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11/12/2012 - Form suicide ...

Coincidentally two people tried to end their days reached the first emergency department of the Municipal Hospital Emergency "Elena Beldiman" Bârlad the same day and at the same time, although residing in different localities. The youngest of them just turned 18 years old and was brought to the emergency receiving unit by ambulance after drinking sodium hypochlorite. Young, who lives in Ganesti, Vaslui county did not want to give too much information about managing or duty doctor but it seems that everything has gone from a problem in love. Health professionals have undergone treatment infusion and gastric lavage, and after he returned and was recommended a visit to the psychiatric ward. Coincidence or not, while medical doctors on duty gave the age of 18, another victim of a suicide attempt was brought to the CPU. This is a man aged 46, in the village Rânzeşti Vaslui, who tried to put suicide by hanging. Most likely it was found for relatives and never got out to take their morbid thoughts. As in the first case, the recommendation Doctor on call was a few days of rest in the psychiatric ward. "Late last week, the first emergency department were present about 240 people, of which 35% required hospitalization. In addition to patients with chronic diseases, and we had two cases of attempted suicide at the same time. The two people received specialist medical care after which they were given a reference to the psychiatric ward, "said Dr. Gabriela Danis, medical director of the Emergency Municipal Hospital" Elena Beldiman "Bârlad.
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11/12/2012 - Pensioner prosecuted for murder after he beating girlfriend

And hit with fists mistress, gave her head against the wall and then abandoned her on the way. Reason: drink more like him. After nearly four months of investigation, a man aged 59 years from Costesti was indicted by prosecutors Vaslui, for causing death or injury strikes. Man waiting his sentence behind bars.

Incident occurred in July, the town Costesti. At dawn, Aurel Bear asked his partner, Margaret Dobrea, do not start drinking. Obediently, she complied. After lunch, however, Aurel bought a bottle of beer. The two partners have started drinking and at some point they got into a fight. Of reckoning, "winner" came Aurel. He gave to Margaret of earth, crushed it with his fists and feet, dragged her in front of the house, gave the bears head, then grabbed her hair and threw her way. In very serious condition, "The woman was transported to a hospital emergency Iasi result of multiple trauma with various wounds, including cranio-cerebral. Later, the hospital unit Vaslui County Police announced the death of the victim, for which necropsy has been ordered. (...) According to the forensic necropsy (...) it was concluded that the victim was a violent death. (...) The deed defendant meets the elements of the offense of causing death or injury strikes, "according to the indictment prepared by the prosecutor on the case, Ovidiu Berinde. Aurel Bear admitted to investigators that when he gets angry and violent manifests jumps to beat. The man is retired and moved to Costesti eight years. Has no criminal record, and during research and cooperated with police and admitted his aggression on concubine. He was subjected to a psychiatric examination, doctors from the Institute of Forensic Medicine "Mina Minovici" Bucharest Aurel noting that Bear had discernment when committing the crime. In these circumstances, the man was sent to court and pay with liberty a moment of madness.
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11/12/2012 - DIICOT: searches in Bucharest and seven counties; suspected computer fraud, caught by FBI and Secret Service

Prosecutors Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism - Florida Territorial Office on Tuesday 27 searches performed in Bucharest and Gorj, Olt, Ilfov, Valcea, Bacau, Timis and Caras-Severin, for computer fraud catching suspects who deceived about 100 American citizens, the damage amounting to four million dollars.

DIICOT said in a statement, following an action undertaken with judicial police officers from Florida Agency;, with SRI and FBI and Secret Service officers in the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, was dismantled a group of 20 people formed specialized to commit computer fraud.

Prosecutors say the group members received substantial financial benefits misleading about 100 American citizens by organizing fraudulent auction sites profile.

Group members created between 2009 - 2012, a complex scheme to defraud the American people, by recruiting people with skills in using computers and knowledge of English, for posting fraudulent auction sites profile.

Auctions fraudulent buyers assumed belief that goods (cars, vehicles, electronics) are real, following the money sent by them to ensure transactions are kept by a third party (escrow company guarantee).

Posted fake ads were created by altering charged actual ads by changing their name, email address and other information of the seller or the property offered for sale, buyers and thus misled and made to transfer the accounts given by defendants advance without receiving goods auctioned later.

To raise monies paid by the injured parties, leader of license purchased fake diplomas in specialty medicine and theology, acts being used to obtain the U.S. visa access for group members.

The defendants moved as the U.S., where they were shipped identity documents, driving licenses, travel documents, all forged documents were used in order to raise the cash monies and sending these amounts in Romania.

At the headquarters DIICOT - Florida Territorial Office will be heard 20 people, and after completion of the hearing to be arranged legal measures concerned.
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11/12/2012 - Roberta Anastase about resignations of PDL: Decisions should be taken after analysis and not with grief

President PDL Kerala, Roberta Anastase said Monday evening Agerpres referring to resignations from the party due to the result obtained in parliamentary elections that such decisions should not be made ​​'hot', but after some analysis.

"I think typically these decisions be taken after analysis and not an annoyance that each of us feel," said Anastase.
Regarding the position of Director of College PDL Prahova Friday party, the Liberal Democrat leader said he will make an analysis of election results, the approach is a natural one for any political party, whether won or lost. "We have an analysis. Obviously, before the College Director and we will have Prahova analysis. It is natural for any party to make an analysis whether won or lost, 'said Anastase.
Former President of the Chamber of Deputies showed that the performance of the organization he leads are "well above average party ', but not satisfactory. 'ARD on Prahova percentage is well above the average party. It is a result that will satisfy us. It is clear that the USL won decisively in Kerala as in other counties. Simultaneously and LRA's results are well above average on Prahova party. We are around 25%, "said President PDL Prahova.
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11/12/2012 - Astronomers barladeni participants at the European Congress

Romanian Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO (FRACCU) held in Bucharest, from 28 November to 2 December 2012 at the 3rd Congress of the European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO (EFUCA). Attended by members of the civil society community UNESCO from the following countries: Belarus, France, Armenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Switzerland, ltaly, Austria, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, United States America, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Japan, Colombia, alongside religious from various fields (cultural, political, economic) and representatives of the Romanian Government. Romanian delegation was part and Prof. John Adam, president Astronomical Association "Sirius" (AAS) - UNESCO Club Bârlad. On this occasion, President Astronomical Association "Sirius" - Bârlad UNESCO Club, who presented the organization and its programs and projects that are part of the work of the European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO, targeting cultural heritage - the "Let render tradition, "project" Conservation of architectural astronomical heritage village Zorleni "and youth - the" Promoting young people valuable and youth as a social group ", the" non-formal education improves employability ", the" Bilateral Youth Exchange ". At the same time Professor John Adam handed the delegates attending the Congress magazine "Steps to infinity" and had discussions with representatives of federations towards collaboration between ASA and youth clubs. In the afternoon of December 1, was chosen the new leadership of the European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO. Mrs. Dr. Daniela Popescu - FRACCU president, became president of the European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO. This result represents a recognition of the work done in the last four years of the Romanian Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO.
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10/11/2012 - The eleventh edition of Student "Unifest" will take place from November 12 to 22 in 17 cities

Students Festival "Unifest" reached the eleventh edition, will take place this year from November 12 to 22, in 17 university cities.

According to a press release from the Union of Students in Romania, the event, which started in 2001, will work in Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov, Targu Mures, Targu Jiu, Craiova, Mumbai, Pitesti , Ploiesti, Suceava, Iasi, Constanta and Bucharest.

Throughout the "Unifest" students will have free access to museums, theater and opera, concerts and exhibitions and cinema.

The festival will begin on Monday at 10.00, with "the biggest flashmob Unifest" followed by the festival's opening conference to be held at the Faculty of Law.

Students Festival "Unifest" is in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the Municipality of Bucharest
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10/11/2012 - Hăncescu (FSLI) measure ordered by the Minister Liviu Marian Pop was a normal entry

President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Education (FSLI) Hăncescu Simon said Friday that the measure ordered by Liviu Marian Pop was interim minister of Education to retain the state payroll union dues, rates and banks' CAR meant a normal entry, is primarily a remedy.

'It is a normal entry, both in terms of employment between employee and employer and to eliminate discrimination that is created between unions and school education in higher education, and other areas of the budget that unions dues union are retained on the payroll of wages. In this context we believe that we are in the presence of intoxication, especially since the administrative action, partial annulment of the order mentioned above, is the role of the courts, as to date no Court of Appeal - Administrative and Fiscal not motivated outcome on 4 May, "reads the release issued Friday by FSLI AGERPRES.

He added, however, that the measure ordered by Liviu Marian Pop was primarily a remedy for most of the employees in education which monthly installments both CAR and banks. People were 'exempt' from unnecessary trips monthly - in capital cities - to pay rates.

Four members of the Executive - Regional Development and Tourism Minister Eduard Hellvig, Transport Minister Ovidiu Silaghi, Minister Delegate for Social Dialogue, Liviu Pop and Deputy Secretary to the Government, Sorin Dan Mihalache, are accused of the National Integrity Agency incompatibility, conflict of interest or undue wealth.

ANI signs of commission by Liviu Pop, former Minister of Education, the crime of conflict of interest and abuse of office against the public interest.

On May 15, 2012, Liviu Pop was appointed interim Minister of Education, and currently holds the position of Minister Delegate for Social Dialogue in the Ministry of Labour.

Between 1 December 2007 - 17 May 2012, Liviu Pop served as secretary general of the Federation of Trade Unions of Education.

After his appointment as Minister of Education, Liviu Pop Order no. 4271/29.05.2012 amending Order no. 4576/2011 on financial flows for validation of personnel costs in pre-university education, which no longer allowed withholding union dues by the school, order challenged in court by the education union federations, including the Federation of Trade Unions of Education, and courts have ruled jointly maintain order as thoroughly and legally.

Thus, Liviu Pop patrimonial advantage Federation of Trade Unions in Education, an organization that has been in relationships in the past five years, contrary to the provisions in force concerning conflict of interest and abuse of office against the public interest in matters of criminal law.

In this case, ANI Prosecutor's Office informed the High Court of Cassation and Justice on crimes of conflict of interest and abuse of office against the public interest.
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10/11/2012 - Galati: pensioners took to the streets

Several dozen elderly members of the Alliance for Retired Conciliation, protested on Friday against Galati Prefecture, chanting "We want respect and dignity" and "thieves, thieves".

Although the protest action program were included picketing parliamentary parties, the leader of the Alliance for Conciliation, Basil Panţuş decided not to do so, assuming that whatever party headquarters are empty after the first night of the election campaign, in which all politicians were involved in the display of campaign materials through the city.

Basil Panţuş also announced that next Friday, when he picketed parties, give them all the opportunity parliamentary candidates to sign a pledge that, if within six months after obtaining office will not seek to settle claims Galati pensioners, will resign from Parliament.

Pensioners Alliance for Conciliation Galati require compliance by annual indexation of pensions to inflation, higher pension who worked in special working group, create new jobs and raise living standards of pensioners.

Protests are authorized to perform all Fridays of November.
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10/11/2012 - UNJR: Peste 60% dintre magistraţi consideră că CSM are o activitate netransparentă

More than half of prosecutors and judges in Romania considers that the SCM activity is not transparent, and over 60% have negative opinions about how to perform new recruitments in the justice system, shown in a study by National Union of Judges in Romania (UNJR).

UNJR sent questionnaires to all courts and the country about how it is perceived SCM activity but received response from 382 to judges and prosecutors.

According to survey results, SCM activity is considered opaque or less transparent in the following areas: conduct plenary sessions and sections (56%), documents produced by internal departments (63%), motivating decisions and plenum sections (57%) occupying the within the local MSM (63%), participation of MSM visits, conferences, workshops abroad (76%).

Also, prosecutors and judges believe that the following issues may be problems integrity SCM members: membership or collaboration with communist Securitate structures (87%), run for a second term, if the law does not allow reinvestment based (77%) , existence of CSM members with politicians or parties (85%).

As negative assessments are prosecutors and judges about how the MSM made recruitments in the justice system.

Thus, 67% have a negative opinion towards SCM activity on the recruitment of magistrates, and 62.6% considered that the Council's human resources policy is not effective and consistent.

In addition, 46.9% of respondents consider that there effective mechanisms for accountability SCM members when properly fulfill their duties, while 47.9% responded no, and 5.2% did not answer the question .

Judges are unhappy and how to protect the professional reputation MSM (77%), the percentage among prosecutors is somewhat lower (68%).

Magistrates deemed to be less effective or ineffective measures taken by CSM on defending the independence of the judiciary in relation to the Government (78%), the Presidential Administration (74%), Parliament (75%), media coverage (80%) .

One of the conclusions is that 66.5% of prosecutors and judges surveyed believe that MSM has failed to fulfill its role as guarantor of judicial independence.

The survey results were released Friday in a debate organized by the National Union of Judges in Romania, which aimed at analyzing the SCM activities in Romania, from 2004 to the present.

The debate has attempted to answer questions about the effectiveness of the Council in discharging its judicial management, compliance by the Council of its role as guarantor of judicial independence, integrity and accountability and transparency CSM members.

The event was attended Miguel Carmona Ruano, President of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary, Justice Minister Mona Pivniceru, civil society representatives, judges, prosecutors.
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10/11/2012 - Mona Pivniceru: It is possible that this mechanism for cooperation and verification to perpetuate

Justice Minister Mona Pivniceru considers that Romania may mean never ever escape surveillance by the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, as long as the criteria set out in this aspects have changed in recent years.

"It is possible that this mechanism for cooperation and verification to perpetuate because of the conditionalities that have expanded on were released were correlated with other issues and, slowly but surely, just keep contingency easy with problems with the four benchmarks from which to start. believe we must seriously ask ourselves whether we have so much in Europe as Justice singled if system problems are exclusive of Romania, if we compare ourselves with our own system without having an actual referential or if those values ​​that allow any extension in any field is singles only Romania and judiciary are ideal pilot experiment to justice in Europe ", said Pivniceru.

Located at a meeting of the Association of Magistrates in Romania, Minister of Justice considers that the full mechanism have been considerable slippage of the independence of the judiciary.
"The fact that political will has not looked carefully judiciary, meaning that the Romanian state to be executed obligations to the judicial system, and then to ask normality, meant, I think, a policy of vulnerability to judge and the prosecutor, their perpetual exposure in a case of impossibility to achieve its mandate., and then circulated empty notions, they stood at a conceptual level, more declarative of the problem remains always the same, "he Minister of Justice.

Pivniceru added that aims to achieve the Romanian state obligations to the judiciary, so as judges to have all conditions to operate, without encountering problems related to infrastructure, legislation in order to enter a normality of justice.
"I developed a project three years, each year the Romanian government will allocate funds for the components that we have developed, so their innermost fiber, if you imagine that I calculated the seat that will be to the last clerk will enter the system. This project was approved by the Government in the form of a memorandum, "said Mona Pivniceru.
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5/11/2012 - Elton John is the author of best selling singles in the UK

Singer Elton John is in first place among the best-selling singles in the UK, with two songs that have sold 4.9 million copies each.

Since the establishment in 1952 of the top British music, which is a ranking of the best-selling singles, 32,000 songs have appeared on this list, but only 123 of them passed the one million units sold.

Ranking first in the aggregate over the last six decades are tied song "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" (1997) and single version of "Candle in the Wind" adapted for the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997, both songs are composed and performed by Elton John.

The third band is Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody" sold 2.36 million copies.

In fifth place was John Travolta and Olivia Newton-Jones with "You're The One That I Want" (2 million units).

The first Beatles song appears in eighth place ranking - She Loves You ", sold 1.9 million copies. This single is preceded by the song" Rivers of Babylon "group Boney M (2-sixth million copies sold) and the song "Relax" group Frankie Goes to Hollywood (seventh place with 2,000,000 copies sold). Yet the legendary group The Beatles include not less than six singles in the "closed club" of British songs that have sold over a million copies, writes AFP .

The song "Love Is All Around" the band Wet Wet Wet ranks 10th in the top, with 1.85 million units sold.

"Image" by John Lennon, ranked 19th, with 1.6 million copies sold, while the famous song "Another Brick In The Wall" Pink Floyd has ranked 91st, with 1.08 million copies sold.
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5/11/2012 - Dinamo criticized by a former glory: They were afraid of Star

Former Dinamo defender, Danut Lupu said that the band of Stefan cel Mare has not had a team so poor for many years.

"A poor Dinamo so I have not seen for many years. Arbitration discussions do not care. Them was afraid of Star, which is a very good team. Were also more stable leadership. On Bonetti not think the learned Dinamo no means, "said Danut Lupu, according prosport.ro .

Steaua won on Sunday night, 3-1 , rival Dinamo in derby fourteenth stage of the league I played on the national scene.
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5/11/2012 - Basescu to supporters: Raman same chair, you will see soon

President Traian Basescu thanked them through a movie, those who congratulated for his birthday.
Also, according realitatea.net , Basescu assured supporters that "remains the same president even though lately, the quiet little".

"I was impressed especially the number of people congratulated me on Facebook - 185,000, of which 12,000 and 4,000 sites like messages. Besides these, there were many who felt the need to ask me congratulatory messages directly home, "said President on official website of his supporters.

"I thank everyone. Were like this year more than ever and I assure you remain the same president. Though lately I have quiet a bit, does not mean that I started to think differently about my country. And so we will see soon "the president added.
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5/11/2012 - ARD best Romanian history, because it is a crony

Civic Force leader Mihai Razvan Ungureanu said Monday at the launch of ARD candidates, this alliance is the best in Romanian history that is not a crony, a brotherhood and because it is an association of patriots who want the country to show how be.
"We come to this alliance, the best in the history of Romania, that is not a crony, a brotherhood and because it is an association of patriots who want our country to look right," said Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, according to AFP .

He claimed that USL proposes socialism "praduitor" and ARD market economy with accents well distributed.

Ungureanu said that those in power have taken a thousand skins of the private entrepreneur and ARD proposes fewer and lower taxes, fiscal stability, the reduction of 5 percent in 2015 to CAS.

Mihai Razvan Ungureanu said that on December 9 Romans are to choose between two ways of being in Europe and beyond, in civilization, prosperity, respect between people or invectives wilderness, lies.

"I think there is a Romanian citizen who choose this second way, there is only one guaranteed way of ARD, because it is the right path," said Mihai Razvan Ungureanu.

"Romania expect us one thing that he can not give USL: respect," she said Ungureanu.
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5/11/2012 - Priests million gain at the expense of travel agencies

Agencies accused priests to organize illegal foreign pilgrimages, with profit of 4,000 euros per trip.
"I asked for an official meeting at the Patriarchate to explain the problem.'m Priests who organize pilgrimages to Israel, and this is illegal. According to Romanian law, not allowed to make reservations for travel and excursions if you have not licensed travel agency "told AFP NATA president, Corina Martin.

She says illegal pilgrimages, made priests, are a million business. According to NATA, the number of tourists who visited Israel last year passed 44,000 and the average tourist expenditure was over 600 euros.

Most tourists choose pilgrimages to the Western Wall, the Holy Sepulcher Church of St. Anne, Way of the Cross, Calvary, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Qumran, Eilat, Mount Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery.

Patriarchy Agency, Travel Basilica had revenue last year of about $ 100,000, according to the Ministry of Finance. Father Constantin Stoica, spokesman for the Romanian Orthodox Church, said that thousands of pilgrims annually go through the Basilica Israel Travel. But the prices of 600 euros, posted on the agency website for a pilgrimage to Israel agency should have a minimum income of 600,000 euros for at least 1,000 pilgrims.

A priest earn, on average, 100 euros for every parishioner on the trip, which costs 600-700 euros, while a group is generally 40 people, representing profit of 4,000 euros for a pilgrimage priest , says Alin Burcea, president of NATA.

He said there were hundreds of priests who organizes tours in Israel illegally, cash and cash money, "obviously give money away."

If the package agency in Israel for a week costs about 600 euros per person, including air transport and accommodation, priests generally sold over 700 euro trip. This means that priests collected from the 30,000 pilgrims over 21 million euros, of which, according to Burcea, the profit earned is 3 million.

"There pilgrimage centers that do not have a license, certificate, but do registration. Would not be a problem if they do everything voluntarily, if they sleep Romanian people of Israel center and if the trip would cost 350 euros with taxes. Obviously, it is not, "said Burcea.

Corina Martin accused the Romanian government did not intervene to stop evasion of priests and say that so-called "centers of pilgrimage" which opened in several cities in the country are actually travel agencies operating without a license.

However, there are voices that say travel much of the pilgrims who arrive in Israel would never get to buy tickets from travel agencies and that only priests are those who can persuade and can inspire confidence to travel outside country.

Father Constantin Stoica says the agency claims are fanciful and that there priests who organize trips themselves. Rev. refer to decision no. 2080 of 3 March 2010 Archdiocesan Council of the Archdiocese of Bucharest permanent, which were banned pilgrimages abroad, organized individually by priests and monks.

Corina Martin says, however, that even if such a decision was taken, the priests did not comply and continue to organize their own trips. Also, ANAT chief says he does not know of another agency of the Church who have license to operate, except Basilica Travel.

Burcea says she travel agencies have no problem Basilica.

Father Stoica added that the Romanian Patriarchate established offices pilgrimages respecting legislation to meet the desire of a growing number of faithful to go on a pilgrimage to Christian holy sites.
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3/10/2012 - Romans increasingly neglect their teeth

"Unfortunately, the number of people seeking dental treatment decreases from one year to another because of the crisis. Nor are people who come for treatment completely, but just enough to satisfy his pain," said Dr. Alexander Brezoescu , chief executive of the National Union Dental Association.

Study: 80% of Romanians have problems with teeth

On the same occasion, the doctor criticized the fact that, year after year, the National Health Insurance House (CNAS) lowers the ceiling provided dental treatments so that money ends "after two prostheses".

"Unfortunately, dentistry is the most unfavorable. Allowance per capita money is 70 per year. CNAS assign a ceiling tratamentelele dental offices are in contract with, worth £ 1,000. Since this money, two hearing could be made. hearing if there are, then sends it to treat some simple cavities, some extractions and that's all, "said Brezoescu.

In this context, the National Dental Association requires CNAS to end health insurance contract directly with patients, not the doctors.

"I think it is appropriate for patients to conclude direct contracts with CNAS and thus everyone know what services can benefit," said Brezoescu.
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3/10/2012 - USL launches its candidates on National Arena

According hotnews.ro , sources inside the union leaders said they want the launch to be one of scale and expect a consistent presence in the USL supporters.

Victor Ponta said that the launch will take place on October 17, the date to coincide with the EPP congress in Bucharest organized by PDL.

Approximately 60,000 people expected to attend this event.
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3/10/2012 - Diaconescu criminal complaint against him was denied

Representative Office mandated to take the complaint to the Prosecutor's Office, arrived too late, after closing the program, so he was invited to return Thursday informs rtv.net .

Asked why he came too late, given that the flooring program ends at 15.00 and referral submission announcement was made early morning, the official representative declined to comment in any way.

"I'm sorry, do not give statements. I have a right not to give statements.'m A natural," he said, assailed with questions by journalists.
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3/10/2012 - Over 5 million tourists in 2012, more than last year

Compared with the corresponding period last year, both in August 2012 and the period January 1 to August 31, 2012 saw increases in arrivals and overnight stays in the establishments of tourists' reception with functions of accommodation.

Arrivals in the establishments of tourists during the period 1 January to 31 August 2012 amounted to 5277.9 thousand, up by 11.1% compared to the same period in 2011.

Romanian tourists arrivals in accommodation represented 78.8% of total arrivals during this period, while foreign tourists represented 21.2%.
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3/10/2012 - Oprescu not cope: Some Bucharest will pay double for heat

Those with incomes above £ 2,500 per family would have to pay £ 328 Gcal, reports AFP .

"I can not cope with the subsidy. I can. I can not subsidize, and bitter are many who have no money. I asked for four years - now see if materialized - a list income from NAFA and if income is more than 20-25 million per family to be able to ask him to pay 328, but is now Gcal in Bucharest. Why? order to increase the range Alora can not cash.'s not political, is caring for people, "said Oprescu.

Bucharest General Mayor said, on 13 September, Bucharest will pay the same price as last year Gcal , although it is expected to increase by approximately five percent of its price because more expensive gas.
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