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30/4/2014 - Distributor Lulur Ibu

Use a body scrub as a skin enlightenment process

Scrub can provide faster skin renewal process , in addition to the use of natural herbal skin benefits can not give a brighter , white and visible following natural body scrubs good way .

First you use a bath soap dang good , if you use anti-septic soap let the germs that stick in your body disappear so scrub that is used will be the maximum result .
Body pat with a towel to the body in a moist state . Then apply scrub evenly to all parts of the body to the skin folds such as the neck , armpits , folds arms , groin , up to the crease behind the knee . Rub gently scrub with a massage lightly for blood circulation . For rough areas like the heel toe , could use a pumice stone or a rough sponge .
After the scrub begins to dry clean them with first hand attached to granules fall before you rinse with water , then rinse with clean water .
Dry with a soft towel , then apply a moisturizer or body lotion evenly to all parts of the body .

distributor lulur ibu

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