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kids wall decals

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How to Create a Butterfly Room for a Little Girl

Posted on 5/4/2012 at 03:58 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Looking to create a unique room for your little girl? A butterfly room is the answer. In just a few steps, you can create a beautiful room that any little girl will love Instructions
butterfly wall decals
1,If you decide to paint the room, this should be done first. You could paint the room a variety of pastel colors. Light pink, lavender or a light sage green work best.
2,Once the walls are completely dry, place the decals on the wall. Try to make it look as though butterflies are just hanging about the room and have some appear to be resting on flowers. Wall decals are often removable and cause no damage to the wall underneath.
3,To create tie backs for the curtains, you will need the butterflies you purchased at the craft store and wire. Simply wrap the wire around the body of the butterfly (it will be barely noticeable if you use very thin wire) and wrap the butterfly wire around the curtains to create tie backs. Wire works best for the tie backs because it can be easily adjusted to hold the curtains appropriately. You always wrap a bunch of small butterflies along the wire to create a more dramatic effect. (This step can also be accomplished by gluing the butterflies to the wire, but the tie back will not be as durable.)
4,Using fishing line and more decorative butterflies you can create hanging butterflies. Simply wrap fishing line around the body of the butterfly and then hang the butterflies from the ceiling at different heights throughout the room. The easiest way to attach them to the ceiling is with white thumbtacks or clear push pins.
5,Glue safety pins to the back of some of the butterflies. These can be attached to various things throughout the room such as lined wicker baskets to add an extra butterfly touch.
Tips & Warnings
Many stores offer butterfly or garden theme bedding to compliment the room.
 You can also find other butterfly accessories such as lamps, pictures, and switch plates to complete the look.
Many craft stores also sell decorative dragonflies. These can be added to the ceiling for added variety to the room.
Be sure that the push pins or thumb tacks are securely in the ceiling. You wouldn't want one to fall on your child at any time.
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