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ed hardy shirt - 07:58, 8/3/2010

i su I know Le printemps m'a quitte left Comme in spr ed hardy ing l'amour!Be like a love!Sad poem, the wound dies of love, my a person turned 1 turn in the park, then sat on the chair of park, see opposite vacant land up is playing big uncles who roll iron balls ed hardy , side haven't a few children is kicking football, also have a few kids to smile a dozen to make in the Xi, unclear invite to invite ground, hear they at speak that I don't understand of language.When ed hardy ed hardy clothing I force I to forget the love of sorrow in heart, and then force oneself to devote one's mind ground to looking at but in earnest get red in the face but roar with laughter together of big uncles , at ed hardy this time, don't know when, I nearby stand 1 ten how old little boys, he part Shan wear beautiful and childish manner big eyes, simultaneously ask me in English:"Young lady, can I say a words with yo ed hardy u?"I looking at this very small boy wants to don't think that the ground says:"Certainly."Have no a necessity to take precauti ed hardyons against to ten how old kidses.His victory dynasty not the distance rec ed hardy ruited to beckon with the hand and immediately rounded to come over three kids with different high short sizes again, they all take curious smile useful English to chat with me, haven't waited I ask, ed hardy the little boy immediately does to have to introduce myself:"We are the former Soviet Unions person, come from Moscow, we severals are friends and come to Paris to travel."Stopped to once and immediat ed hardy ely after say:"I call to prote ed hardyct Er, 12 years old.What about you?How old?"Meet by chance(2)At this time, a few of his little colleagues or station or round by ground at my all looking at me nearby and ed hardy seem to be also to be eager to the background that wants to know me, I cannot help but smiling to say:"I am Chinese, age?The "I intentionally looking at 12-year-old protect Er, " man seems to ask the ed hardy lady's age!However, you also calculate not and up a man, I can "Protected Er to interrupt my words right away:"I am a man, don't tell me you of ed hardy clothing

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ed hardy hoodie - 07:58, 8/3/2010

will ask oneself, next year's this time am I still in ed hardy Paris?IAlso walk on the top that the fragrant Xie is beautiful to give up avenue?Meet by chance(1)Paris is all real romance, thousands young man, especially the girls from world-wide locations, here ed hardy hot slice ground to look for their dreams, look for their love and marriage.In the international metropolis that came together a world-wide locations elite, what odd persons can meet, what interesting ed hardy ed hardy clothing the matters having fun so much will take place.In Paris, three"impossible" words are absolutely nonexistent.Young Russian evening of boy a spring end early and early once had supper, I fixed to go a ed hardy stroll, on going out, felt the in front a burst of cold breeze nasty to hotfoot once blow to still clip to take cloudy moisture.This season of Paris almost there is rain every day, the sky is naturall ed hardy y also always like a lead piece similar dark wear, true should old words"spring refrigeration dead cow" in that China, make th ed hardye neck growing the scarf up of again tight tight, slowly toward helping to ed hardy match square to walk.On going to there, I see the square up has many student the shape dresses up of youth, they or is taking a picture to keep as memory, or at 35 pursue to play in groups, also have ed hardy incredibly is playing playing cards, but wayside up stop a quite a few big trip Bus, I have no much foolish kept ground to walk into for the path with square for border on of tulips park(jardin des T ed hardy uileries).This park is a famou ed hardys park Lei promise of designer of highest rank in France what Er designs especially, the most charming place in the park be he fancifully will design here can enjoy sun b ed hardy ath of unique park.A person slowly walks, the in the mind cans not help silently gushing a few poems:J'the ai marche dans le jardin I walk the J is in the park'the ai vu see the La feuille est devenue ed hardy jaune leaf become yellow Comme L'amour!Be like a love!J'ai vu I see the La fleur est tombee the blossom drop into Comme l'amour!Be like a love!J'a ed hardy clothing

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ed hardy hats - 07:58, 8/3/2010

is such a tunnel, the pottery small north is the sunl ed hardy ight that wears deeply a wisp of mightiness of this dark tunnel!There is this sunlight, I just had the decision to stand down to go, walk and finish this tunnel.The pottery small north sat on big boar ed hardy d room in our bureau to depend the west a line of sofas to be partial to south dime at that time.The glass window that follows her handsome face from the sixth floor board room in our bureau hopes to ed hardy ed hardy clothing go out, can look beyond purple snow city west suburb of one peach tree wood, order some red flower to particularly recruit person's eye.The clear water river front also has the one slice the Zao flowe ed hardy r and pear flower in white, in the weeping willow of river front green be like the pottery small north and Li Xiao Nan to where hurtle faintly discernable you make faces, it make you long for and floa ed hardy t to want to unite Pian.I burst fantasy, our Bo Yan water of the tube bureau claps a bureau chief and a little bit is like a f ed hardylower work of flower nursery and takes a big scissors, here shear, there s ed hardy hear;Still carry a small medicine box on the back, spray here, there sprays.Even if old Be not willing to let go of that scissors, either and that.Inside in our bureau conference, in fact be resign to ed hardy a bureau chief to cut tree branch and spray medicine water.More than 40 comrades in the bureau are like more than 40s small tree, bureau chief the "Ca" ground shear once on this head, the "Ca" ground ed hardy shears once on that head.Star ed hardygerated one pleased spirit ocean ocean!The fragrant Xie is beautiful to give up avenue(4)Well the fragrant Xie of beautiful benignity is beautiful to give up avenue.On Ju ed hardy ly 14 in every year, review troops parade in the French great occasion of nation in, air force's airplane of France will from Be located on fragrant Xie beautiful the sky giving up the triumphal arch ed hardy of avenue once flew, and leave and national flag color homology of red, white and blue three color smokes.When I walk on Champs-Elysees each time, ed hardy clothing

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ed hardy clothing - 07:58, 8/3/2010

ttlefield, the wounded and disabled of the crease and ed hardy the body on their face also just and silently sued war of ruthlessness with death.That year head the batch once took part in Normandy debarkation of more than 170 French soldier, leave a few commando ed hardy s just now.I am similar to me to have been being watching the person of this parade constantly being applausing for these old soldiers.The fragrant Xie is beautiful to give up avenue of still a witnes ed hardy ed hardy clothing s numerous Cis are old to face a new condition of pleased celebrate place.On December 31 in 2002, I welcomed an arrival for 2003 years here together with a few friends, in that a moment, thousands of ed hardy the persons of understanding or incognizant be all each other honestly blessing:"The annee of Bon!"(New Year good)the bottle stopper with there aren't a few young men more opening champagne there and ed hardy then makes numerous spirit bubbles flown to spread out and embraces each other for new year together with us!Most interesting ed hardyof BE, cold a day in February this year, a few animals protect the young m ed hardy an incredibly almost red of association objection furs body at over against Louis Vuitton the street last demonstration of the flagship store!Is beautiful to give up avenue to see firm in the fragra ed hardy nt Xie most happily the newly married car brigade of blossom, they slowly drive on the street and sit at the person in the car simultaneously hurtle avenue to take part dynasty the pedestrian wave han ed hardy d, whole of the avenue is exag ed hardyg.The pottery small north beautiful side permits to be like that year spring the particularly bright and beautiful sunlight is similar and illuminated my whole life!There ed hardy is the pottery small north, I just know, the person of whichever baseness, will be bright and beautiful even is lofty side.I afterwards and profoundly realize, in an administration organization for d ed hardy oing nothing work, as if walk into one endless but dark of tunnel in, sometimes have a kind of despairing felling.If the Bo takes care of a bureau ed hardy clothing

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ed hardy - 07:57, 8/3/2010

arles.At this big year of in 30 shore dinners, there ed hardy is also an interesting episode.Don't smoke cigarette at ordinary times of I suddenly want to take out to pay smoke, the restaurant didn't sell, I said to Charles that calculate, can have never thought ed hardy , Charles incredibly to border on a table to go for me to"borrow".But borrow to a Charles of smoke but chatted with somebody else.See me blunt they look about, he beckons with the hand to make me past ed hardy ed hardy clothing t nation in cream cheese species in the world."LiLy, you should learn to eat some cream cheeses, from the taste a little thinner beginning.""Charles cans say that again, the cream cheese of France is ed hardy as well-known as the red wine in France, LiLy, don't taste once, Be getting more sorry too much.""I once tried several times, but still kept canning not standing the unspeakable flavor son of cream ch ed hardy eese."In fact to the back of the Paris, I especially the idea asks a French friend and together tries to eat cream cheese and ed hardylanetses red flags also beautiful give up in the fragrant Xie to float a d ed hardy ance to float in the sky in the skies of avenue.A day in June, loiter about of I am beautiful to give up avenue to see many in the fragrant Xie wear the tidy and solemn and peaceful soldier packs of o ed hardy ld man, just and vastly and mightily march forward on the streets of avenue.The front opens the police of way for them and walks on the most anterior the aged of troops to take various musical instrum ed hardy ent, just and proud ofly is gi ed hardyving musical performance clear national anthem.And similar the stranger joining a crowd for fun just know after once chatting severals, these is ever in the World War II ed hardy in for the sake of world peace but bleed courageously war of old soldiers, today they is for Be in remembrance of Normandy debarkation.They in the center most of people have already hobbled, but they ed hardy carry before the chest of soldier achievement chapter flickering give out light ground to tell them ever in the braveness and the tactful on the ba ed hardy clothing

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