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Master experience

02:24, 6/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


First, the master in dragonnest is a high-attack, high-control role (Not only put the magic behind). You can buy dragonnest gold to improve the degree of attack .Many skills of the range of attack are near, with the skills needed release.

I first to introduce a few mix of skills commonly used, Frost saber + toxic cloud +fire insect. When level was raised, there will be two very good skills to use. Finally, I look at it, "flash"; the skill is master’s god skill. But when you use the skill, you can not make Attacks, or, you will dead .You can be recovery by dragonnest gold.

Well, let us turn to talk about equipment. Attributes of the choice of course is intelligence .I stressed it again if you want to improve the degree of intelligence, you can buy dragonnest online gold. The master need MP very much, generally, MP is not enough to use, what can we do? Well, to buy cheap dragonnest gold, you will get a lot of MP drugs. When your mp is not enough to use, you click the MP drugs, then your MP will be enough to use.

Jewelry Selection has with the MP main, general Jewelry has two property .Except the attack, master’s defense is also important. How can we solve this problem? Let me tell you how to do, you can buy dragonnest money .When you have a lot of money, you can buy equipment to improve the degree of defense.

theagency game experience

02:23, 6/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


Let me talk about the game experience.

Experience one: Anything must act in pairs. Ancients people said:” Can not be alone for fighting!” this is probably the reason. In the game, in order not to lose, you must go to buy theagency gold, so you will be stronger. Things like a man, there must be a friend, someone to help you.

Experience two: No matter what will you do, must pay attention to the skills. By the skiils, you can get a lot of theagency gold .In the game, at the time you concentrate to do some things; you should know how to make a plan. Only in this way, the progress of the game can be controlled by the player's hands, so you can get a lot of theagency online gold.

Experience three: Decisive is the best choice. The difficulty of the game will be upgraded, as the speed increased, well, this time, and time is essential. You buy some cheap theagency gold; you will be upgraded in a fast speed. Ancient people understood the game has long been insightful.

In fact , games have a lot of experience , most people play games, just a waste of time, never not do summary .But me , I like to sum up the experience , I would like to know how to play the game faster ,so I found one of the most direct way , is also the most effective way to fight many more theagency money .The most direct way and the most effective way is to buy theagency gold from our sites ,after you will realize that, you are stronger ,and your level upgrade faster .

The methods of earn money from Second life

02:23, 6/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


SL Linden is very important in the game. As a new player, for the first time into the Second life game, you are very lonely, if you do not have friends to guide and lead, you will live a very bored. First, you have to make some Second life linden to start learning to create, and begin your business career. So how should we begin to earn our first pot of gold? There are many ways, sitting chairs, sweeping, clean windows, and even play the guitar and sing-song, and so on. We got about 1000 Second linden through a week of work, so that we can start learning to create. Today, we have to learn several ways to make money.

One, easy entertainment - dance can make SL Linden

As a SL of new residents, first and foremost task is to learn how to buy SL Linden for free. There are a lot of dancing machine in the club, you can use it earn money.

Second, sit back and enjoy - take a chair to make money

We play in the Second life game for a long time, maybe we seems to have nothing to do. As long as we is still among the game, you can hang up a chair to sit for buy Second life linden .

Third, business tactics - opening a shop to make money

If you have a lot of land, you can build shopping malls, divided into small stalls still available in order to make a profit.

Suitable for 5-12 year-old girl "Fantastic"

02:19, 6/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link


December 13, NEXON Corporation in Japan, held an online game meeting, will be responsible for operating its online game "Fantastic”. This game is very popular with girls; you can see a lot of girls buy fantastic gold to play in the game.

"Fantastic" is a Fantage.com development of community network gaming. The game, players will use the 2D game role in the fantasy island of life, And can be dressed up roles, And communicate with other actors, Play mini-games and so on .So, fantastic gold has a important part in the game .Do you know why ? Let me tell you the reason ,when you dressed up your role or homes ,you will cost a lot of fantastic money ,if you have many cheap fantastic gold ,you can dress up yourself and your homes more beautiful .Besides, players can also dress up their own homes for party ,and participate in costume show to show their own role . We can be seen from the game name that the game is a Community Online Game, and it is a section for 5-12 year-old girl to play with. What do you wait for ?hurry up ,come to buy fantastic gold , maybe you can realize some girls ,your young sisters or your old sisters .

The game starting in 2008 in the United States operations, in a year and a half have more than three million players.

Jade Dynasty gold

02:50, 31/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Jade Dynasty gold - the greatest free to play MMORPG to date
If you're like me and love free to play mmorpgs then you have probably tried dozens and dozens looking for that perfect one that would get you hooked. Jade Dynasty is that game.
While Jade Dynasty money has many (and I mean many) great qualities let us start with the greatest and most likely first one you will recognize. That quality is the community. Never have I played a free mmorpg with a community like cheap Jade Dynasty Gold. Like most games you might get a little flustered navigating all the new menus and such. However there's no need to worry about that in buy Jade Dynasty gold. If the in game help system doesn't help you can always ask another player (don't worry, they don't bite)! I literally got dozens of nice responses when I asked an incredibly "nooby" question my first time playing! The extremely kind players are definitely one of buy Jade Dynasties online gold strong points!
Lets move onto the game play now shall we? Jade Dynasty gold has 5 factions (classes) to choose from, each widely different from the other.
The Jadeon
The Skysong
The Vim
The Lupin
The Modo
Like other free mmorpgs Jade Dynasty gold isn't a grindfest. Interesting quests keep you from getting bored. What other mmo has you climb to the top of a pole to raise a flag which in turn resurrects an ancient spirit? To top off the already completely stellar game play, Jade Dynasty has one of the best skill systems I have yet to come by. A wide variety of skills and strange "espers" keep the game fun and enjoyable. After seeing how awesome the skills looked and how smoothly the game runs I can tell how much effort was put into this game. If that's not enough for you Jade Dynasty also has so many armor and weapon combinations you're hardy likely to run into you're "clone" any time soon. Even if you've hit end game and maxed out your level (which wont be happening soon). The addictive pvp experience will have you play Jade Dynasty until your eyes dry out, you fingers cease movement, or have to go to the bathroom and look out the window and discover sunlight again. Whatever comes first?

Christmas Event '09 of titanRose

02:50, 31/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Christmas has come to titanRose! titanrose zulie is very cheap .
It's the time of beautiful snowy weather, family and friends... And that's what this event is all about!
Take part in our exclusive event featuring a new Santa Planetoid created by the titanRose team, help Santa save Christmas day and open your presents! You can buy titanrose zuly.
Throw snowballs at your friends and wish each other a Merry Christmas through firecrackers! Login and spread the joy!
We from titanRose wish you a Merry Christmas and hope to see you all in game! You can buy titanrose zulie from us, and you can also buy titanrose zuly from other sites.
It's that time of year and we're proud to present our first Christmas event! Sorry about the slight delay!
The Christmas event will run from December 24th - January 10th going to add more info in a moment, posting a brief outline quickly as we've launched.
Alteration of Classic Rose Online event
Most monsters in the world drop Snow Crystals. You need to be close to the level of the monster for a crystal to drop. You can then take them to Judy at Zen who will take you to Santa Planetoid or to Felice Fete, where you can exchange for Rudolph gear. This is based on old christmas events created by the original rose developers. Cheap titanrose zulie has an important part in the game.

How to play Fallen Earth

02:50, 31/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
The following are my experience to fight Fallen Earth gold .
First, I want to introduce you about the Fallen Earth. The Fallen Earth is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2156; the world is called "Shiva" the plague hit, 99% of human beings killed. The player is actually included in such a world, struggling to fight for the destiny of humanity to create a new world, destroying the old world.
To fight Fallen Earth online gold ,you must spend at least five hours a day to fight Fallen Earth money , First, because the more time you spend the more taller level you will get, and the second because Fallen Earth online gold is very useful for us who play in the Fallen Earth online Chips .
So, maybe you also want to ask me whether there are other ways to get Fallen Earth online money. Has been running checkpoints, your level will always increase, and the Fallen Earth Chips will be more and more. Of course, you can also buy Fallen Earth gold, so you will feel very relaxed.
I tell you news, you as long as December 24, 2009 to January 2010 between 2 through (Fallen Earth) game online mall to purchase the game client; you can enjoy the discount for each purchase concessions to the price of 40 U.S. dollars to buy. If you are using the U.S. Army-mail registration to buy, or two or more players to buy the game a client, then preferential margins will increase.

Avatar experience

02:49, 31/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
avatar gold has an important part in the game .
I suggest that am is the best time to play the game .However, if you have enough patience and good heart powerful enough revenue, though a small or a relatively stable, and if lucky, you can also fight more avatar online gold. In general, your first choice is to fight cheap avatar gold, the specific location is extraterrestrial .There you can see a lot of enemy, when you kill them you will get a lot of avatar money .There is another place to fight the money, it needs you more time .In fact to play all games, it must cost you a lot of time, so you can buy avatar gold from our sites. From this method, you will save a lot of time to fight money.
I am also familiar with ways to these types of fighting money, of course, there are many other ways.
However, all methods to fight money to have one thing in common is the need for patience and perseverance, there is no free lunch here . The time of fighting avatar gold .I usually selected in the morning, because at that time efficiency .You can try it like me, maybe it will give you a surprise.
Because I think many people can realize the pain that many people Fight for the chance to kill a monster. I do not like to kill a monster with other people; you should also like me, and you?
If you choose to fight the avatar online gold early, we should pay more attention to the body.

iris online: I'll teach you

06:25, 16/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy iris online gold is an important role in the game, do you want to play this game, prepare some iris gold, it is good for you to upgrade. If you do not know how to buy iris gold, I can suggest that you buy iris online gold, from there, you can get cheap one, not only save your money but also convenient for you.

 Here I say something useful for you, as follow:

 Its ability to learn well if the above two, then I will go to practice defensive capabilities, powerful shoulders of the defense capability and shield will give you add a layer of invisible armor, in addition to a handful of BOSS can give you other than harm, opportunities, no one can hurt you when your defense, the next in order to round, you can excel at the horror in front of destructive power to the enemy a fatal blow. Not practice early game defense, the experience gained in value because of too little, real-time defense capability and then there is no super-destructive power of strong backing there is no practical meaning. Late because of weapons-grade increase and the defense can get after a lot experience, but in combat you will discover that besides the defense artillery attacks on other weapons attacked the defense is to give not much experience. Because you are equipped with a shield so defensive battle, select option2 is that you are equipped with a shield and defensive action is bottom option when you are equipped with shields, when the election of the computer will automatically default to use shield defense. Because this game is to option is not contiguous to the bottom so if you want to select must be moved down one by one, in which case most of all players to choose their own equipment, the defense shield that option, but in fact if you choose defensive action to if the defense-per-acquisition experience value and defense artillery attacks in the same.


Metalrage: novice must-read

06:25, 16/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

 Money, this is the eternal question of how many articles are written to make money. Clearly, the buy metalrage gold seems very important. More metalrage online gold you have, you can upgrade quickly, I think that, in order to gain something, we should make a small investment. You can buy metalrage gold first, in your days of you play the game, you can win many, before you be a million of metalrage money, you should upgrade. Master follows experience, it will be a great help for you.

   Games puzzle part of the requirements for a little while to think, certainly there are ways to test repeatedly. Sometimes you can not think of nail bed to go directly to get props, in short, the method of solving the same off more than one more to try, the game more difficult in this area is not high, and the challenges can be repeated. BOSS closer to war, to find out BOSS pattern of actions can be resolved quickly. For example the first hurdle of the celestial magic, it would only a small disc monsters and demons above, as long as the law find it offensive, you can see it has only of method combat. In its place when the beam to escape with a whip. Therefore, this made BOSS war is a good part of the game. In addition, beating BOSS can also receive a red heart, increasing blood volume. EXE of each mark will appear after the checkpoint, often very challenging, in preparation for a good challenge to have to disaster. If not sure on the access to the major plot, a good practice in future to sprint after the storm.

  If you want to buy the metalrage online gold, I suggest that you buy online, there, you can get cheap metalrage gold.


mix master: good for you

06:24, 16/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

 This game is very popular in our lives, more and more people began to play it. I am also a beginner, through a friend's recommendation, recently indulging in it, and my friend donated me some mixmaster online gp, I can quickly upgrade. Of course, mix master gp is the soul of the game, with it you can quickly upgrade. The following is my experience-sharing, hope you have help.

  Upgrade: this is not good that I do not know how much the top, but the initial upgrade very fast. 12 is 2-3 hour's in business. Experience, value in percentage form, experience appears in the figure above article to see if the past is still obvious. Another point is rather peculiar, and you have to open the attack mode to kill monster, you hit the monster then the monster will attack you, or even if you are stepping on their feet that they will not take the initiative to attack. This has the advantage, that is, the time may not kill monster stopped chatting. It does not appear the situation is strange died.

  Monster: monster is lovelier, but the attack when the characters really unambiguous, some monster's death will become a stone, and then you take the stone to the pet, where a teacher can put your pet into a statue. The general risk of monster storms and equipment, each will blame the violence after the death of money, but the number seems to be relatively just does not.

  Have you owned of mixmaster online gp? If you have no, you need to prepare some mixmaster gold. I suggest that you buy mixmaster online gold, there you can get cheap one.


ProjectLD: A smooth upgrade method

06:24, 16/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

  buy projectld gold is an important part in the game, if you want upgrade quickly you should prepare some projectld online gold. If you have no, and want to buy, I can suggest that you buy projectld gold online. After we play the game, we can upgrade and get much projectld money, what a good thing. Now, I give you some experience to share.

  When you are near-attack capabilities meet the requirements be allowed to choose three kinds of proximity effects, suggested that the preferred duel with this stunt, and practiced the abnormal segment would become easier. When the capacity of special requests once again chosen, it is recommended so that you can select SWITCH remove heavy weapons equipped with machine guns with both hands, and at the same time the enemy will become abnormal pathetic. In your hail of bullets, almost no one can survive the next possibility.

  The department of exercise and the role of fighting with both hands from the start the proposed system are equipped with fighting weapons, because they do not need to exercise almost offensive capability. Play the role of the latter part of the department will have a lot of fighting to join the proposed role of exercise, because although the special effects department to start fighting more than the attacks were to be early but there is no blocking is their greatest weakness. Therefore it is not very to train. Shoulder of course, but you can not have a shield equipped with guns to alleviate the heavy pressure to the body parts. Built in the early game of boxing wrist is not strong, so in order to strengthen the power. Late batons will lose advantage, and then do not need equipment, batons, and boxing power will dominate everything.

 If you plan to buy projectld gold, I suggest that you buy projectld online gold, because there you can get cheap one, save you a lot of money.


Metalrage: My experience

05:58, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

If you have enough metalrage gold, you should be a good man in games .I still remember, I have worked continuously for a few nights before reclaim that precious metalrage money.if you are a new, you need to spend some money to buy metalrage gold, it is helpful for you to upgrade .here I tell you about my new experience, hoping to help you.

And thieves fight opening the key (the main means the assault, and to control movement of his ability to disarm the key, key, once disarmed or is not in the dodge ) due to thief skills are unique, so, the best use of your skilled operators to other in front of you rather than behind .

And wizards fight, the key is do not let the other ran away, but he would do everything possible to pull away from the running away, and concrete away that I have used to control his ear-piercing roar mobility. also because I was dead, so violent the anger, the souls of volunteers, as well as racial specialty where the fear that the immune skills has been one after another, the immune fear of time together there should be one minute of the, one minute bar should be almost hang him .

Anyway, because the fighters are basically melee attacks, so the soldiers of the first law of PK, I think it should be: lower opponent's mobility, the wearer stick to opponents.

Skilled and want to quickly upgrade hurry well? That metalrage online gold must essential, buy metalrage gold before you play it, you can buy it on line, you can get cheap metalrage gold there.I wish you to upgrade soon!

iris online: come together

05:58, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

iris gold is a important part in the game, I am also a novice in this game, my first feeling is to prepare some iris online gold, it help you to upgrade, upgrade sooner I can get behind a lot of gold. I would like to share with the next number in the game summed up their experience tell me if you think it would be helpful, it praised individual fieldif you feel that read this article weiongjuela, then right when the entertainment bar.

In the game should pay attention to each other tactical change, with particular attention to the general logistics department opponent ud2 find our intentions, out of 3 total-medium-lich pull us out, as if everything is in our grasp, but opponents at home and make up 2 under a take, a slaughterhouse, is usually the first to make up for the two buildings and then to upgrade 3 total, so relatively late. Time is also according to our idea of making the very beginning, so confusing.

In general, we should keep in mind the changes in the tactical opponent, the best is that we try to harass opponents, when to take the initiative to grab a handDo not forget there is a medium-term strengthening of surveillance, reconnaissance and mid-term time forgot, and then we will lose a lot of time to take the initiative! Turning now to a later stage, we are all high-level heroes, immortal 3 kill continually playing the game, but ironclad. There are problems with preservation, conservation personally feel that is only suitable for tanks and 74, it is best not to use the hero who, dying on the return.

Well want to play? Go and buy iris gold now, I suggest you buy iris online gold, so it would be more cheap and convenient!

Gates of andaron: heart it? Come join us

05:58, 9/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

play the gates of andaron, gates of andaron gold must not be less, buy gates of andaron gold is very helpful for you to upgrade. I am also a late start in TBC to play, during which no one took me, but also strong everywhere, so far,  have a lot of goa gold, you can earn a good play of. But as long as you think of a way, there are always a lot of way to you goes.

The first step, mix with fake diplomas: you entered a team, we are in all directions, no one who can not see the equipment, then you are strong or not, other people first see is the amount of your red and blue. The best way to improve this data is brush the battlefield, mixed S installed. here are a few shortcuts: 1.with the uniform national team, on the UT to listen to the command, this is the fastest .2.if the team do not suit you, on the big Austrian conductor of the mixed rower of UT with the UT team, for instance I am a zone 6LM, and that 12 groups is a good choice .3. if the 1,2 point that you no skill, then go to three rows of mixed wild team, while a few rows battlefield to see what the situation in which a good slap, to understand where the opposing on the battlefield to say a few words, do not know hears the command .this is the probability of the problem .4. If you are not even the third point, then go to the battlefield where you can kill, a long time you will eventually get it.

What are you ,is not it wanted to try it, now come, but remember to take some gates of andaron money, you can choose to buy online, where you can get cheap gates of andaron gold !

Divine soul: That is what I play divine soul

07:26, 2/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy divine soul online is a key part of the game, divine soul in it is no exception. I played a lot of games, for example: zhu xian, the ultimate myth, jitneying on the left, seven nights angel .Now I give you some of my new favorite, divine soul is a gorgeous sense of action refreshing combination of actions to combat RPG. With the existing cross-action version of the game in different ways, which make use of full 3D approach, be able to enjoy all the fun action game.

I was the first time playing this game ,feel good, it introduce to for people .here are some ideas and share with you the hope that upgrade for you help. I believe we all played Dynasty Warrior bar, this game is essentially the same operation and Dynasty Warrior. Key category is temporarily down so only the ASDF and, G is the pick itemsA is a fast red ,S is the physical attack , D is the crawling monster , F is the defense Even normally recruited into the SSS+D, so you can infinitely combo! Fight mobs pretty good! Playing BOSS point seemed worse because I have fought three full-BOSSES is no hard-straight not fallen! Divine advanced even after a stroke, I explored! Temporarily only found: SSS+DD+S+S! OR SSS+DD+D+S, OR SSS+DS+AS (Note, A should be immediately followed by S or else will be crossed head)

How to get the divine soul gold? You can choose to buy VIP props in the mall or buy divine soul gold , if you buy divine soul online gold is more convenient and economical, buy some cheap divine gold and enjoy good service to upgrade your game . Divine soul money now! one day you can reclaim one million


Call of chaos: join our team

07:25, 2/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy call of chaos gold plays an important part of the game, everyone around us indulging in call of chaos; I am also deeply attracted by it. I remember that I chose the character is human-lord .feel that this character is a type of strong woman leader, I am more like her.

I began my point icon on the road , one began to play is not how to good ,in my friend's help I risen to 18,thus transfer ,call, without hesitation ,first, because I am a person more caring , like small animals ,although the latter's call out is not a small animal.

The morning of the latter's game ,felt cards latter's terrible ,but a little lost two on back , so I will simply off the assembly line at night to keep on playing up again ,but wait for me , that scene I could not believe my latter's eyes, latter's equipment ,the whole no more !remove the two others was no more, open warehouse look, most of the latter's valuable items were gone ,but I actually left the warehouse latter's a lot of things ,who latter's also left a lot.

The game was played mind games you prepare some more coc gold ,if the number of online direct buy call of chaos gold ,if the objective could be cheaper ,cheap call of chaos gold you buy can be used to figure your choice of clothing ,adding weapons ,prolonging life .

I play this game, I was also to win back some call of chaos money, let me be more enjoyable in the game!  

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