern Counties Insurance Brokers

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Secrets to Getting the Right Protection for Your Nursery, Pre School or Kindergarten


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