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dutch poker log

Party Poker Jackpot !!!

Posted in Unspecified
Last weekend i was playing some jackpot slots at partycasino.com. After playing for some hours i was a bit tired and wanted to go to bed....i cashed out part of my money and with the rest (about 100 dollar) i played a high payable slotmachine with 2,25 dollar per spin.

After about three spins a message appeared at the top of my screeds mentioned that i had won the cashflash jackpot....I really couldnt believe it and thought i had won more the 200k in dollars lol

But too bad i just won a small amount, the mini cashflash jackpot but still worth about 1700 dollars. I cashed out about 1400 dollars and played a bit more (with higher stakes of 9 dollar per spin) at some other slots...

while lying in bed i felt myself smiling in my sleep lol...

15:45 - 20/3/2007 - comments {0} - post comment

partypoker steps final : 500 dollar buy-in

Posted in Unspecified
Since a few moths their are some new tourneys at partypoker.com They are called steps and are simular to sng´s. You can choose which step to buy in from a 3 dollar entry till a 500 dollar entry to play the final directly.

I had chosen to play some 30dollar and 70dollar steps and managed to qualify myself for the semi finals worth 170 dollar.

And saturday i played the semi final and finished 1st an so i received a coupon worth 500 dollar for playing the last step, the final.

That same afternoon i played the final but didnt get any hands...every round i received cards like 63, 74. 82 and more of those crappy cards... Luckely there were some donks which where killed prety fast..so after playing for about an hour 5 players remained...while top fout received some cash money...

But still i didnt get any nice hands so when i got j10 suited i decided to go all in....unluckely some players called with ak and i thought i was finished...but this time i felt myself a donk by hitting my ten on the flop and with no pictures at the turn and river i made it to the last for.

I didnt came any higher because three hands later my trips went down against a straight (other guy hits the straight on the river grrr)...

so finished 4th and received 500 dollar...same as the buy-in but because i couldnt cash in with only a coupon i still was prety happy....on the other hand..if i had finished 1 place higher i had received at least 1000 dollar...but hey money is money

04:01 - 17/3/2007 - comments {0} - post comment

poker.com grand final

Posted in Unspecified
It has been a long time ago that i played at poker.com. Still it is my favourite site because of their perfect software.

I deposited a small amount of 75 dollar wich was mentioned for the weekly sunday guaranteed which has a 60 dollar buy-in.

So 15 dollar left and i decided to play a sattelite for the grand final with a 10 dollar buy-in (with rebuys). Most of the time only a handfull of players are registered for this tourney so its prety easy to win a grand final coupon worth 275 dollar...

after playing for an hour i did win the tourney (again) and received my coupon....

So a week later i played the final at poker.com but for some reason i never get any hands at those finals...in the past i did made it prety far by inishing 2nd 3th and 5th in a row but this time it was prety horrible...

i finished about 48th and didnt even receive a coupon for the next final.... well better luck next time

12:01 - 19/2/2007 - comments {0} - post comment

20k guaranteed disasters

Posted in Unspecified
Its really unbelievable and i cant sleep of these disasters lol...for about 7 weeks now i am playing the 20k guaranteed at poker.com.

Most of the times the top 30 get into the money. Almost every week i have had finishes between place 30th and 50th and get killed brutally.

One time my aa lost against ak (he hid a straight on the river), the other time my flush lost against a better flush...kk lost against trips sixes and so on....terrible really terrible and it hurts like hell lol

The worst part of all is that i play those tourneys without making any mistakes....everytime i have a great stack between 10k and 30k in chips and when its bubble time i will get a hand like kk, aa or qq which i really cant fold....but as i told before everytime some asshole (sorry but i really hate it) will call with a terrible hand which i offcourse will hit....

04:05 - 3/2/2007 - comments {0} - post comment

sit & go strategy

Posted in Unspecified
For months i am trying to make some bucks with sng´s. Its just a case of mathematics. If you play about 10 sng´s a day you only have to finish the top 3 4 time to break even...

its easy money and works at every site...

So whats the problem ? well i dont have a lot of patient and after playing a couple of sng´s the winnings dont satisfy me anymore....if you finish place one you only win 100 bucks (20dollar sng´s)....the higher amount sng´s arent full most of the times so i have to play some other tourneys as well.

So at the moment i am still thinking of the best way to make some descent money with poker...if you have any ideas please tell me lol

04:11 - 22/1/2007 - comments {0} - post comment

Donkeys they are everywhere grr

Posted in Unspecified
Why are there so many donkeys in the world ??

It really doesnt matter if i play at partpoker, pokerstars, masion or other sites the are everywhere. Sometimes when playing big tourneys it can be great and with donkeys it is sometimes easy to double up....

the problem
when playing against donkeys you have to be very carefull...its almost impossible to read them correctly and therefore i fear them most of the times...

why ? well easy...i think i am a good player but i know i am a player who dont get lots of luck...therefor i have to play my hands perfectly everytime....but when playing against donks i always lose against terrible hands like 23 suited or 67 suited...they seems to always hit their flop...

i know its part of the game, but sometimes its so hard to see players winning and or calling with hands it shouldnt be allowed playing with...

08:28 - 13/12/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

BPT House of Blues

Posted in Unspecified


tonight there will be an BPT event again. This will be my last change to make some points....i have to finish the top ten else its almost impossible to make it to the final event.

it will start in 20 minutes so i will let you know the standings soon.

wish me luck !!!

14:39 - 18/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

10k and 15k results

Posted in Unspecified

10k: well i made it into the money but my aq lost against 66 !! I finished 80th and received 30 bucks for the effort


15k: i was doing good prety well, had a chipcount of 7500 and was hanging around in the top 10. But i had some bad luck.


i lost 75% of my stack to a donk who went all in with his 9 10 and only 1 nine on the flop..i had to call with my aq and a ace on the flop but unfortunately a 10 showed up at the river....


sometimes is it so unreal...why did he go all in with only a pair of nines (and with an ace on the flop)...i thinks its really dumb...


so there i was short stacked again....got a pair of aces so went all in preflop...again a guy calls with nothing and beats me on the river with a terrible 2 pair...really unreal again...


so i finished 80th of 220 players...still not that bad but i lost 60 bucks and didnt even enjoy the game

17:24 - 6/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

10k and 15k status

Posted in Unspecified

Well im still alive in both tourneys.


10k: im playing for more then 2 hours now and have a chipcount of 6000 chips. 193 players left now (started with 940 players) and im almost in the money. 150 places get payed !! I hope im not ending in the bubble like last time!! 


15k: this one just started. 227 players had registered and 202 are still alive at this moment. Luckely im one of them and at the moment i have a chipcount of 2200 chips..so not good but alsno not bad...


more updates comming soon, hopefully with some prices to announce lol...im satisfied with a price of 50 bucks

23:18 - 5/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

Asian Poker Classics

Posted in Unspecified

Mermaid Poker is giving players a chance to win the opportunity to play at the inaugural Asian Poker Classic taking place from the 1st to the 5th March 2007 and participate in this fantastic event .


The event will be held at the Intercontinental Grand Resort in Goa, India, between the 1st & 5th of March 2007. The prize package is a $7,500 package which including $5,000 + $300 entry to the No Limit freeze out, as well as 4 nights luxurious accommodation & $1,360 travel money!


This will be the first ever major professional poker tournament in India, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000.

22:02 - 5/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

15k guaranteed at Poker.com

Posted in Unspecified
Tonight im playing the 15k guaranteed again at poker.com. Mostly there are about 200 people who are playing this tourney so worth a try. i will post the resultst and or standing in a few hours. cheers Robin

21:55 - 5/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

BPT Update

Posted in Unspecified

Well congrats to Alex who won this blogger poker event. As i told you i had to go very early because of an appointment i had.. I started prety well and doubled up 2 times in the beginning, but just when it went important i had to go grr and took some dumb kamikaze risks lol.


Im not getting it to the final this year...i had to much bad luck and missed a couple of games. Well maybe next year !!

21:52 - 5/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

Aussie Millions Grand Final Next Saturday at Poker.com

Posted in Unspecified

Saturday 11 november there will be an aussie millions final again. I will be playing to and im hoping to finish high this time.


last time i played (about 3 weeks ago) i was out prety fast and i didnt even enjoy the game. Last week there was i final too but i was prety ill that day so i skipped that one....


well see you at the tables

22:53 - 4/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

BPT Event 4 Tonight

Posted in Unspecified

Hello All,


Event 4 is scheduled for tonight and this time it is an omaha tourney. Unfortunately i have an appointment i cant cancell tonight so i can only play the first half hour.


Well i have to finish first place tonight if i want to come in the top 20 lol so i think this tourney is over for me !! Next year i will be first to register because i missed a couple of tourneys now and i really hate that lol.


Again this tourney will have a price pool of 500 dollar and a host bonus. To keep track of the leaderboard just visit www.bloggerpokertour.com

12:50 - 4/11/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

50.000 dollar freeroll at Poker.com tonight !!!!!

Posted in Unspecified

The monthly 50k freeroll at www.poker.com is scheduled for tonight. I hope i end up higher then the last one (finished just outside the money)...


But it doesnt matter if i win or lose...these tourneys are always nice to play !!


You cant register anymore, but if you want to join the next one just register at www.poker.com and earn some points !!!!

12:58 - 29/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

BPT Event 3 Results

Posted in Unspecified

Hi All,


Normally i will post a nice coverage about these events but yesterday a was still prety ill and i really couldnt concentrate. So again i was out prety fast.


First hand a guy went all in when he saw the flop....i flopped 2 pair so i called...seems he didnt had anything so i was about to double up fast...but i didnt have much luck because the turn and the river suited the flop and therefore it was a split pot (straight) !!!


after a whil i went all in when i had 2 pair kings and queens..again 1 guy calls with nothing and hits the flush...really unbelievable donk luck...


But i was still a bit happy because i could go back to bed fast lol....


See you all at the next event

12:51 - 29/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

BPT Event 3 Tonight

Posted in Unspecified

Last week the bpt event has cancelled because off some technical problems.


Event #3 has now been re-scheduled for this coming Saturday and will feature host blogger: www.UltimatePokerForumOpen.

Re-Scheduled Tournament Details:
Tournament: Blogger Poker Tour - Season 2 Event 3
Date: 28 October 2006
Time: 15:00 Poker.com Time (GMT-5, ET-1)
Location: Tournaments > Scheduled > Special tab
Structure: 10 min levels, 2000 starting chips
Entry: Free to Blogger Poker Tour Players
Prizes: $500

gl all and see you at the tables

11:35 - 28/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

no blogging last week !!

Posted in Unspecified

Hi all,


First of all i want to apologize for not posting any news here this week. The reason of this is because im ill at the moment and i feel really terrible.




08:54 - 27/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

Bloggerpokertour Event 3 Toningt

Posted in Unspecified



Tomight is the thirth event of the blogger poker tour. Again there will be a price pool of 500 dollar and also there will be a host bonus for the player who kills the host of this tournament.


My goal for tonight is to finish at the top 15. I really have to finish high this time because i need the points badly.


Well good luck everyone en see you at the tables !!


For those who arent registered yet you can still join us. Just registyer at www.poker.com and read the rules at www.bloggerpokertour.com




11:23 - 21/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

Party Poker Update

Posted in Unspecified

Since the beginning of this week party poker has blocked all american players !! The worst part of that is that they also changed all their tournaments.


So all the big guaranteed tourneys are cancelled and now you only have regular tourneys with no guaranteed price pool.


The only reason i played at partypoker was because of their huge guaranteed price pools but now im really considering to close my account over there.


I hope for them this is not the beginning of the end of partypoker.com

16:37 - 19/10/2006 - comments {0} - post comment

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