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wow gold^-folks have long arms

Penguin noncombat WoW Gold pets appear in the beta

08:41, 7/9/2008 .. Link

wow gold

You can see Alassiel’s WOW gold screenshots of her Death Knight getting hers here and here. And yes, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever, which I suspect is an effort to compensate for Northrend wow gold being a continent full of animated corpses.

Well, folks, it looks like we’re definitely getting our wish. After incessant begging, peevish requests, heart-rending pleas, and no small amount of outright nagging on the part of…actually, I wow gold think everyone in the game has asked for this at one point or another, but never mind.

People in the beta have started getting penguin pets! A much earlier data-mined image gave us a glimpse of what we could only assume were penguin noncombat pets, but reader Alassiel wow gold has written in to confirm that two of her characters in the beta have now received them in the mail.

 As Alassiel’s gotten them on at least two characters so far, I assume it’s being sent to all active toons on a Blizzard wow gold account. We’re not sure if that’s going to remain the only way to get Chilly, but if you’re in the beta and have a Blizzard account (or want to switch to one — it’s free), don’t forget to check your mailbox!

Elizabeth Wachowski and Zach Yonzon braved a constantly-crashing beta server to get more information and pictures for wow gold us. It looks like the pet, named “Chilly,” is currently being mailed to players in the beta as a gift for switching to a Blizzard account Wow gold.

Wow Gold wOw gOld woW goLd WOW golD wOw GolD wOW gOLd

Karazhan Attunement WoW Gold Guide

19:42, 5/8/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

wow gold

Karazhan is a ten player raid where a key is buy wow gold necessary not only to open the door to the instance but also to enter the instance portal. The masters key can be obtained through a series of quests starting outside the instance. The instance is at the southern most part of Deadwind Pass at the end of the river.

Tired of being poor? Make over 200 gold a day quickly, easily, and legally!

1. Contact from cheap wow gold Dalaran (Alterec Mountains)

(47, 75) Speak with Archmage Alrturus and complete the quest.

You are now attunned to Kharazan.

2. Khadgar (Shattrath)
From Ironforge fly to Southshore wow gold in the Hillsbrad foothills and go north into the Alterec Mountains.

(15, 54) Speak with Archmage Cedric and complete the quest. Get the follow up quest Khadgar

3. Arcane Disturbances (Deadwind Pass)
(54,44) Speak with Khadgar in the Terrace of Light

Get the follow up quest Entry into Karazhan

4. Entry into Karazhan (Auchindoun - Shadow Labyrinth)

The second fragment: Form a group to go buy wow gold through the 5 man instance Steamvaut of Coilfang Reservoir in Zangermarsh. It would be best if the group only needed to do the first boss, or were also on the same quest as you, otherwise you may end up needlessly going through the whole instance. The arcane container can be found past the first enterance in the water. There is no need to kill the first boss if you don’t want to.

The third fragment: Form a group to group to go through the Arcatraz of Tempest Keep a 5 man instance in Netherstorm. Either one person in the group must have the Arcatraz Key, or you need a rogue with maxed out lockpicking to open the door. The arcane container can be found just before the first boss Zereketh the Unbound to the right as you enter the room.

5. Return to Khadgar (Deadwind Pass)

orm a group to go through the 5 man World of Warcraft gold instance shadow labyrinth in Terokkar Forest. At the end of the instance BEFORE you kill the boss Murmur, go to the left hand side of the boss. Here, against the wall, you will find an arcane container. When you open the container an elite mob will spawn, so make sure your group is there to help you. The mob holds the key not the container.

(54,44) Return to Khadgar in the Terrace of Light, hand in the quest, and get the follow up The Second and Third Fragments.

(54,44) Return to Khadgar in the wow terrace of light, hand in the quest, and get the follow up The Master’s Touch.

6. The Master’s Touch (The Caverns of Time - Black Morass)
Form a group to go through the 5 man instance Black Morass in the Caverns of Time. Make sure all of your group have done the Black Morass attunement first. Complete opening the dark portal to speak to Medivh in the instance, he will then give you the masters key.

Get the follow up Return to cheapest wow gold Khadgar

7. The Second and Third Fragments (Coilfang Reservoir and Tempest Keep)

(47, 75) Speak with Archmage Alrturus outside the instance, who will give you the quest Arcane Disturbances. It’s best to pick up the quest Restless Activity also while you’re there.

(48, 78) Go down one of the two entrances leading down into the wow gold ground. One of these leads to the pond while the other leads to the well. When you get to the pond/well use the Violet Scrying Crystal.

(47, 75) When you return to Archmage Alrturus you should have enough ghostly essenses to be able to hand in Restless Activity along with Arcane Disturbances.

Get the follow up quest Contact from Dalaran.

Wow Gold From Levels

03:49, 18/7/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

wow gold

This is a guide made specifically for wow gold rogues and will help out your leveling tremendously.

Next thing we want to focus stock blog on is equipment that you can use at level 30. I’m not going to tell you which equipment you must have as long as you remember you want to have high DPS and a good crit chance. Any equipment that helps out that bottom line would be good to use.

Now we are off to the different grinding spots!

It also will give wow gold you great places to grind as well as make you tons of extra gold while power leveling to level 70.

First things first, here is a list of items that you will find very useful wow gold while grinding and will help reduce cooldown time between fights as well as helping you dish out the most DPS you can while grinding:

2 points in fuzhou Remorseless Attacks
5 points in Malice

5 points in sport blog Lightning Reflexes
2 points in Sinister Strike
3 points in Backstab
4 points in Dagger/Dual Wield Specialization

Frost Oil x 4
Instant Poison x 20
Thistle Tea x 5 – helps a lot whenever you website promote are in trouble because it will help you kill things quicker. Great to use whenever you are fighting 2 mobs at the same time.
Soothing Turtle Bisque x 20 – This gives you +8 Stamina (80 more life) and +8 Spirit, nuff said.
Bandages x 20 – You can probably figure this out.
Healing Potion x 5 – Same goes business with these.
Next thing we need to analyze is what spec you want to use when grinding. Just remember this really is just a base as you should see what you would rather use that would fit your playstyle better:

30-34 – You have a couple of different game blog choices here. Vul’Gor Ogre Mound in Duskwood (west of the road leading to STV), you could also grind on the Tigers and Panthers while doing the mastery quests from Nesingwary’s Camp in STV (of course, you might want to avoid this area if you are on a PvP server as you will more than likely be ganked a lot.), Last but not least there is Dustwallow Marsh which might be a little bit safer than STV, you can grind on the tons of animals there and also get tons of leather from skinning.

34-36 – Stanglethorn Vale at Lake Nazferiti, you can grind on the Venture Co. Geologists and Mechanics. They tend to drop a decent amount of silver per kill (around 2-3) as well as green drops.

36-39 – Arathi Highlands you can wow blog grind out your heart’s content at the different Elemental binding areas. They tend to drop great cash and some items that sell on the AH pretty well. Only downside to this wow gold is the elementals are immune to poison so DPS might be down a little bit. On some servers these areas are camped 24/7 so you really want to see if there are people there already before getting started.

38-42 – Another great place you can grind is Badlands. There exam blog are tons of animals everywhere which you can quickly kill and skin. Just make sure you have tons of room in your bags for all the vendor trash you pick up.

39-44 – Tanaris just south of Steamwheedle Port is a car blog beach that is covered in turtles which you can grind on and skin. You can make an extra 15g an hour while grinding these. Every little bit helps! :)

If you play a WoW rogue and have a guide that house blog you have written and you would like to see it on this website please feel free to drop me an e-mail to get it listed on this site.

Be sure to bookmark this page pc blog and check out the other guides to improve your powerleveling your Rogue and other World of Warcraft characters.

TenTonHammer's WoW Gold Guide to The Arcatraz

16:32, 1/7/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

wow gold

This week I explored another of the instances in Tempest Keep in wow gold Netherstorm, this time The Arcatraz. The Arcatraz is the most difficult 5 man wing in the Tempest Keep in Netherstorm. It is located far above the other instance of the Tempest Keep, and has some pretty heft requirements before you can enter it. First to get into it you have to complete a quest chain that involves visits to Mechanar and Botanica, and then you need to equip yourself to be able to handle the instance itself. Many of the MOBs and the bosses are far more difficult than any you will have faced previously in a 5 man. You and your group need to work together and be almost perfect to be able to fight your way through the instance to defeat Harbinger Skyriss. Getting to Tempest Keep and finding a group Tempest Keep is located at the very south east tip of the Netherstorm zone in the Outlands. There is a small neutral town located nearby with a place to repair, a flight point and a meeting stone, but not much else. The Tempest Keep is located just off the edge of Netherstorm and you need to have a flying mount to reach it, since Warlock summons do not work nearby. This means that you MUST be level 70 to get there. The Arcatraz is the instance far above the other ones in the sky. Quests There is only one real quest in The Botanica and it wow gold is to find a way into Arcatraz. Seer Udalo - Find Seer Udalo inside the Arcatraz in Tempest Keep. The Seer can be found dead, just before the final boss. You can inspect his body to complete the quest. The Second and Third Fragments - Obtain the Second Key Fragment from an Arcane Container inside Coilfang Reservoir and the Third Key Fragment from an Arcane Container inside Tempest Keep. Return to Khadgar in Shattrath City after you¡±ve completed this task. The fragment is located just after the first boss to the side of the large room full of giant void walkers. Trash MOBs There are many difficult and varied trash MOBs in thewow gold Arcatraz. The most difficult that must be watched for are: Arcatraz Sentinel ?CThese start off all fights appearing dead, however when you get close they ¡°wake up¡± and attack you. They randomly attack people in range for 1000 arcane damage while they are alive and for several seconds after they die. They also explode once they are ready to die hitting everyone in melee range for about 4k damage. Protean Spawn ?C Located around the instance are dead Blood Elf corpses. When you get to close to them or attack at a distance they will spawn two protean spawn worms, that attack for a small amount of damage but explode upon death for up to 2k in an AoE. Negaton Warp-Master - These look like giant void walkers are easy to deal with if you keep them moving. If left in one place they put a glowing purple aoe at their feet that heals them and increases their damage by 250 per hit, that stacks 10 times. Death Watcher ?C Places a debuff called ¡°marked for death¡± on players, and if the death watcher is not killed within the count down time for the debuff, anyone with the debuff will take 5,000 damage. The count down is 30 seconds. Gargantuan Abyssal - These Giants are located late in the instance and call down meteors on everyone around them. The meteors are much like the ones in AQ40, in that they do an amount of damage divided by everyone in range. This means everyone must cluster around the tank. Zereketh the Unbound Zereketh is the first boss you will come across in Arcatraz and appears similar in shape to a giant void walker. As a shadow based demon you can guess the type of damage he does, so having a large amount of shadow resist can help in this fight. Seed of Corruption - The same as the Warlock spell, cast wow gold on a random target in the group. Shadow Nova - This is a large AoE blast centered on Zereketh, that hits for about 2200 and does a long distance knock back. The AoE only effects those within about 30 yards and LoS, so can be avoided. Void Zone - Zereketh created void zones at random spots around the room, that appear as black holes on the floor. Anyone in the void zone will suffer about 1200 shadow damage per second. The fight mainly involves having the tank fight Zereketh with his back to the wall so that he can avoid getting knocked back. The best place is next to one of the corners in the room so that the DPS players can step around the corner as shadow nova is being cast to avoid the damage and knock back. The tank will also very likely need to move at least once during the fight as inevitably a void zone will be spawned where he is tanking. All ranged DPS and healers should stay at max range to avoid the shadow nova and be prepared to move if a void zone appears near them. Also since Seed of Corruption can not be dispelled it is best to spread out and to try to keep everyone at max health. Dalliah the Doomsayer The second boss that you should fight is Dalliah the Doomsayer. I say ¡°should¡± as you can fight the third boss first if you like as they are in the same room. Due to his abilities though, fighting Dalliah and clearing the room of her first is the better option. Healing Debuff - Places a very nasty debuff on the player with the most aggro (MT) that heals her as well as the player whenever they are healed. It is not dispellable. Whirlwind - What seems to be her favorite attack as she does wow gold this very often. Hits everyone in melee range for up to 3000 damage per tick. Heal - As soon as she is done her whirlwind attack she will heal herself. It is a 2 second cast time though and interruptible. The fight is a timing based fight. The tank just needs to hold aggro and then when a whirlwind starts, everyone needs to clear out of range, including the tank. While the tank is out of range everyone should stop DPS as she is immune to taunt and aggro must be controlled carefully or she will switch targets. As soon as the whirlwind has stopped someone needs to interrupt the heal that she starts to cast. The healing debuff should always be placed onto the tank, as they will have the most aggro. Because of this the Tank should not have HoTs on them, and you must stop healing them, this include Vampiric Embrace from Shadow Priests. A priests Shield is effective at this point on the tank as it is not healing and will save some of their life. As soon as the debuff fades you must heal the tank to full health and prepare for the next debuff. Keep the tank at full health between the debuffs and they will not go down in the timeframe that you can not heal, it even give you a chance to get some mana back. Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates The third boss is Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates, who is in the same room as Dalliah. He has several nasty abilities that make it better to fight him after she is down though including a random charge. Charge - At random intervals he will knock back everyone in wow gold melee range to charge a random player. When he does so he will leave a wall of fire from his starting to ending point that will hit anyone in it for about 2000 damage per tick. Flame Shock - Hits target for 2k fire damage and leaves a DoT on them. Immolation - Hits everyone in melee range for roughly 400 damage every 3 seconds. The main thing to worry about in this fight is to spread out to avoid having more than one person hit by the flame wall when he charges a random person. His knock back and random charge does not reset his aggro table so he should return to the tank immediately after charging. The fight is basically a full out DPS fight to down him before his flame damage kills everyone. Fire resist on the melee players that need to be in his immolation aura is extremely helpful, but not necessary if players are good at stepping out and bandaging before they get to bad. This saves the healer a lot of mana for the MT and times when others get too low. Harbinger Skyriss The forth boss is Harbinger Skyriss, who if you have ever been to the Temple of Ahn¡±Qira you will recognize him as a clone of the Prophet Skeram. The fight however is not just against Harbinger Skyriss, instead you must defeat 3 preliminary mini-bosses first. The 3 mini bosses are essentially buffed versions of mobs that you have fought in the instance before and are set lose 1 at a time. If you finish each off quickly you should have a brief amount of time between each one and be able to enter the next fight at almost full health and mana by eating and drinking. After the first mini boss an NPC will spawn that will help you. He is Millhouse Manastorm and is a gnome mage that was imprisoned. Now that he is out, he¡¯¡¯s pissed and ready to help anyone. You should do your best to keep him alive as he adds a significant amount of damage to the fight. Once you defeat the three mini bosses and get to the Harbinger, he has the following abilities: Mind Flay - A random target huge damage over time channeled spell, inflicts roughly 1800 damage per tick for 3 ticks and stuns them for 2 seconds. Dominate - A short duration mind control, that hits a random player in the group. Fear - A random target fear of one party member..

How will things shake out in the East?

06:22, 9/3/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

The East might be least, but it's wow gold the home of two of the NBA's very best teams -- plus King James and Superman.

So to avoid charges of West Coast bias, let's take a closer look at how cheap wow gold are shaping up in the Eastern Conference with just six weeks to go in the regular season.

What did Wednesday's game between Detroit and wow tell you about the battle for East supremacy?

Henry Abbott, TrueHoop: I don't think it tells us all that buy wow gold. Before, during and after this game we knew Boston was extremely likely to finish the season with the best record in the entire league. We knew they would be confident against any opponent. We knew they would perform at a high level.

What we still don't know is who would win a playoff series between google┼┼├ű and Detroit, or Boston and Cleveland. Watching that will be the fun part.

Mavs add All-Star point guard Jason Kidd

09:40, 27/2/2008 .. 1 comments .. Link

Jason Kidd returns to the Mavericks wow gold with the singular focus that drove the latest trade to shake the NBA. It's all about a title.

“That's all I want – to win a championship,” Kidd said Tuesday shortly after arriving in Dallas. “It's not guaranteed, but you want to play for it. When you take the floor with the Mavericks, you're on that path to win a championship.”

You knew the trade was coming. You just didn't know how it was going to get there. Just like one of his trademark passes, the Kidd trade was delivered in unexpected fashion.

The eight-time All-Star point guard returns to the power leveling franchise of his NBA birth after the seven-player deal with New Jersey was finally consummated Tuesday morning. After six days of twists and turns, the Mavs dealt Devin Harris, Gana Diop, Trenton Hassell, Moe Ager, Keith Van Horn, a pair of draft picks and cash to acquire Kidd, Malik Allen and Antoine Wright from New Jersey.

The Mavs re-signed Van Horn, who hasn't played since the 2006 Finals, to make the deal work financially. To make room for Van Horn, rookie forward Nick Fazekas was waived.

“This is hands down the most unique transaction that I've even been involved in,” president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. “Ever.”

Added owner Mark Cuban: “It's been the most interesting, wow power leveling unique trade we've ever done, and we've done some doozies.”

The Kidd deal is the latest in a series of blockbusters that reshaped the stout Western Conference. The Lakers were the first to strike, acquiring Pau Gasol from Memphis. Phoenix followed suit with a high-risk, high-reward swap logo design of Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks for Miami's Shaquille O'Neal.

“We don't have a big window in our minds with this team,” coach Avery Johnson said. “Just like San Antonio and Phoenix and the Lakers and Houston, lots of teams on down the line, it's a short window. Some teams younger may have a bigger window, but we've just have a small window.”

Johnson said Kidd will help close games and the series strong, and, hopefully, playoff series. Dirk Nowitzki agreed this is the time to get it done.

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