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Tall Snow Boots for a warm winter

Posted on 22/12/2009 at 03:23

womens classic tall chestnut boots
Have you ever wondered about what makes women’s tall snow boots so amazing? Well for one, they are highly fashionable. They are definitely not just another fad that will be “here today, gone tomorrow”. Why is this? Because they are also very useful. Everyone is wearing them as well! You’ve very likely to have seen them being advertised in just about every retail sales paper around, and for good reason.

The winter months are now upon us and there has never been a better time to become prepared. The feet are a very delicate part of the body, which is another reason why women’s tall snow boots are a great necessity. When the feet are cold, the rest of the body is cold, and that is never a good thing, especially during these chilly winter months when sicknesses run ramped!

Another great thing about women’s tall winter boots is that they are great to wear in all types of weather. When it’s cold and rainy, you don’t have to worry about your cheap Ugg boots getting ruined because they are made for that type of weather. Perhaps you live in a climate where it actually snows during the winter. There has never been a more fashionable way to keep your feet dry and warm than with tall snow boots!

When you think about all of the benefits of owning women’s tall cheap Ugg snow boots, it’s definitely worth it. Probably you have already noticed a great deal of women already wearing them. They are only becoming more and more popular with time. The best part is that they are very attractive, so looking great is just another added bonus!

New Ugg Boots Styles For Winter

Posted on 15/12/2009 at 13:47

Fall 2008 has come and gone and we are well on our way to the warm summer months. In the shoe business this means that we’re already looking at Fall/Winter 2009. So, I thought we could take a look again at the new styles that were offered in 2008 in anticipation of what is to come from UGG Australia this Fall.

We had originally touted the Belfair as the go to Ugg boots for rainy climates, people did not respond as we thought they might. In my humble opinion, I think they are cute but I do have a notoriously funky taste in footwear. Same goes for the Goldeneye, Magpie, and Duclair. Anyone out there own any of these or have thoughts on why this style may not have been as popular?

Next on our list is the Elijo. This style definitely made it into many a women's Ugg classic sheepskin tall boots footwear collection in the colder months, some folks are probably still wearing them. That smooth leather foot bed is very appealing to those in warmer climates as are the other members of the Surf Collection such as the Kohala, Cove, Swell, Swell Tall, and Kona.

The Metropolitan Collection did well as always, people love that classic look with a little extra detailing! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Nolita. We are just not feeling the love for these extra spendy and coutourish boots. I think that UGG fans just love the simplicity of the Classic and don’t really want to add stacked leather heels to that equation. I think that these boots are beautiful but my feet scream at the height of that heel! The Soho Collection was also not as popular as we may have liked it to be. I think that the same goes for these, people are just more interested in the Classic UGG look.

As is par for UGG in the Fall and Winter, slippers are a big hit! Men and women alike LOVE their UGG slippers and this year has been no exception save perhaps the Coquette in Camo. Why wouldn’t you be into something a little more fun if you’re not leaving the house in them anyway? UGG Ugg Sundance ii Boots are busted on this one, you folks are totally wearing your slippers out of the house! I’ll admit, it’s difficult to take your comfy toes out of your slippers at the door and I’m guilty of wearing my slippers to the grocery store too. It’s just too comfy! Even my rugged outdoorsman of a dad has been caught out and about in his Tasmans, he even has one pair “for town” and one for wearing around the house!

Speaking of mens UGGs, men made their voices clear this season and bought up some of our more masculine looking boots and slippers for their shoe wardrobe. The Surf Collection has been great for the guy that doesn’t want shearling between his toes all day and the Chesterfield is a great look for the guy that wants something a little more rugged. Maybe I should get my dad a pair?

Last but definitely not least on our list of UGGs for Fall/Winter 08/09 is of course the Classic Collection. The people have been heard again and again, you LOVE your Ugg classic mini boots, especially in Chestnut and Chocolate! The same goes for any variation including the Baroque, these were snatched up quickly! As we look forward to another season of boot weather coming up, one thing is certain- the Classic Ugg is a boot that has a loyal fanbase and for good reason! We all love warm and comfy feet! Anyone out there have comments? Please feel free to give us your opinion on what you thought of the UGG collection for last winter. What are you looking forward to for Fall/Winter 09/10?


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