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Trojan Horses and Viruses20/10/2012
You probably know that there are a large amount of bad people out in cyberspace attempting to steal your personal or computer information. You will need to know what methods they use to steal your information and what information they are trying to find. Here are a few tips on protecting yourself Trojan horses are a common way for hackers to achieve control into your computer to steal your personal information. A Trojan horse can be a small program that may be inadvertently downloaded and hide in your files. Trojan horses usually work by automatically finding and sending information to another computer. This information can have password and personal information. Using this information, hackers can take control of your computer and mine your data for more personal information or sensitive computer info. Should you believe your possess a Trojan horse in your computer or would like to prevent them from entering your computer, you can purchase programs that find and delete these programs too prevent new programs entering your computer. Most virus software also includes Trojan horse definitions to wipe out any known threat of Trojan horses for your stystem. You can also purchase Specific Spyware and adware software which specifically looks for Trojan horses. So donít get caught unprepared, look into software that will rid and prevent you of Trojan horses. llamar por telefono desde internet
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