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The Magic Of Faster Typing Home | Profile | Archives | Friends
Once you get the hang of faster typing, your productivity will skyrocket to new levels and you will wil accomplishing a lot more than you did before.

Faster Typing Has Never Been Easier4/9/2012
There are lots of ways to create money from your home typing. You donít have to be a great typist to be successful. You need to be accurate, however, you donít need to be fast. However, the faster you are, the more money you will be able to make. Low Level Typing Make money at home typing text from images into a document. You can also earn money by typing information from websites in to a spreadsheet to create lists, or by filling out forms. There are a lot of different projects and jobs you can take without typing well, but they donít pay great. All you will likely need is really a computer with some kind of internet access. Mid Level Typing If you type around fifty or sixty words per minute with fairly high accuracy, you will make more money by typing from scanned documents. You might be also able to earn more income by typing from websites or entering information right into a content management system. These jobs may be similar for the low level typing jobs. However, as you generally get paid based on number of entries and level of accuracy, you use a chance at making a lot more money using better skills. You'll need a computer with word processing and spreadsheet software, too as a high speed internet connection. High Level Typing High level typists have speeds of over sixty words per minute with perfect accuracy. It is possible to earn money at home typing from audio files. There is a lot of money in transcription. Lawyers with their own practice, doctors having a small staff, and medical billing are just several samples of the method that you will make money from your home typing audio files. For these jobs you could need to buy special software or equipment to perform the transcriptions, depending about the company or individuals you work with. In the minimum you may need a fast computer with high speed internet, Media Player or similar mp3 software, and headphones. curso de mecanografia
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