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U.S. Seventh Fleet aircraft carrier to the application of more

June 22, according to published "Global Times reported that the U.S. side of CNS News June 20, said that the reason for U.S. forces to immediately begin monitoring ugg boots sale North Korea's" No. 1 Jiangnan 'ship, because it is "repeat UGGoffenders" --- before suspicion of the "smuggling of weapons, including a number of irregularities has been detained in several Asian countries have at least 3 times. Fox 21 television programs and ugg classic tall the Associated Press and second day of the media, said the U.S. "John McCain" has Aegis destroyers have been ordered to leave the port and the implementation of the "Others" North Korean cargo ship mission. As' John McCain was sonar just came from the "Chinese submarine" collision, so the nearest emergency fell to the Japanese home port of Sasebo, Yokosuka base rather than repair, so it seemed more hurry back to sail. U.S. armed forces for the song Ugg Classic Cardy "Jiangnan No. 1" as well as the possibility of using carrier battle groups. U.S. Seventh Fleet stationed in Japan's public affairs officials to "Global Times" reporter sent to the newsletter showed: in Japan's George Washington "aircraft carrier battle group on June 15 --- North Korea, South 1 number" two days before the departure of the vessel suddenly left home port of Yokosuka for the "waters ugg boots on sale of the western Pacific," executive "Summer urgent deployment UGGS of a mission." The difference is that the regular flight, the aircraft carrier battle group to sail regiment Qi. The most disturbing is that "George Washington" from EA -6B aircraft carrier boat, aerial surveillance and surveillance of U.S. military sheepskin ugg boots aircraft.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:57

Russia nuclear arms reduction negotiations and for the first time

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on 20 A visit to the Netherlands, said that Russia is ugg boots ready to sign a new treaty with the United States in order to substantially ugg Australia reduce offensive strategic nuclear weapons, but only if the United States must eliminate the concerns of Russia about U.S. anti-missile program. This is the first president of ugg boots on sale Russia to reduce nuclear negotiations with the anti-missile program related to the United States to open a "less nuclear" strike price. The United States and Russia signed in 2002, "Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty," This year will expire in December, the two countries have further questions about the treaty, conducted two rounds of consultations on the negotiations, but failed to reach consensus, while the United United States, Eastern Europe, anti - This guide is also the crux of the problem, one of the fundamental. Russia believes that the Ugg Classic Cardy Boots United States to deploy missile interceptors in Poland and equipment in the Czech Republic to establish missile defense early-warning radar base will threaten Russia's national security, therefore, demanded that the U.S. anti-missile system will be included in both the disarmament negotiations. U.S. stressed that no anti-missile defense system is a weapon, offensive, not against Russia. United States of America, this statement does not allow Russia to determine their minds alert. Medvedev said that Russia is ready to further reduce the number of Ugg Classic Cardy strategic delivery vehicles, under the first strategic arms reduction Treaty, the required number. Number of nuclear warheads, then ugg boots fill it out, and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed. But emphasized that Russia can not agree to establish a global missile defense system the U.S. plans only if the United States to eliminate Russia's concerns, Russia has the potential for reducing nuclear ugg sheepskin boots weapons.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:56

Iran's Guardian Council, election irregularities, said the number

German radio stations (Deutschlandfunk) 22 quoted Iran's official English-language station, "Press TV" (Press-TV) shows that recognition of Iran's Guardians Council (Guardian Council) just-concluded presidential elections,ugg boots on sale there are irregularities buy ugg in the process. Shows that the 50 cities Ugg Classic Cardy Boots in more votes than the statutory figure above of more than 300 million copies. Spokesman for the Constitutional monitoring television interview, said that the re-sampling of the votes, and to examine whether these votes, the election results are a decisive role. Moussaoui, Iranian presidential election presidential candidate, called on supporters continue to protest the actual results of the election, but to maintain a peaceful manner. The report said the government of Men's Ugg Boots Iran protests over the past few days there have been some problems with the result that 450 people were arrested, 13 people were killed and nearly a hundred were injured. The opposition claimed that the Interior Ministry cheap ugg boots did not respect the right of citizens to peaceful protest, the government has a procession of victims in the process ugg boots responsible for this incident.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:55

Obama said that the United States are prepared to deal with any

In an interview with U.S. CBS Barack Obama interview that the United States are ready to respond to North Korea to "any threat. CBS morning show broadcast in 22 Men's Ugg Boots Obama stressed that "I do not want to guess on the basis of an illusion, but I guarantee the Americans for what may happen, we are ugg shoesfully prepared." Obama said that the United States would no longer like the past "prize militant and provocative", the U.S. government and armed forces are ready to respond to any Ugg Classic Cardy "disaster". Obama also said that North Korea still have the right to re-return to the international community, "We want North Korea to make a choice. North Korea on May 25 announced the successful completion of an underground nuclear test. After the decision of the United Nations adopted a resolution on North Korea to carry out more stringent penalties. In accordance with UN resolutions, UN members are obliged to assist in checking sea suspected UGG of carrying "weapons and their parts and components" and the North Korean cargo freighter. I noted that the U.S. military is tracking UGG Classic, monitoring suspected of infringing the rights of cargo in the United Nations resolution, North Korea, "the number of Jiangnan" freighter. U.S. forces seized on the high seas does not exclude the possibility of the cargo buy ugg ship.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:52

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to study the effects of climate

According to Women's Ugg Bootsthe website of the United Nations, reported that at the distance of the Unitedugg Australia Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen less than 100 days from the occasion, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 1st September edge of the ceiling of the Arctic ugg saleice, a personal check is climate change affecting the Arctic. The ban Ki-moon on the evening of August 31 in Oslo, Norway flew in from north of Svalbard (Svalbard Archipelago). September 1, he visited Norway, a polar research center to talk with scientists. Scientists, by providing information on how climate change affects the environment, the Arctic, the latest information. Later, Ban ugg classic tall bootsKi-moon with a ship on the North Pole ice cap border areas. The ban ugg boots on sale Ki-moon before leaving the press conference in Oslo, said he hopes his trip to the North Pole to the international community send a clear and strong message: the world needs on climate change in Copenhagen conference on climate change reached a fair, comprehensive global agreement for the storage mankind and the future of the plane tugg boots sale. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, was named as one on climate change is a major concern. In November 2007, Ban Ki-moon visited the Antarctica Men's Ugg Boots to buy ugg see the status of Antarctic glaciers. He was the ugg sheepskin boots first UN Secretary-General to visit Antarctica.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:50

Palestinian Prime Minister called for national reconciliation and

Transitional sheepskin ugg boots Palestinian government called on Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in the two years from 22 to establish an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state. Fayez day, in the Palestinian town of Abu Dis near Al "Jerusalem- Quds University" speech Ugg Classic Cardy Boots in response to the position of the last prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, the buy uggs Palestinian problem. Fayez called on the Palestinian internal solidarity, brotherhood, on this basis, for up to two years, the creation of a Palestinian state, "East Jerusalem is the eternalugg sundance capital of our independent state." Fayyad Netanyahu said that speech is not to achieve Israeli- Palestinian peace promise to adhere to the "two state solution, called on the international community to exert pressure on the Israeli side, so that as soon as possible to adopt Israel's" two state solution. He said that the Palestinians have agreed to their history, experiences 22% of land area for the establishment of a Palestinian state is no longer painful concessions, Israel must stop building settlements in the West Bank to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip to stop Palestinian land for aggression. Netanyahu, on the 14th of this month, Bar-Ilan University in Israel's foreign policy speech, called on Palestinian leaders agreed that both parties do not specify any preconditions for the immediate resumption of peace talks, but saidUgg Classic Short Boots that the future Palestinian state must not set the army and to ensure the security of Israel and take the necessary measures Ugg Classic Cardy Boots, recognizing Israel is a Jewish state and said that Jerusalem will be Israel's undivided capital forever.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:46

Russia has proposed the creation of "a new security agreement",

According to U.S. media ugg cardy reported June 23 the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, 23 June speech, aimed at eliminating Western countries to promote the new Russian buy ugg security concerns agreements. 23 Lavrov said that the proposed new security agreement is not intended to weaken NATO or other institutions, the impact that Russia supports the "coordination of ugg sundance boots existing international structures and integration." Lavrov is the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe meeting, submitted comments. Russia wants NATO member Men's Ugg Boots states and countries of the former Soviet Union by establishing close ties security agreements to enhance its regional and global security impact safety. However, the Western security agreement that ugg sundance boots the apathy of the proposal that NATO and Russia to Ugg Classic Cardy combat the effects of other existing organizations.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:41

Japanese media focused its attention on the island, and worries

How will be the first consideration of the draft Law on the Protection Island, 22 from the date of NPC Standing Committee meeting was held in a special ugg boots uk attention in Japan. Japanese media group that the current existence ugg classic tall boots of a sovereignty dispute between China and Japan, as well as the Diaoyu Islands sovereignty dispute with China, the existence of Spratly Islands may be subject to the Act. According to Xinhua News Agency, the island protection law to protect the ecosystem of the island for the purposes of maritime law, the system design and practical content, which does not involve the question of ugg boots on sale sovereignty is the island's sovereignty, the protection afforded by the establishment of ecological island of administrative law. Japanese media reported yesterday that many of the meeting of the NPC Standing Committee will consider a draft law on the island to protect the message. Deliberations as a draft law on the protection of the island uninhabited island property issues, clearly defining the ownership of uninhabited islands belonging to the state, the State Council, on behalf of the State to exercise ownership of uninhabited islands Japanese media reported Women's Ugg Boots that the current existence of a sovereignty dispute between China and the Diaoyu Islands, Japan may be subject to the Act. "Japan and the countries are closely monitoring the movement of consideration of the bill." Japanese media said: "When the subject of the account specified on the islands belonging to China will inevitably cause a protest. Protest against the Japanese House of Representatives passed clearly written on the four islands north of the "relevant territory of Japan", "facilitate the resolution of the northern areas of the special measures law" Amendments to the Russian State Duma concerned 22, said he intends to convene 24 National du plenary has adopted a resolution to address the main content, the Russo-Japanese treaty of peace "on the assumption that ugg sundance boots Japan would withdraw the amendment. The draft resolution states that "as long as (Japan) does not withdraw the amendment in order to solve the efforts of the peace treaty will not be able to obtain results." It also said that in this respect, the Russian State Duma have the right to education according to their own point of view to the law, suggesting that once the amendment has been adopted by Japan and Russia could also follow through against the law. At home in Japan ofUgg sheepskin boots Representatives approved the amendment, 11, Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement strongly condemned the content inappropriate and unacceptable. Is planned for July G8 summit in Japan, Russia Summit took ugg sheepskin boots place during the session is imminent, Russia's position on the territorial issue becomes difficult.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:31

U.S. subway collision in automatic mode, the driver is only driving

Dow Jones announced that the U.S. Washington, a special two subway trains in the afternoon local time 22 hours in peak traffic and crashed into a neighborhood near the intersection of Maryland, killing nine people were killed and dozens were injured. 24 hours after the accident, the U.S. ugg saleFederal investigators 23, said he believes the incident, the MTR is in "automatic mode", caused by Ugg Classic Short Boots the specific cause of the collision meter Rengshi me. Investigators also said that Metro has also launched emergency braking, which indicate that crashed into another vehicle from behind MTR subway cars buy ugg from the 42-year-old woman driver tried to brake. Spokesman said traffic authorities, the driver also were killed in a subway accident, she was three months before the subway just to drive. Case is still running on the MTR subway station, one of the old station. Accident occurred in U.S. Eastern Time at 17:00 on 22 (Beijing at 5:00 on 23) area, located northeast of the capital, Washington, DC, metro and Tacoma Park, Fort ugg sale Totten station. Washington Metro began operations in 1976, is one of the busiest of the second urban rail system. Approximately 80 million people per day underground and outsideugg boots sale Washington. Washington Metro has grown to five lines, including 86 stations and 170 km of track. Case is the Washington Metro subway system, one of the most ugg boots uk serious incidents.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:27

Japan will set up a three-party coalition government was set up as

According to Japan, Kyodo News agency reported that the Japanese government and ruling party on the 1st decision will be 16-19 to Congress on behalf of a special Democratic Party, Yukio Hatoyama, ugg boots uk93, will be chosen as the first generation, 60 Prime Minister. Democratic Party will be held on 2nd Aso, proposed by the government to handover the consultation requirements. Reported that Prime Minister Hatoyama's Office immediately after the ugg boots sale cabinet and the arrangements for staff, client executives to strive for as 16, formed the coalition government ugg Australia. Hatoyama and the new People's Party has held talks with Shizuka Kamei, consultation and establishment of a coalition of three parties with the Social Democratic Party government. They agreed that the creation of the coalition government to establish a consultation mechanism between the three parties in terms of policy adjustment. At the meeting, pigeon Piedmont, Kamei morning with Mizuho Fukushima, the Social Democratic Party has held talks, the parties recognize the need to define the circumstances in the ruling coalition parties reflect the policy mechanism to strengthen co-operation. Third, the party policy on the 2nd person to be formally launched consultations on a coalition matters. In the coalition government, the decision problem, Kamei said he "would want to build an effective reflecting the New People's Party and Social Democratic ideas of the mechanism." Hatoyama has shown a positive attitude. Hatoyama also Ugg Classic Cardy Boots stressed that "the government and the ruling parties want to avoid making double. As a coalition government, I hope that decisions in government," expressed hope that the limit of three parties in the consultation mechanism permits coalition government. Social Democratic Women's Ugg BootsParty also drew attention to the three parties to the consultation mechanism, the mechanism for positioning the focus of coalition negotiations. Social Democratic Party 1, a permanent officer of the party will be held at the headquarters, confirmed to join the coalition government policy. The party is 2 National Conference will be formally approved to join a coalition government. The three parties to discuss the future will be summarized in the House of Representatives before the election "common policy" not to increase the consumption tax proposed to revisit the issue of ugg cardypostal privatization, etc., will also be discussed, including the foreign and security policy, including the coalition policy. Democratic Party intends to call both parties and the party heads, figures in the closet, the distribution of Cabinet posts in the heart of the negotiations.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:19

South Korea says North Korea released more water caused by six South Koreans have been washed away

South Korea's Minister of State for the right degree of territorial sea, said Ye, on the 6th day morning there are six South Koreans in the Imjin River had been swept away, because North Korea suddenly flooded, causing a large number of drainage water level suddenly rose due.

, According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported the same day the right degree of Ye said in an interview, according to South Korea and the Department of Homeland Ocean Video: South Korea said North Korea started discharging water to wash away six Korean
Source: Dragon TV "Look East"
  Korea Water Resources Corporation understanding of the situation, "the day 2:00 to 1:00 p.m. North Korea released the flow of up to 40 million tons." It is unclear North Korea drainage reasons.

Ye also said that the right degree, South Korea for the prevention of floods, in the Imjin River was established early warning system, "the system had worked properly, but did not happen to work this morning," the reasons are also investigation.

South Korea's Unification Ministry issued the same day, "on the position of the Imjin River flood," said North Korea's sudden turn on the water, causing the water level suddenly rose Imjin River, six South Koreans have been washed away, the South Korean government is "deeply worried", and will be 7 days notice by telephone to the North Korea expressed regret and asked to explain why North Korea urged North Korea to strengthen cooperation in order to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

At present, North Korea there is no relevant reports.

It is reported that the water level on the 6th Imjin River at around 6am a sudden rise is Yeoncheon County Pro Jinqiao on a small island near the camp of the seven South Koreans among two people to swim to escape, the remaining five were missing. About an hour later, the Imjin River downstream of the river have been washed away by a Korean.

Imjin River originates in North Korea, south-west through the "military demarcation line" into South Korea, and finally into the Han River near the mouth of the Yellow Sea coast office.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:15

Philippine ferry sinking survivors in distress at sea about the experience of

"I'm personally looking after the cargo ship rescued the 'super-liner 9' No. slowly sinking, do not know how many people still trapped in the boat, this is really a tragedy," a middle-aged Erh-Min Ming Jiaofei
  Women in the southern Philippines city of Zamboanga port to the Xinhua News Agency reporters Hui Yi and Qi Chenchuan passing took place is still distraught.

Feier Min 6 Philippine ferry capsized in southern waters more than 900 survivors of the accident. They take the "super liner 9" was a serious roll because of the hull, at 3:30 to help the Coast Guard issued a warning, the crew laying a life-saving rafts, require passengers to jump ship and transferred them to the nearby 2 vessel.

"About 3 am, I sleep disturbances have been awakened by a burst inside the cabin. Hear the captain ordered everyone to wear life jackets radio ready to jump ship, I have no time to bring anything, they hurriedly ran out," said Fei Ermin .

"The amount of rubber rafts sure enough, in order to survive, everyone competes on a life raft, the situation was very chaotic," Feier Min said, "Although the sinking of the hull to full tilt a few hours, but I believe some people because of for reasons of fear or a heart attack could not escape in time. "

Philippine National Disaster Relief Coordinating Board, CEO of La Pensa 6, introduced the evening, after the Philippine Coast Guard, the military and civilian vessels up to 10 hours of rescue, containing Jinqian Ren "super liner 9" there is still No. 28 whereabouts unknown, rescuers retrieved the bodies of five drowning, and the remainder have been rescued. Marine authorities are still investigating cause of the accident occurred.

Believe that the local shipping, passenger cargo placed imbalances, while the sea waves has led to increased imbalance may be the main reason leading to passenger ship sank. Amarillo, another survivor, told reporters before sinking the ship tilted carrying cargo bottoms, he heard a dull uttered a loud noise, the captain declared abandoned after the chaos inside the cabin, we were rushing to the deck of their respective ran escape.

6, the night, hundreds of shipwreck survivors in the rough landing after a long day was finally rescued and was transferred to the Government, based in Zamboanga port shed a temporary placement. Shed in the resettlement, the local Red Cross personnel, medical personnel and social workers to send them a warm towels and hot food. However, the recalled experience of the day, they are still lingering fear, his face showing fear, anxiety and tired expression.

Rushed to the scene of the Zamboanga City Mayor Loeb, Lei Jia said that the Government has made every effort to mobilize all resources to rescue survivors of the shipwreck, hoping that they will soon come out from this misfortune.

Posted on 7/9/2009 at 09:14
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