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Living a lost dream - Backpacking New Zealand

4/2/2010 - 4/2 Pahia

Got up very early and had a poor breakfast since the host forgot to show me where I could find the toast. Well, kind of a good moment to start with eating Kiwi's (I saw a fruitbasket) since I'm in NZ .  I also have to stay aware of my eating habit in NZ because I'm not allowed to be over 100 kg when I'm going to skydive on the 26th ....

Afraid to miss the bus, I made sure I was at the busstop at 6.30h and met a girl from the Virgin Islands who also travels with Kiwi Experience. We were the only ones to be picked up at this point but the bus made quite a few stops in Auckland. With a half full loaded bus we left Auckland around 8.00h and drove of to Pahia, in the North of NZ.

On the way, I started to feel pretty good ... the start of something I wanted for so long in my life but was kind of "forgotten". During a coffee stop, I met 2 guys and a girl from Swiss. Somehow, I feel comfortable among people who speak German  ....

After 4 hours we arrived in Pahia and were dropped of at our hostel. Hmmmmmmm..... 4 bunks in a small room. 2 of my roomies were quite OK but I couldn't get interested in the other persons .... I tried to make conversation but it just didn't connect ..... but no worries.... I'm just here to sleep.... not to make friends.

Pahia was nice but quite a small place. I layed down in the grass near the beach and relaxed the rest of the afternoon since I had no plans to stay in Pahia (so didn't need groceries). The weather is kind of strange in NZ. Being out of the wind is quite warm but it was quite chilly at the beach because of the wind.

There was a big BBQ at the hostel this evening and like it can only happen to me..... all tables were full and I couldn't get near the people that I already met in the bus. Fortunately, I'm kind of used to this kind of situations and took my plate to another place and sat down. Nevertheless, I was kind of happy that the people from Swiss had the same problem and they sat down next to me. We kind of had a really good time with just the 4 of us. It was the kind of connection that will probably last in the future; Jonas plays guitar as well and is a bit like me (the quite one whenever someone else needs to speak first). Samuel just reminds me of the guy from American Pie and keeps on talking and Kathryn....... hmmm..... she reminded me so much of someone in my past (even the name). I must even admit (sorry if you might read it Kathryn) that for a moment, "I was moved by her" (probably because I had a few beers) ... but I realised that it was because her outgoingness reminded me of someone else. Besides that .... she's far, far, far, too young ......and too tiny ...... still, I seem to care for her (for all 3 of them) and hope we'll stay in touch once we're back in Europe. (Jonas's coming to Amsterdam in April so we already agreed to meet). Said and hugged them goodbye since they stay in Pahia for a few more days ....

Of to bed ... the bus will leave at 7.00h to Auckland again  


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3/2/2010 - 3/2 Arrived in Auckland

I'm in NZ ...... finally. Flying and waiting was a nightmare. I left Holland on Feb. 1st and I arrived in Auckland on Feb. 3th .... OK, that's including the 12 hours time difference. I must admit that it feels like "now" instead of having a jetleg but I'm really not looking forward to make that same 30 hour flight (including waiting) back to Holland next month (that will even be 36 hours ).

The first thing I did when I passed customs was just sit on my bag for a while and enjoyed it being summer over here. After about half an hour, I found myself a taxi which took me to my first "place to rest". Before I hang around all those traveling people in hostels, I need a moment to stretch my legs again and just relax so I arranged a B&B (Bed and breakfast).

When I arrived at the B&B, there was no one there ... OK ... I really wanted to have a shower so it kind of annoyed me for a second but I got over it and, again, took my bag outside and sat on it ... just enjoying the sun over here. The host arrived after an hour and showed me my room. Small but ...enough to have a goodnight rest before my trip trough NZ starts.

Took a strawl trough this part of Auckland (kind of a fancy neighbourhood) and decided to have a Subway sandwich for dinner.

Time to go to bed at 21.00h. My alarm is set for 5 am because the bus will depart at 6.45 tomorrow .... 

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