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17/10/2009 - I love the United States largest Truman

Disturbing the preparation six words  there are so many for some of Chanler, Monica and the adoption of

children and the port, then went to the same visit, the perfect child, the adoptive family, Chanler was this

person a little lack of eye-lax language often, when something is wrong in the way Monica informed Chanler What

not screw entering the disputed and poorly Chanler, who, with the bathroom door, which adopted a baby boy, taken

to tell the truth, I do not think the hornets nest of the blind does not know the original Pang Xiao-old child

to be taken.

 Even if the money to bribe the shameless attempt to close Xiao Pang took children pay, but the money to leave

children Xiaopan income workers, hidden pocket the money and ran to the adoptive parents, the child's father is

furious and asked Chanler face more and more people do not know, some things we do not say Mody child; Chanler

injustice has been committed since the beginning of many things that children know that Santa Claus does not

exist, for example, Xiao Pang defend the child saw his father saw, hear these words, then the shock and fear in

their eyes, I will never forget what he cried; Santa Claus does not exist?  Let them know a child that there is

no Santa Claus in the western world of taboo things, like an orphan who does not tell his mother to go too far,

however, depend entirely based on people and the development process as a whole the very hard for a shock, then

gradually the children of adults are always endeavored to be able to understand the world as soon as possible,

except that some things to say, as mentioned above, is not intended to be tough, because the truth in the world

and tear to get a good view at odds, so much that people do not tell my father but you are very busy as

secretary and said the child for ski jumping around I never thought to go in the sun, large sections of people

trained in readiness for the arrival of combat, which I think is one day the truth in good faith, delivered on

time, life would be meaningless dilute original dream the child may yet mature enough to withstand the short-and

desires are not faithful to him when the child opens easily see that the sentence a joke OH, I thought I was


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