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dutch blood corps


we dont got any members in our clan yet.

so how earlier u join the best ranking you can get.

wel me: uglyakaurmom is the clan captain.

but the next person who joins will become an general.

hey mey lead our army to victory!

sow join now and ill send you an mail wiht some use full downloads,like:-autominer,autotalker,some use full links, and a lot of other use full stuf

21:41 - 30/11/2005 - comments {0} - post comment


hi,welcome on my web log.

this is an runescape2 clan log.

to join the clan you must! got an e-mail adres or x fire.

becorse we need to send u the pktrip and clan war info.

there are not only pk trips and clan wars,but there are drop party's en burhtday's for the people who likes that.

21:21 - 30/11/2005

een leuke halo clan

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