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HGH Prescriptions

13:01, 17/6/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

HGH prescriptions are the human growth hormone recommendations of physicians. The ill effects caused by the reduction or absence of the natural growth hormone can be remedied by artificial growth hormone. Many companies market HGH products in different forms such as injections, liquids, sprays, and capsules. The Federal Trade Commission has come up with strict rules that HGH can be sold only with HGH prescriptions. HGH prescriptions recommend only the injectable form of HGH.

Inappropriate HGH administration can result in many adverse effects such as increased risk of cancer, kidney failure etc. Hence HGH administration can be done only according to HGH prescriptions of the experts. HGH prescriptions are needed for all age groups.

HGH prescriptions recommend injections of two types. The most acceptable injection include the high dose artificial HGH. As to the injection of HGH production inducing substances, secretagogues are the other option. The injection can be subcutaneous or intra muscular. The recommended dose of injection is 3 I.U./week per each pound of body weight. The popular daily dosage of an average man is between 4-10 I.U. per day. The prescribed dose must provide 2,750,000 nanograms of HGH. Special attention must be taken not to inject at the same body area again.

HGH prescriptions prefer only the injection mode because of the structural specialty of the hormone. It is a complex protein molecule with 191 amino acids and a molecular weight of 20,000 daltons. The molecule cannot perform if the fragile interconnections of its 3D configuration are disturbed. Only injections can deliver the molecules into the blood stream without distortion. HGH prescriptions recommend the FDA approved artificial HGH, synthesized using recombinant technology.

HGH prescription injections are expensive. These vary from $800-$2000. Cheap substitutions are also available which are risky. Risk factors associated with the HGH prescriptions must be evaluated seriously before starting the treatment. HGH prescriptions include injections such as Humatrope, Nutropin, Saizen, Serostim, Somatropin, Zorbtive etc.

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