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Information about Xeon Dedicated Server

12:45, 18/12/2007 .. Link

Xeon dedicated servers are especially designed for the customers who have less computing requirements. These are the best for the customers who want average server load. Actually Xeon is a powerful system that is designed for e-commerce, database and enterprise applications.

Some Xeon dedicated servers include single or dual 64-bit Xeon processors with SATA/SCSI drive configurations. It also offers some options to upgrade processor like increased memory, additional hard drives and RAID configurations. Additional features include 1U chassis along with 2 drive bays and 6 memory slots.

Setup fee of Xeon dedicated server starts from RM500.00. Cost of these dedicated servers totally depends on your requirements. Customers may subscribe Xeon dedicated servers for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months as per their needs. They can renew or change the subscription periods at the end of the service period. They can easily move to a superior offer.

Xeon dedicated server provide fast speed and great performance at special prices. It offers Intel Xeon 2.8 Ghz Processor, Tyan Motherboard, 1024 Megabytes RAM, 80 GB SATA Hard Drive, 1000 GB Of Transfer Inbound, 1000 GB Of Transfer Outbound, 8 IP Addresses, 10 MB/S Port, DirectAdmin Control Panel, and Latest Redhat Linux or Fedora. Whenever you buy a Xeon dedicated server, it sets up on the same day.

Author presents website on Xeon Dedicated Servers http://www.cheapxeondedicatedservers.com/ . Website provides additional information about Xeon dedicated servers. It offers advice on how to setup a Xeon dedicated server. You can visit his site http://www.getxeondedicatedservers.info/

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Information about Xeon Dedicated Server


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