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Three Magic Tips For Tending Glass3/6/2010

If we can follow principles listed below, our eyes will benefit more with the eyeglasses more durable. Wear glasses frequently. Some myopia patients worry that wearing glasses would deepen the degree, so they would take off glasses frequently. In fact, this concern is unnecessary. One point you must be aware of. You should know that the aim for wearing glasses is to correct visual acuity and slow down myopia development. If you often wear and take off the glasses, you will squint at things without the glasses, and day after day, this will cause the ciliary muscle With long time like this, you eye muscles are in the over nervious and tired state, so the eyes will be in over adjusted state and causing jerk and deepening the degree.

Of course, whether put them on or take them off should be differented from person to person. If the degree is less than 200, you can put glasses on when you look far and take them off when you look near. Lenses should be often rubbed. Lenses are easy to be covered with dust, steam, oil things, etc. If you wear glasses at this time, you will feel your vision blurred and the degree of clearity decline. So you should rub your lens with soft flannel in t At the same time every day it is best to wash lenses with tap water in order to maintain a high degree of clarity. Pay particular attention to the lenses are most afraid of scratches, broken, even the edge of a small gap, which will also greatly affect vi So you should promptly change another one and reassemble new lens in the optical shop if you found the above situation. Thirdly, take care of the frame. The eyeglass frame consists of nose pad, the body and the legs which are always made according to the actual pupil distance of the myopia. A good rim glasses can correct faulty vision effectively. Optometrists always try to achieve this purpose by adjusting the angle of nose pad and legs, defining the curvature of the centre of the optical lens to make it more comfortable. For the body, legs and lens ring, should be wiped with dry flannels often; nose care screw should be fitted in time when lost; the body and legs must not be twisted arbitrarily, and should be replaced promptly when broken. Do not use adhesive tape or other substitutes to settle the matter, which will not only affect the optical center offset and clarity, but also impede beautiful. This is likely to make lens optical center and the human eye pupil center difficult in coincidence and it will produce prism effect, so the object image displacement occurs. The people who wear ray ban sunglasses can only adjust the glasses such as wearing it in an ablique way. Hence increasing eye-strain such as the sight will be declined or even squint if you wear it for a long time.

Glasses used for a period of time, not only the frame will be deformed, the lens quality will vary. Good lens has glass fost, and with good luminousness and light film color, and no image deformation will occur if move the lens from top to down. In normal situation, high - quality lenses can be used for 2 or 3 years. But the poor - quality lenses, especially those made of resins can be used for no more than one year. Once you find that the glasses turn yellow, the film falls off or fluff, you'd better go to hospital for replacing new glasses via optometry.

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Handbook of Matching Hats Matching Hats3/6/2010

It had better be sunny in spring, but chilly spring breeze can't help blowing us, adding a note of chill to us. If added with drizzling rain, it will be more chilly. How to deal with spring chill? Let our hat style make a elegant and fashionable person out of you! If you dare to try a wig and match it with a black nfl hats, you'll be surely the bravest girl in fashion group. Wearing the hat of Hepburn has always been fashionable and graceful, infusing you infinite vigor.

The cool Monster Energy Hat makes you having neutral temperament with side braids. Some girls always feel them conspicuous not enough and is worried about that they will be flooded in tide group when they walk on the street of the city. In fact, when one preserves her own features and make some innovations, she will definitely become the focus in the street. Just as the matches of hat and hair style, simple and easy, gentle and quiet, blazing, can perfectly embody by a hat.

Let's have a look at the black and white magician hat matching with golden curly hair. The hair style and temper out of main strain can be set off with the active hair colors. The exaggerated earrings add glory to you, and bravely show your characteristics, because confidence always distributes sense of beauty. The dynamic cap of cream-colored and long nut-brown curly hair seems very harmonious and brief, which have the fashion of tide people. This monster energy hats matches fashionable bardian corn rows, and optional hair style going with this hat is very suitable. When added with dyed hair, there are more flavors of animation and vitality.

There is warm and intimate sense when middle-length hair is under the woolen hats with intellectuality. If you don't like the neutral temperament brought by the new era hats, the fashionable floriation style will be absolutely gentlewoman's choice. It not only adds lots of crafty decoration to hairstyle, but also polishes the facial form a lot.

The pleated shape hat gone with golden chestnut tied hair may highlight the elegant and characteristic whole style well. The bright-color cap is individual people's favorite. And the cap with lacing floriation can also show European and American fashion. There is definitely the perfect hat for you among all these styles. Choose a hat to show your personality and keep pace with the fashion trend.

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