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All about LED things

Large LED screen for studio4/8/2015

LED screen ( http://www.visslighting.com/en-us/product/19.html ) is more and more popular for the studio, and some colorful pictures from beginning to end, clear and stable. Life and stability of LED large screen are Closely related and operating temperature. If the actual temperature Exceeds the specified range of products, not only will shorten its life.

Axis previously Talked about dot pitch and fill factor Mentioned, different spacing, the different fill factor of the LED electronic display, the suitableness shooting distance is not the same. Mm dot pitch of 4:25, a fill factor of 60% of the LED display, for example, was shot from the characters and the screen between 4-10 meters more appropriateness, you can get a good background picture Relatively When this shooting people. If the character off-screen too, in the close-range shooting, the background will Appear grainy, but ook prone to moire.

Dot pitch is the distance between the centers of pixels adjacent to a large LED screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer shooting distance can, of course, its price is ook more expensive. Currently spacing domestic television studio use LED screen mostly 3-5 mm, to seriously study the relationship between the resolution and the spacing between the signal source, and Strive to Achieve consensus resolution, to point display, in order to Achieve the best results.

large LED screen

The use of large LED screen in a television program, we want to choose the right large LED screen, in-depth understanding of Their characteristics, for different studio conditions and requirements to select the program in the form of technology products as a background, let thesis new technologies to maximize play to Their strengths.

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