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An ATX power supply30/10/2009

An ATX power supply

Posted:29 October,2009

An ATX mac g3 power supply Cheap Onsale Replica is always "live", even when it seems turned off, as long as it's plugged in and the rear power switch (if applicable) is switched on.The +5V standby is always coursing through your motherboard whether your PC is on or not. This is how the CMOS keeps it's settings with or without it's CMOS battery and wake on LAN, wake on ring and keyboard power on is accomplished. The power supply is instructed to energize the other power leads throughout the system when the "Power On" lead (typically the green wire on the main connector) is grounded. Without grounding the green wire on the power supply, you will not be able to test ANY of the power leads on the power supply except for the +5V standby.


To test the mac g4 power supply Discount Replcament Sale, you can do this: Unplug the main power connector from the motherboard. Connect the green and black wires on the main power connector together with a paper clip or a piece of wire. This will "energize" the power supply.


Hard to say because it seems that every power supply manufacturer uses a different methodology to rate their power supplies (which is too bad,) but I’m quite sure the combined wattage ratings for the +3.3V, +5V and +12V rails are sustained output and the 500W total is a peak rating. And on that note, it must be said that peak to some manufacturers may be a reading at a completely different interval as peak by some others. While sustained means "continuous," peak means that the power supply can only put out a certain amount of power for only a brief interval, but it is rarely disclosed how brief that interval is. At least the numbers pretty much jive on this mac g3 power supply Discount Replica Sale.Besides, there may be an undocumented –5V rail capable of .5A or .6A that could easily compensate for the minor discrepancy.


Ironically, as video card GPUs require more and more juice, we're actually starting to see more and more power supply manufacturers that are saying "ATX12V specifications be damned!" CPU and are putting out new power supplies with one large, single 12V rail. Because by splitting the +12V rail up into two separate rails, each with a limiter set to prevent the rail from sustaining more than 20A each, there's hardly enough power to run a pair of high end video cards, never mind whatever else needs to get power from that same rail.


Now I know what some of you are going to say, "You want me to shove a metal wire into a live power supply??!" Again, the leads are dead until the Power On lead is shorted to ground. The Power On lead is a signal, so it's not going to shock you. Even if you were to stick your paper clip into the only live lead on the power supply: the +5VSB, it's not going to hurt you. You're talking about a 10 to 15W lead and as soon as that lead goes to ground the mac g4 power supply Replacment Cheap Sale is going to trip and shut itself down.




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