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A Guide To Washing Dreadlocks Keeping Them Clean And Healthy

Posted at 11:42, 30/1/2017

It is a common misconception that dreadlocks do not need to be washed. The fact is that dreadlocks thrive in clean healthy hair when cleaned with the correct shampoo and dried thoroughly after. Here we look at techniques for keeping your locks clean and healthy regardless of hair type.

To keep them smelling tasty and looking good, cleaning your locks is essential since grease is especially detrimental to the development of your dreads. Locked or otherwise, it's always important to maintain clean healthy hair, particularly considering the misconceptions that are commonly held about this distinctive hairstyle.

Washing dreadlocks is just like dreadlocks hairstyles from the use of a specific kind of soap formulated to encourage growth by keeping the hair grease free and in prime knotting condition. The majority of highstreet soaps are unsuitable for use with dreadlocks because they leave your hair too soft and conditioned; this can damage even the most mature of dreadlocks. Most also contain harsh chemicals which would do your dreads no favours at all.

Having tried many kinds of good shampoo for dreads from around the world I have had the best success with Dread Fusion's soap product. Available in either liquid or bar form, these soaps gently cleanse, exfoliate and 'rough up' the hair using lemon grass among other essential oils - all of this greatly aids the locking process. The liquid soap is particularly pleasant to use because of its natural olive oil base and it degreases your hair without completely stripping It of all goodness.

It's best if possible to try and wait up to two weeks after the initial locking process before you attempt to wash your baby dreads, but only if your scalp and hair remain grease free over this period. If within these first two weeks your locks start to feel greasy it is important to wash them right away to prevent your dreads from unlocking themselves.

Once you are sure you have got all the soap out you need to make sure you have thoroughly dried your locks. The first step to doing this is wringing them out. So take your locks and give them a good squeeze to get any excess water out of them before wrapping them up in a large towel for fifteen minutes in order to absorb further moisture.

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