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duncan's blog

26/7/2010 - Various Styles And Sumptuous Brands Have The Newly Optical Glasses

Recently, Prada, Dior and other luxury brands have launched a series of optical eyeglasses. Some are wild and sexy, some are simple but modern, some are noble and elegant, some are lively and bright, and some are cute and pretty. Of all the styles, there must be one suitable for you.

New design of Miu Miu was appraise as wild, because the designer wants to change the passive feminine flavor to inject new strength into fashion. The patterns on both temples are full of passion and courage, which represents women's volition and rebellion, and reveals the wildness deep their heart. However, optical glasses, different from sunglasses, should be wore for several years, because such saying too fashionable to date.

Instead, lately Gucci hasn't been launched with apparent fashion, but adding classic element of a chic. The rimless light titanium frame and the brown temples reveal true exquisiteness, very concise and clear, no unnecessary decorations.

The latest Dior optical glasses are made of titanium alloy frames, very light. The type of glasses online is simple end elegant. Classic logo in white and black can be seen in the legs. It is cartoon-like,suitful for lovely girls to wear.

Bright and joyful colors, simple glasses type, smooth and slim legs, and exquisite hand-made glasses are the highlights of Emporio Arm glasses in this season. It is very suitable for young and lively girls.

The design of Ferragamo is youthful and elegant. The new glasses use water drill patterns which are very gorgeous and elegant. They are vey suitable for quiet and elegant females.

The main image style of glasses Versace launches this season have remarkable style of ornate geometric patterns on the glasses legs. All its glasses are decorated with glistening rhinestones, inheriting the constant luxury style of the brand, very suitable for modern ladies.

The design of Prada prescription eyeglasses and clothes are the same. The glasses type is simple and there's no encumbrance and burden. The pure color match with black and white color is fashionable but not too extreme and avant-garde.

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26/7/2010 - Shop Progressive Eyeglasses to Cope with Presbyopia

Naturally, everyone has the heart of beauty, especially the women. For example, Mrs. Smith who is 45 years old goes well with everything and has a distinguished career. Being maintained carefully, she keeps herself looks young though she’s in her forties.

Her most upset is her eyes, the presbyopia. Wearing reading glasses is necessary; it is which that makes her embarrassed often. She need turn to the presbyopic ray ban when looking at things nearby. When presbyopic glasses are used, it is impossible for her to view far objects clearly. It brings many troubles in use presbyopic glasses with unsightly outlook.

Recently, she has gotten rid of this embarrassment through hotline of glasseshop.com. The workers say they often encounter this question. The presbyopia means the older people gradually have the difficulties in close reading or work. Most people encounter this presbyopia problem when they are 40-45 years old.

As a matter of fact, a pair of multifocal ray ban sunglasses alone can solve the problem of those people over 40. Bifocals have the characteristics of good-looking, peace and convenience, and can make you have a successive and clear vision. They have overcome many shortcomings, such as inconvenience to wear or remove the presbyopic glasses and the not so pretty appearance. It is the best choice for the presbyopia sufferers who need to read newspaper or books.

Filling a prescription of multifocal lenses needs precise optometry and technic. Thus, you’d better choose reputable glasses stores for your bifocal reading glasses. There are also lots of cheap ray ban wayfarer sunglasses available online which may save you much money.

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26/7/2010 - Nintendo - Ad Strategy to Win North America Market

Lately, Business Week has published 2009 the best 40 companies in the world, Japanese electronics productions company iphone 3gs accessories is in the top without doubt by its excellent behaviors. In the past five years, depending on the video game console Wii which the rivals did not spare a glance for, Nintendo earned high profits, walking to another splendent peak. During the oil crisis, Japan was facing a sustained economic downturn for three years; U.S. Players are also growing tired of the old programs, and video game sales dropped to historic lows. But Hiroshi Yamauchi who had discerning eyes saw the broad developing of prospects of cheap home consoles from a temporary downturn in the market.

To choose mothers as the first stop for word-of-mouth marketing soon arouses the suspicious in the United States game industry: the vast majority of mothers are very opposed to video games. For example, Nintendo sticks the famous character in the game"Mario” on the Berlin wall, pastes the face of “Yoshi” on the face of the lead singer and bassist Gene.Simmons of the rock band “the Kiss”.

However, there are two young players who really bring accessories for iphone development opportunities: a native of the Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto, the other is Alexey Pajitnov in the far of Soviet Union, In 1994, the entertainment tycoon Sony put forward PS with great functions on the market, driving the game consoles which was too simple while comparing with Nintendo off the throne of the leader of domestic game console in that year.If the strong conservative strength is moved by Nintendo, they will not only spend money for the children, which is unescapable. What's more is they will promote for Wii and buy game discs which will add several zeroes in the profit file of Nintendo. This game was named "New Super Mario Bros",after then it was sold very good in the US and became popular around the world.

But Sony's flaw is that it place too much emphasis on this "all-powerful", it wants PS3 to be the central entertainment device to integrate all ipad accessories's business, packaging all its products and sold to consumers. Under the auspices of an integrated strategy, the game seems to have entered an image errors, lost its nature. Soon after the campaign, the children began spontaneous creative activities to stick different characters on the heads of different stars or historical figures.

Pajinov named his invention as Tetris which means four in Greek. That game was just the rudiment of the world famous Sliding Blocks. This game seems to be very simple, and there were almost no innovations on technology, but it had strong attractions and became very popular all over the world carelessly.

Workers thought the children to work of creation is spontaneously one kind of affirmation, it proved successful. Yamauchi did not hesitate and send the strongest negotiators go to Moscow, where the Institute Pajitnov purchased patent rights. "Tetris" accompany with Nintendo set off once again, swept the globe. Since then, Nintendo company dominate the global computer game industry for 10 years. Nintendo won the first place by the outstanding performance in the last 5 years, which means Nintendo world is reaching another peak from now on.

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23/7/2010 - Several Tips Of Choosing Police Sunglass

As with the advancement of the season, the hot summer is fleeting in no time. Fashion beautiful girls plan to select a product as a sharp beginning for the competition of seasonal change. A pair of brille that can both shelter you from the intense ultraviolet radiation and doll you up is absolutely a choice above all.

While how to choose the suitable sunglasses? Police sunglasses will introduce to you the guide for choosing sunglasses for you. Sunglasses are indeed Dress weapons for modern people. But its main task is to protect. A pair of cheap sunglasses in a street store may in appearance have no difference with Police’s or Givenchy’s, and have the same use of matching every style.

However, only the sunglasses lenses of good quality can cut off ultraviolet radiation effectively. Whereas those of poor quality, they can’t even protect the eyes, but do harm to your eyes and skins around. The color of Police brillen' lenses are various including: sweet pink, cold black and blue, special brlwn and low-pitched grey.

You can fully choose it depend on your personal preferences and color. But no matter whether the color of lens is depth or not, it can ensure the absorption of ultraviolet light. The real persons of taste know for sure what to dress in different occasions. As one of the most outstanding decorations, the match of sunglasses is supposed to tally with the entire style of yours and the environment around.

If you are in a sports wear when having a morning run in the summer on the streets, Police motorcycle-style light-colored sunglasses must be your best partner, highlighting your dynamic temperament. While the frame is well connected and light thus will not move too often when you are running or have sweat on your nose. If you are sitting in the back seat in a motor car, you can put on a pair of black sunglasses will be very cool.

Police fashion brillen of this season is to launch the latest classic, street, youth, that is three series. The above-mentioned sunglasses for motor cars are the shining product of Police which show people the pure fashionable style. And the classics are also suitable for city office ladies to match arbitrary clothes, from the daily work to shopping and traveling. The classic series are good at display the eternal pursue of elegant lives by Police.

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23/7/2010 - The Distinction Between Wetting Solution And Eyedrops

Some users who wear contact lens often confuse contact lens care solution and eye-moisture liquid. Here's a brief introduction about the difference between contact lens care solution and eye-moisture liquid for better use.

Contact lens nursing liquid ray ban is used to immerse contact lens, it can disinfect, sterilize and wipe off protein. While, run-eye drops is used when you feel uncomfortable in the process of wearing contact lens. We should not depend too much on eyedrops when we are wearing contact lenses as it can merely relieve eye fatigue but can not substitute for the moisture in your own eyes. Usually one or two drops per day, with a maximum of 5 five times. The exudation of your eyes will be reduced based on over dependence on moisture liquids.

On the other hand, different contact lens care solutions are various in components. For example, to multipurpose solution, its main ingredients are included sterilization, cleaning, wetting agents, electrolytic solution and taurine. These are components that can disinfect and clean contact lens safely and effectively. These components minimize the stimulus to the eyes while disinfecting and cleaning contact lens. Two kinds of wetting agents, their composition and close to tears, this wetting agent is also used to treat dry eye products.

This composition can form a layer of moist protective film on the eye to enhance the comfort of wearing contact lenses, and can maintain a permanent lubrication between the eyes and contact lenses. Physical electrolysis liquid and taurine can make contact lens nursing liquid and the physical environment of tears matched. That can make sure the comfort and health when you wear contact lens. Firstly, eye drops is not a drug. It is a sterile, isotonic, buffer solution, specifically for the lubrication of contact lenses, having a certain role in mitigating the phenomenon of dry eye due to wearing contact lenses.

Eye drops contains within HA high water eye factor, and is a natural organization part of the glasses. It can contain more than 1000 times moisture than itself. Preserve moisture, contain high water, and moisten binoculus enduringly. Like tears formula, mild and health. A transparent liquid is mild and harmless, it is so mild in eyes just like the tears.

While, contact lens nursing liquid can not be used when you wear contact lens. Because the medical components may deposit in lens, so that it will change the character of lens. As eye-moisture eyeglasses liquid contains different compositions, some people may have allergic phenomena when using it. If it is the case, such products should not be used any more. The product expires 30 days after it is opened. It is only suitable for external use but not for containing contact lens. Above is the difference between contact lens nursing liquid and run-eye drops. The specialists remind you not to mix them up when you use them.

You can't replace the contact lens care solution and moistening eye drop with each other. Just use them separately.

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23/7/2010 - Be Cautious, Dryness To The Eyes For Pc Office

With the widespreading of computers, eye diseases relevant to computers are increasing gradually. And many people who work before computers for a long time ususally have the feeling of dryness of eye, eyestrain and blurred vision. Common cheap prescription sunglasses symptoms of dry eyes are dryness and foreign body sensation of eyes. Other symptoms include burning sensation, itching, photophobia, red pain, blurred vision, fatigue propencity, sticky silk secretion. The best way to avoid eye dryness is to maintain your eyes moisture. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes every 1 hour working on the computer, overlooking the distance to relax your eyes.

People also should constantly blink eye to reduce the time of eye exposure to the air to avoid the tear evaporation; when you are having a rest, you should exercise the neck and shoulder muscles. Because stiff neck muscles have an impact on the sight. Make sure to have enough sleep instead of staying up, have more water, various fruits, fresh vegetables, fish and eggs, etc. Additionally, mix up with equal amount of the root of straight ladybell, lilyturf root, chrysanthemum, root of rehmannia and cassia occidentalis. Take 10g at one time, infuse with boiled water drinking as tea, which can effectively prevent eye dryness and The best method to effectively prevent xerophthalmia is to form the habit of frequent winks. Professionals believe that xerophthalmia is a pressure disease, and it is caused by long-time staring at a specific direction.

Therefore, the best way to avoid eyestrain is appropriate rest, must guard against continuous operation. If you wear prescription sunglasses , it's important to have a suitable pair of glasses. For people over 40 years of age it’s best to use dual-focus lens, or when typing, wear glasses of lower degrees. In addition, it is vital for working pose and distance. Keep a distance of more than 60 cm as possible and adjust to the most suitable position so that the vision down could make a angle about 30 degree. Such a angle can relax neck muscles and reduce the exposion of eye's surface to the air to a minimum.

People who use computers for long time should have more fresh vegetables and fruits to take in more vitamin A, B1, C and E.

  • The foods full in vitamin A shoud be eaten more by computer workers to prevent cornea dry, dryness eye, weak sight and even night blindness etc. Vitamin C has a special effect on cell's anti-oxidation. And vitamin E's main functions are reducing the cholesterol in the blood, clearing the garbage in body and preventing cataract. High amount of vitamin E could be extracted from peanuts and walnuts.
  • Vitamin B1 rx sunglasses may nourish the nerve; the green leafy vegetables contain large quantities of the vitamin B1. Drink appropriate amount of green tea every day because the LPS in the tea can improve the hematopoietic function in the body, and the t

In order to avoid reflective screen or blurred screen, the computer should not be placed on the opposite or back side of windows, and the ambient lighting should be soft. If there is a window behind the operator, the curtain shoud be up to prevent the image refected from the screen caused by strong light's direct shining from fatiguing your eyes. Under normal circumstances, most people will make eyes dry with blinking less than 5 times per minute. A person working at the computer having the blinking times are only one-third of usual blinking times, thus reducing the eyes lubricants and enzyme secr


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23/7/2010 - Methods to Tell Genuine Brands Sun Glasses from Fake

When purchasing eyeglasses, people should select formal manufacturers which produce products with certain fame. Because fake products and low-qualified ones usually haven’t qualified the inspection, and their quality can not be guaranteed, The kind of glasses can't protect our eyes but also will do harm to our eyes after wearing for long time. Then how to distinguish the brand sunglasses?

Actually, it is quite easy. The glasses online differ greatly from latest fashion or cases in each design with its product unique type and color code ahich are specially setted by munufacturers. If the type and style of the products can not match the product model on the the web site, they are naturally counterfeit goods. Through this way, those self-prepared types of fakes can't hold water and are forced to let the cat out of the bag. There is another possibility that bad-intentioned sellers have taken the genuine pictures of others as their own. however, what the buyers got are the similar mimic. So, it is better to select sellers having picures in kind or better public praises.

Another way to distinguish the genuine from the fake is to check whether the sellers provide the certificate of the sunglasses. There are many international famous glass brands, ans also the global most famous glass manufactures in Italy. Safilo Group is the biggest glass manufacture in the world, whoes headquarters is located in Italy. And basically all the top-notched famous brands belong to them. Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, YSL are all produced by Safilo. They strictly control their marketing channels and do not retail their goods to sellers at a venture.

In America, only those glasses stores which has been certified qulification by some relevant industries can are eligible for purchase ledger from Safio. In addition, the merchants and the franchised stores will be supervised by commisioners. At the same time, rendering vicious competitions by cutting price is not allowed. Each pair of Safilo prescription eyeglasses comes with a certificate, it can be said Safilo glasses without certificate are fakes. Finally, high price can’t ensure the genuineness. The customers should be aware of this in case that the sellers make use of their false ideas.

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22/7/2010 - Several Tips In Choosing Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become essential items for fashion suitors; they would buy a wide variety of sunglasses crazily. What should we pay attention to for better protection of the eyes when buying brillen?

Don't buy those with acrylic glasses which will change shape easily because of the heat. The better choices are those made of the materials of galss or the resin. The sunglasses should be affixed to the bridge of the nose and ears, if you feel that the glasses are inclined to one side, immediate adjust them. In addition, eyelashes keeping distance with the lens is also a measure criteria.

Do not select too small lenses, so that the effect of the light barrier would discount a lot. Observe closely whether the lens have scratches, impurity, bubbles and stripes. Check the packing of ray ban sunglasses, the normal sunglasses should have formal name, colour, diameter, quality level, production factory and trademark, The sunglasses with anti-UVA, UVB, and CE marks on the lenses or hangtag can block certain UV.

The lenses should be flat with a high degree of penetration, the glasses materials include glass and resin, the best sunglasses should use polarized lenses. The sunglasses color should be selected in addition according to your skin color, face shape, dressing, you must also choose according to the places you are going.

In general, black, dark brown and gray have a good light-filtering effect. Gray lenses can absorb any chromatogram equally, after wearing the sunglasses, the colours of the objects will become dark instead of changing. The dark brown lenses can filter out a large number of blue lights and can improve the visual contrast and clarity. The effect will be better in the environment of serious air pollution or foggy days.

At the aquatic activities by the beach, a strong light reflective snowfield and the sun is very strong, you should wear sports-type sunglass. Most of which are bright saturation colored that can absorb or reflect more visible light.

Wearing eyeglasses can deduce the sitimulate of the strong lighs and makes the eyes feel comfortable, the main aim is to provent the eye from the damage of the ultraviolet. The lens color and whether it can resist the UV is different, even if the lens color is deep, it may not resist UV effectively. Therefore, choose lenses with anti-UV function. Usually UV index of sunglasses is between 96% -98%.

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22/7/2010 - The Killers of Your Eyes in Daily Life

In our daily lives, we only know that the computer radiation, the glaring sunlight, burning the midnight oil as well as over-working of eyes could be harmful to eyes, but they are not aware of the harm caused by slight mistake when you do homework. According to the report of an ocular trauma survey carried by the United States in 2009, nearly 45% eye injury caused by daily family life. Recently, articles wrote on the website of Healthy Day in American shows when people are enaged in following three activities, they should protect their eyes especially.

  • First, plants pruning.

The pieces of chaff when using the scissors or spade to prune plants have great possibility to be the eyes-killer. So, when pruning flowers, no matter the one who is using the tools or the one around there, all the people should be more careful. It is better to wear ray ban of protect functions.

  • Home Repair & Maintenance

It's a good thing that an increasingly number of people prefer to mend or make something by themselves. but the hidden trouble caused by using electric tools unssafely should be payed more attention. When using the electric saw and drill and so on, the scraps splashes. If the operation is not proper,the scraps may enter into our eyes and hurt them. Even the bacterium they brought may lead to eye inflamation. So we have to wear ray ban sunglasses to protect our eyes.

  • Kitchen

Cooking, water heating, the hot steam will stimulate the eye; When cooking in the kitchen, we must turn on the ventilator as often as possible. Eyes are crucial for all of us. I hope we can pay attention to the little things of our daily life and keen to protect our eyes at all times.

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22/7/2010 - It is Apt to Cause Eye Problem by Using Contact Lenses When You Catch a Cold

Women are born to love beauty, And it is really inconvenient to wear a pair of eyeglasses for shortsighted people, Consequently, wearing contact lenses is not only a trend but also a convenient lifestyle. However, it's unfavorable for one to wear contact lenses too long and there are too many things to worry about. Therefore, be aware of that it is not suitable to wear lenses, especially when you catch a cold.

When you have a cold and wear lenses at the same time, you might have tearing eyes, which are red and swollen. Flu virus might cause eye diseases such as viral keratitis. Because people who have a cold would always blow their noses and sneeze into their hands. There will be a large of bacteria on the hands, and germs and viruses are easy to go into the eyes and pollute the cornea when wearing and removing the contact lenses.

Nor is it appropriate for us to wear them when we catch a fever. When we catch a fever, the immune system of some parts of our eyes are weaken, tear secretion reduced, and bacteria multiply in large numbers. The metabolites of the eyes are deposited between lenses and corneas, impeding the oxygen getting through the lenses and causing the eye diseases .

Advice from the ophtalmologist: It is best for those who wear contact lenses to turn to frame glasses online if they catch a cold or fever. Furthermore, even if you wear contact lenses, you should pay attention when select the medicine. For there are elements that are used to restrain the tears in most of the anti-cold, anti-cough and anti-pain medicines. With the decrease of the amount of tear secretion, contact lenses will become too dry and their transparency reduce, which affect vision. The cornea itself is easy to become dry, if you reduce cornea moist level purposely, then it may easily lead to keratitis, conjunctivitis and so on, so that your eyes will become red, itching and you'll also feel a foreign body in your eyes.

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20/7/2010 - The First Choice of Middle-aged and Elderly: Progressive Spectacles

It is common for people to get presbyopia when they have turned 40. It is rather troublesome for the middle-aged and elder people. Here I would like to brief you the way to correct presbyopia.

People can wear general reading brille, bifocal glasses and progressive glasses to correct presbyopia. Middle-aged people feel embarrassed and rejected both visually and psychologically to wear the reading glasses which are used to wear to look near and you have to take it off if you want to look far. If you turn to bifocal eyeglasses, you will get rid of the trouble because bifocal eyeglasses have two parts for distant and nearby objects respectively. The old people can also choose progressive multifocal glasses which is advanced than bifocal glasses.

Progressive eyeglasses have a gradient of increasing lens power from down to top for people to view things from near to distant. So the customer can have a clear and consistent vision from distant to near objects all. Progressive brillen are not only beautiful on appearance, but also comfortable to wear. Besides, they overcome the shortcomings of the previous reading glasses and bifocal glasses that are unclear for distant vision and unpretty in appearance. Thus, progressive glasses are ideal choices of the middle-aged and the elderly.

No matter what to do and where to go, you don’t have to carry presbyopia glasses with you. You are also free from exchanging glasses frequently. Only a pair of progressive ray ban sunglasses will satisfy your entire requirements.

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20/7/2010 - Ray Ban, Liked By Many Stars

Don't be surprised why there are always a super perfect ray ban at faces of Angelina Jolie or Gwen Stefani. This so-called sunglasses thing, which is the accessory that stars would never leave them behind. Although the function of ray ban sunglasses to normal people is to avoid intensive sunshine rather than entertainment reporters, we the same need a suitable pair of sunglasses. We might as well study these styles stars love, and then go to choose a suitable sunglasses for ourselves.

Nicole Richie's chic FredFlare eyeglasses are super cute! But don't be carried away by its appearance. Although age is not a essential factor for choosing sunglasses, we can image how it will be if a lady over 40 years old wears this marc shaped beautiful sunglasses. Katie Holmes’ style is neither characteristic nor gorgeous, but she can always look very comfortable, including her choice of sunglasses. The sunglass of Marc Jacobs has outstanding style and characteristics, so you must make sure this pattern is matched with your overall dress properly. Before you go out, you can stand in front of a full-length mirror to see whether the whole impression is good looking. Reese Witherspoon clearly knows which thing is fit for herself and she always wearing aviator ray ban. This type of sunglasses is very suitable to women having the same “heart-shaped” face, you can choose a larger style, the small one exposes too many eyebrows.

Classic is forever undefeatable. Since Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses in her film “Breakfast at Tiffany's” in 1961, Sienna Miller and other stars who are very good at dressing themselves are still fascinated by it. In summer, you can abandon the primeval black style of Ray-Ban and follow Sienna to choose a cherry-red style. "Prison Break" has helped Michael win many girls’ hearts. Although that Wentworth Miller ends with death breaks the hearts of many fans, in reality Wentworth Miller still has a great popularity. Michael Scofield, who played by Wentworth Miller in Prison Break is a perfect man. He is clever, intellectual, tall and handsome. He keeps cool even in a prison uniform. Since then this 37-year-old actor become popular. Born in Chipping Norton, Miller graduated from Oxford University. He has Britain passport. However Wentworth Miller is a performer with British elegance, his dress are full of America style. He usually wears a set of aviator ray ban.

Ray-ban 3025 has gold, silver, black these colors and the lens is deemed as dark green with ordinary lens and polarized lens, in addition, it is very popular with stars. Beckham and Tony Liang often wear sunglasses of this brand.

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20/7/2010 - Methods for Getting True Lenses Color for Your Eyeglasses

Today, more and more people wearing colored eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. But most of them don't know how to select the color of glasses online. Here are some tips for you.

Grey lens or progressive lens with color becoming lighter gradually from up to down, should be first choice for most people. as they have a nearly equal transmission of all spectrum of colors of visiable light. You will not regret of buying a pair of brown lenses. with a character of far-reaching sight. Light green lenses bring you relaxtion and alleviate physical fatigue. In order to match your dress, and make-up, with the other light is not bad.

Some colors are just used for protection in industry. For example,

  • scarlet is for X-ray medical staff.
  • Yellow lets the shooting athletes can also see clearly in the foggy days.
  • Shooting athletes can see very far with a yellow lens in the fog.
  • Dark green lenses are used by electric welders.

To some work, eyesight, color and distance vision are required highly. Thus, automobile drivers, surgeons, art workers should choice the transparent lens with no colour. What will happen if you fail to do so?

What will come if they ignore this?

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20/7/2010 - Be Cautious by Applying Eyedrop

As most office workers enter the office, they will sit before the computer and stare at the computer screen all day. After a day long's use of computer, users eyeglasses might experience eyestrain. It is much more serious for those who wear contact lenses.

When many people feel dry eyes and unwell, or see their eyes bloodshot, they will blindly buy eyedrops in a drugstore. By employing eye drop, the red eyes, dry eyes and eyestrain will be eliminated for a moment. Most people image wrongly it is effective to relieve eyes in doing so. Eye specialists said that almost all eye drops contain the element which can constrict blood vessel. By using it, the blood vessel will constrict quickly, and the red eyes will be removed. However, it glasses online usually can cover up the real reason why the eyes become swollen, dry and indisposed. He was concerned that using vasoconstrictor for a long time may cause rebound phenomenon, Contrarily, eye drop only make matters worse.

The contact lens user must be much cautious about it. By wearing contact lenses, people’ eyes are dry much more easily. Most have air conditioning in the office, so dry air makes it even more serious. Once you prescription eyeglasses feel uncomfortable, the doctor will advise people to immediately stop wearing contact lenses. Do not use eye drop casually. Most eyedrop for treatment contains preservative which will cling to the lens. It's common to have an attack of keratitis or corneal ulcer.

In fact, wearing eyeglasses is much better for the nearsightedness, because of no side effects. Moreover, nowadays to wear good-looking glasses is also a kind of fashion. Choosing right optical frame also adds beauty to your appearance.

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16/7/2010 - People Who with Eyeglasses Should Take Note of Eye Care

People wearing eyeglasses easily get wrinkles premature for their squinting and the pressure to eyes from the weight of the frame. Meanwhile, dark circles, eyebags and other problems would also turn up. What a pity for girls who are eager to own a pair of charming eyes!

Therefore, experts suggest that people who wear glasses should avoid squinting to see things for a long time and should not always deliberately wink the eyes. Because it will easily cause eyelid muscles to keep tense, and hence result in the generation of fine lines. So do not forget to spray some water to ocular region for moisture. In addition, in order to strengthen the muscle of eyes and let it become flexibility, you may often do some eye exercises. Say,open the eyes as wide as possible for seconds, close the eyes gradually and then again open the eyes before the eyes are totally close. Please remember to do it mildly.

Generally speaking, the around skin of eye of the people who wear glasses online starts to aging form 15 years old. That is to say, at 15, people should begin to carry out maintenance on the skin around eyes. You ought to especially notice the cleanlily of your eye dew as a person who wears glasses. If blindly using eye cream with high anti-wrinkle function, it is easy to cause symptoms such as trigger eczema and allergies. The around skin and eyes keep in close proximity to the lenses. Bacteria, on lenses, can easily spread to the eyes and skin which may cause eye irritation and aging. Therefore, you have to wash your glasses in your daily life. Patients with myopia or hyperopia should have their eys tested every six month and replace the prescription eyeglasses if necessary.

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16/7/2010 - Professional Knowledge For Ray Ban Aviator

In Ray-ban 70 years history, ray ban aviator its leading lens technology for consumers has always been in a leadership position in the industry. With the scientific design, the lens of Ray-ban can control the glare and block the Ultraviolet light one hundred percent. They can effective filter blue light and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical properties are very precise, even beyond the high-quality prescription glasses in the industry standard for. Here we look at the characteristics of Ran-ban lenses.

Pure optical glass: The glass material’s clarity, uniformity and stability of this brand are superior. Impact resistant: Ray-Ban lenses undergo thermal and chemical processing, that is to say, its impact resistance is beyond requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Durability: Because the glass lenses are particularly stable, so even if it is exposure to the Sun for a few years, its color will not fade or change. Anti-crush: being precisely polished and buffed can ensure Ray-ban lenses' real optical surface, and they will not lead to your eyes' fatigue due to light ripples and stains. Natural vision: eyes have different reactions to different colors in the light spectrum. Therefore, ray ban wayfarer could offer natural view, high sensitivity and true color. Enhance contrast: Ray-ban lenses will absorb a larger proportion of Blu-ray. Blue light absorbed by lens ensure that it could present all colors of the spectrum. Protection. Ray-ban promises to protect you eyes to the greatest extent.

G-15 is the most symbolic lens of Ray-ban. Since the foundation of Ray-ban in 1937, G-15 lens have become the standard model for many types of Ray-ban glasses. Wearing G-15 ray ban wayfarer sunglasses lens is so comfortable that they could relieve eyes discomfort effectively. Its most significant characteristic is the ability to effectively block glare’s interference, while maximizing return colors’ true colors, to ensure clear vision and natural view. It is particularly suitable for outdoor sports and driving. It can absorb 85% of the visible lights and block the UV a hundred percent. It is tested through the experiments that the transmissivity of the blue light whose wave length is less than 470 nm is less than 15 ;percent.

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16/7/2010 - Most Effective Green vegetables And Fruit Useful During summer

在未来的夏天,烈日会严重损害你的皮肤。此时,许多阻挡阳光的东西是必不可少的,而走出去。阳伞,太阳霜和阻塞 光班 像雷朋都是必需品。一方面,它是保护皮肤和眼睛把他们另一方面,它为后续的趋势,显示出时尚和个性特色。

在街上,我们经常看到这样的新时代的帽子品牌,各种 射线禁令太阳镜 和香奈尔的孩子,等那么除了这种外部的保护之外,还有食品,可以滋润皮肤,防止皮肤晒伤?当然有这种食物,现在我会为你列出这些水果之一,其神奇的太阳resistent作用可能也使您能够获得摆脱油性防晒霜。

番茄:番茄是最好的防晒食物,耐抗氧化剂番茄红素是丰富的。每日摄入16mg番茄红素可以减少40 %晒伤的风险。熟番茄比生一个好。



橙色:橙色包含Vitanmin C和胡萝卜素,可以抑制大量的致癌物质的形成,并能软化和保护血管,促进血液循环,降低胆固醇和血脂。研究表明,如果你喝3杯橙汁每一天,它可以增加高密度脂蛋白在体内的含量,减少心脏病发作的痛苦的可能性。橙汁包含了一种特定的化学成分,它们是黄酮和柠檬,它们能促进高密度脂蛋白胆固醇和低密度脂蛋白增加运输( LDL)的了。

猕猴桃:它是具有很高的营养价值,含有超过10种氨基酸,并含有丰富的矿物质。每100克果肉含有27毫克的钙,磷26毫克,1.2毫克铁,胡萝卜素及各种维生素。其中,维生素C含量达(每100克肉)和超过100毫克为一些品种甚至超过300毫克。它是5到10倍的橙色,15至30苹果或其他水果。因此,它被称为“该成果之王“ 。

我们不应该忽视这些水果,它们是很多好处。如果说外部防护产品,如 射线禁令太阳镜在线 给你的外部时尚和活力,而水果给你的魔术interanl保护。

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15/7/2010 - The Killers of Eyes in Daily Life

In our daily life, known to all that computer radiation, blinding sunlight, staying up, and eyes over used would cause eye injury. while not knowing a fact that even a slight mistake when doing housework may aslo bring harm to the eyes. A suvey in 2009 of eye injuries in the United States has shown that that about 45% of eye damage comes from the daily home life. Recently, the United States website Health Day told people that eyes are likely to be hurt and need special care in following three activities.

  • Pruning flowers

Scissors and shovels used for trimming flowers and grass and even the splashed grass rags can become the eye killer. Therefore, we shoul be more careful when pruning no matter the tool-user or the surrounders. and you'd better put on brille that can shield your eyes.

  • Home maintanance.

There is an increasing amount of folks who are interested in fixing or making things by themselves, and it is good news. However,the hidden trouble behind using electric tools unsafely should arouse people's attention. When the electric motor saw or the are used, flying scraps will be splashed. Once they are improperly operated, the flying scraps will go into eyes and then hurt the eyeballs. Even the bacterium they brought may lead to eye inflamation. Therefore, it is necessary to wear kunststoffbrille to protect eyes.

  • House work in kitchen

The hot vapours will irritate eye balls when cooking or boiling waters. When doing cuicine in the kitehen, you should open the ventilator as much as possible. Eyes are essential for everyone, We should pay more attention to details in our daily lives and keep it in mind to protect our eyes all the time.

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15/7/2010 - The Creative Measures In Preventing Hypometropia For Children

There are two reasons deepening myopia. Generally speaking, it is common for children's myopia degree to rise 50-75 degrees within one or two years while adults’ degree to rise 50-75 within two or three years. There are usually two reasons for causing continuous deepening of myopia. One is pathological myopia in which pathological changes happen within the eyes. It is genetic, with the manifestation of continuous deepening of myopia and rapid progress. If the degree increases more than 100 degrees, even 200 degrees in a year, or, the amount will reach 2000 degrees, it is probably caused by sacroiliac myopia.

For this kind of myopia, there is no good treatment at present. If there is posterior scleral staphyloma, the treatment adopted often is posterior scleral reinforcement. This surgery is make use of wide fascia to hold on the posterior sclerotic, on the one hand, it can strengthen support power of the posterior sclerotic, in order to prevent swollen posterior sclerotic continuing to grow.

On the other hand, it shortens the anteroposterior diameter of the eyeball, reducing the degree of myopia to a certain extent. Another reason is not paying attention to eye hygiene and incorrect eye-using habits. For example, the lighting is too bright or too dark, or using eyes for too long. And also timely medical treatments are not applied when trichiasis, ptosis, keratitis and other eye diseases exist.

There is rules to wear eyeglasses: improper wearing would worse the myopia degrees. Once it is found that the current glasses online can not meet the requirement of eyesight, a timely examination should be conducted in the ophthalmology department of regular hospital, after which the remediation of the strength of myopia, the changing for Young people under the age 12 years old had better to take optometry once six months or a year, and use mydriasis optometry which can make the ciliary muscle of the eyes to be fully relax. Elimination of pseudo-myopia caused by optometry inaccurately and timely to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct are for those people who are the average age of no more than 40-year-old adults.

If this is the first time to do a optometry, mydriatic optometry and a detailed ocular fundus examination should be carried out at the same time,excluding fundus oculi disease and other disease such as crystal malformation and so on. It is important to use eyes healthily: but how? The author thinks that you should reduce the time using eyes as short as possible. Because the time for seeing the nearby things is limit when people are in the growth and development period. Pathological changes and then myopia will occur if we exceed the limitation.

Someone compare the vision to the battery of flashlight: your eyes will have a longer useful time the shorter time used in several times. A long-time use will shorten its service life because of acute consumption. So give the eyes a reasonable rest time.

You should try to do the following: 1. the time for see something near every day should accumulatively best be not more than six hours. 2. In the learning process use listening instead of looking as much as possible to reduce the load with the eyes. Third. Desk would be better placed no objects in front of the window. The fourth. If it is incandescent lamp, preferably 25 to 40 watts, the light should not direct the eyes.The fifth. you maintain sufficient distance from the computer and correct posture

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15/7/2010 - You Are Suggested To Watch Out For Eye Diseases In Case You Cry Too Often

Why we often weep: in normal state, every time after a person blink, tear oozed by tear gland and minor tear gland reaches balance through tear excretory system or tear evaporation. The lacrimal fluid covers the whole ray ban aviator surface of the eyeballs so that they can be maintained moist and comforable, and meanwhile, we can’t feel tear drops. But if the tears are too many or there is something wrong with defecation system, we will feel that we are crying. Too many tears may result from multiple factors, including nerve stimulus.

Reflex stimulation by foreign matter. Action of medication such as cholinergic drugs and anticholinesterase. Certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma, eyelid, conjunctiva, iritis, etc. Or trigeminal nerve, facial nerve stimulated. If we secrete excessive tears or no time to evaporate or excrete so that it will cause eye watering.

Also, if tears defecation system goes wrong, such as the lacrimal punctum may position wrong, become narrow or close, its duct linking with the nasolacrimal becomes narrow or obstructed, or the tear tract turns dysfuctional, our tears would not be defecat This situation is particularly prevalent in the elderly. Usually show lacrimation induced by irritation of the wind. In a cold climate, the symptoms are increased. Even regardless of seasons, frequently flowing tears indoor and outdoor.

Snow blindness: it is also known as snow ophthalmia, mainly because the strong ultraviolet rays in sunlight are reflected by snow field to the eye cornea of people, leading to corneal trauma. Researches ray ban wayfarer have found that if the 300-micrometre UVB rediates to the snow ground, its reflexion will lead to snow blindness when reflected to your eyes. There are photophobia, tears, swelling pain, itching and intraocular foreign body sensation and other symptoms. Therefore, when go out on the snow days, you had best wear sunglasses to prevent snow ground reflecting strong light from stimulating the eyes.

chronic conjunctivitis: in autumn and winter, chronic conjunctivitis is the main cause for regular lachrymation, and it can be divided into two categories: infectious and non-infectious. The former is inflammation caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, fungi, etc. are likely to be pathogenic. The occurrence of Non-infectious chronic conjunctivitis is mainly related to environment and the habbit to use eyes, and its prevalence rate is increasing day after day. The stimulation of the sand, dust, smoke and harmful gas and often stay up late, lack of sleep, too much smoking, eye fatigue, which will lead to chronic conjunctivitis.

Dry eyes: dry eyes ray ban wayfarer sunglasses can lead to flowing tears for elderly. The dry and cold winter is the peak season of dry eyes. Xeroma will reduce the secretion of basic lacrimal, making you feel dry and afflictive in the eyes. If the surface of the eyeballs subject to bruises, the eyes will weep intensively as a result of reflection. Climacteric women, allergic conjunctivitis patients, people who suffered from trachoma at a yong age and those who have scars on the cornea are prone to shed tears caused by xeroma. Nasolarcrimal duct nasal congestion, many old people often tears caused by nasolarcrimal blockage. The opening of nasolarcrimal duct is close to the lower eyelid, and the exit is in the nasal cavity.

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