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San Antonio Mom Blogs Featured on Park Bench

03:56, 23/11/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Once you check out 20 parks in San Antonio in one particular year, folks?start asking questions. “Where did you go?” “Which park was your favorite?” “How did you get began?” “Does San Antonio even have 20 parks?” (Yes! San Antonio has hundreds of parks and greenways!)

When the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department learned?concerning the SA2020 Resolutions challenge my family and I tackled in 2014 to visit 20 parks, they had a lot of questions also.?We met up in McAllister Park recently?to chat about our year-long park adventure. Our conversation became a part of the City's bimonthly, locally-produced Television show, Park Bench, which functions news, details, and function stories about San Antonio parks. Here's the segment featuring San Antonio Mom Blogs:

The City of San Antonio's Parks and Recreation Department would enjoy for you personally to develop into standard Park Bench viewers to?understand additional about all of the exciting programs, parks and facilities provided inside the Alamo City.

Park Bench airs?on TVSA (Time Warner Cable digital channel 21/99, Grande channel 20, and Uverse channel 99) on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. and on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. To watch archived editions of Park Bench and added shows that?go over?how your municipal government is working for you personally pay a visit to, this page for?previous Park Bench episodes.

The people in the Parks and Recreation Department perform hard to help keep San Antonio parks clean and safe and to bring programs, such as no cost or low-cost holiday and summer season camps for youngsters, to the citizens of San Antonio. Stop by the?Parks and Recreation Department's site?for information and?adhere to them?on?Twitter,?Instagram, and?Facebook?where they are always actively engaging with all the community of San Antonio.

And, never neglect to utilize the cool, new Discover a Park Tool!

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San Antonio Mom Blogs Featured on Park Bench


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