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and definitely have numerous secrets, I am frightened ed hardy to do to open these clandestine of key.The Cartier card ground is second-I is your madness(1)Quite a few year ago, at one of my birthday party, young of I hope of open the time of gift finally to sta ed hardy rt in the one cry voice of friends.I excitedly get to dismantle a beautiful packing box, until 1 consumedly of the square, square, just positive red jewel box appear before my eyes, good heavens!The c ed hardy ed hardy clothing olor of box is by a happy chance that my good luck is red!It in relief the Shan wears warmly dazzling sheen, box of on all sides go together with with the stylish gold color of lace, my eyes are absor ed hardy bed to stare at at box up, once in a very long while forgot to open it, until hear pressing of friends a voice, I just carefully opened this box, in the lady's wrist form of a circular gorgeous lie in ed hardy the smooth and delicate white sheepskin, the top of the dial is the ancient Rome number of a turn of gilt."This is that the c ed hardyard ground is second!"The friend who buys form immediately after says:"The ed hardy brand of France."I immediately and happily use this second change next originally the watch of wrist.My brand to the legend Cartier at this time still knows not a thing, this Cartier is friend's duty ed hardy -free shop at that time for I especially the idea chooses of birthday gift, he knows that I love form more than the love jewelry.This was second to bring an add flowers to brocade accident for my birt ed hardy hday party surprised pleased.A ed hardyfterwards I just know this traditional wrist form is 1 kind in second card ground"Les must" series, while this kind of French English mixs of call method, suggesting Cart ed hardy ier already from nobility of the saint palace walked to love personage's in front of form to the whole world, behind of English told everyone, this is the necessity that belonged to a certain vogue el ed hardy ite turn son, but front of French then showed Paris special sentimental appeal, Cartier classic red form box from found keep constant up to now.Its ed hardy clothing

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"The good intentions that thank you, I am a bit tired ed hardy and see, you of friends all at wait you." His face changes of some hard get up ground to say:"Young lady, my a person usually traveks, I understand a person in the foreign country other place of stan ed hardy ding alone and lonesome, much less your a young girl, just I see you far and far one personal station is in the corner, I want to let you to sit for a while together with us, so you will feel a little ed hardy ed hardy clothing more comfortable."My heart a while again return to solitary medium, I helplessly smiled to smile, and then drank a big champagne, "young lady, what do you do in Paris?Where of person?"Just because th ed hardy e nuit blanc brought my happy all was missing, I started to carry wine cup and drank off all champagnes, then said to man in Middle East very soon:"I ain't the woman whom you have to seek and return t ed hardy o quickly, you of the girl friends definitely waited to become nervous."He distinguishes right away say:"That isn't the condit ed hardyion that you imagine, my a person is in Paris, and we just drink to dance ed hardy together."He stopped to once see one the eye is a few of his girl friends, is suddenly many in look in the eyes a silks melancholy say:"Tonight's nuit blanc isn't suitable for us, so, I have the airpl ed hardy ane driver's certificate, which day you are free, I invite you to fly together with me.Will is all right tomorrow?"My brain has already stopped turning to move and in addition ascend the impact of cha ed hardy mpagne, the heart uneasily str ed hardyuggles, I suddenly feel my heart is very tired, I open mouth very difficultly:"True of, thank you, I passed through a delightful nuit blanc, I was going home!"Do not wait ed hardy to see his reaction, I connect again see all didn't and this inside east man say 1, small ran to nearby escape from he, at one fling ran Bouddha Bar, in the meantime, I have already started regrettin ed hardy g, but I can not turn head, I ain't afraid of this man, and what I fear is I.So I all the way penitence ground ran to go home!I know at his nearby ed hardy clothing

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nc?""How you don't know, today is a nuit blanc."Looki ed hardy ng at me the captivation of one face, he loudly smiled and seemed for found out a topic that approaches me but finally happy.Once walked at this time a waiter, ask me to drink what, don't wait me to o ed hardy pen mouth, he tells the waiter that we have already ordered right away, he flicks to wave hand toward that man again, that man the station rise and come over here and pass two cup champagnes to him ri ed hardy ed hardy clothing ght away, after again leave right away.Afraid that I refuse his champagne, man in Middle East says right away:"Young lady, very special tonight, is a festival, for the sake of the nuit blanc please ac ed hardy cept to drink one cup!"Looking at to pass at present pink rose champagne, I generously accepted."What is a nuit blanc?"My no time for waiting ground asks, curious let my proud with acted with dignity ed hardy to run away, man in Middle East satisfiedly and lightly throat, intentionally stopped to once just speak up:"The nuit blanc is ed hardy a French government for enriching the people's amateur cultural life, on ed hardy the first Saturday evening in October, every year, hold some free concert etc. activities.Some museums, cultural movable place is also free to open at the mid-night, Paris some restaurant night clubse ed hardy s also all night do business, so be named as this night'white night'".The Buddha in the white night(3)Oh, so that's why!My emotion was also been infected by the nuit blanc, "enchante!"(Very happy the ed hardy brief name knowing you is used ed hardy for vernacular speech)I happily raised a champagne glass, " enchante!"He also happily raised a champagne glass, -festival atmosphere that clear and crisply touches a c ed hardy up voice to make two of uses bringing in the not black night in the meantime in."Your a person, to?"He returned to an original problem again up, I start to be silent, " I know that you are a person, w ed hardy hy however go to and sit for a while with us together?"He is stubbornly some to continue the ground ask, I fiercely drank joss-stickThe areca says: ed hardy clothing

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xe club that the gathering dining night club is integ ed hardy ral whole and all have a branch in Milan New York, it is very famous in Paris and be I takes a walk to often often run into many positions that the persons inquire it toward me in neighborhood in the ed hardy home and be I at in have fun meet to come from world-wide locations Mu since then of visitor.Bar of Bouddha is so popular in addition to its music, I think because there is a very high big statue of B ed hardy ed hardy clothing uddha in the restaurant of underground.While once being the flank that I sat on the statue of Buddha to have a meal looking at a circumferential person while drinking wine to smoke smoke to heartily e ed hardy njoy, the red wine cup in the my hand stopped at half empty, I am some perplexity, the Buddha represented quiet, but at Bouddha Bar in, the Buddha is each the cent each ly looking at the at present pe ed hardy rson's seven feelings six desires!If this Buddha open on the faith Buddhism of China, is it also so successful?Again or, those ed hardy Buddhist that are devout, will they allow the Buddha that they admire and ed hardy respect to stand on the ground of one desire?Person since is a body in"Buddha", also irresistable and oblivion surroundings of temptation!I always like Bouddha bar music very much, I also happily mat ed hardy ch at present the rhythm dance moves, but this dance's moving is what other people almost can not see clearly, I sink to immerse in the musical faraway artistic conception.At this time, those beauties ed hardy of opposite also all stood, t ed hardyhe fascination highly twists to move them sexy of body, that inside east man and the beauties jokes and drinks champagne, but one of his eyes have been being observing me ed hardy , finally his station has a body and smile all the way dynasty I walk, on the body of classic gray the western dress of Ma Ni set off him more mysterious nobility.He opens mouth a British chamber:"The ed hardy young lady bothered, does your a person come to lead nuit blanc here?You of friend, haven't arrived?"I not and confessedly ask:"What is a nuit bla ed hardy clothing

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ack hair, very black eyes, Gao stands of nose, his ou ed hardy tline fresh clear lines robust appearance is absolutely the Arabian prince of my in a dream.Suddenly, unexpected, two of uses' vision met, a second, my eyes are been very hot by his very hot vision se ed hardy em burn, I transfered my own view right away and was like a hurt next come of deserter similar don't dare to saw one eye towards seeing, again cannot help but toward he by leap and bound with him agai ed hardy ed hardy clothing n, sees he just and nearby of the man say what, that man walks right away to I of in front."Young lady, are you a person?Sir in my house wants to ask you in the past and sit in a short while."The my i ed hardy n the mind Peng Peng ground jumps, on the mouth but at quiet say:"Thanks, I am waiting a friend."Man's"bothered" after again walked to return to right away, say with man in Middle East what, this insi ed hardy de east man's side listens to the man talk a side not and far the vicinity district don't looking at me, then order to smile t ed hardyoward me very naturally, I in mind also return to his smiling of an appare ed hardy ntly so but actually not, but I really don't know, at the moment of my the face is up exactly what facial expression.At the moment I hope the waiter come quickly, the waiter didn't come and pleased th ed hardy e ear of music but ring get up.The Buddha in the white night(2)Is like bookstore in the Paris sound in, I discover not a few musics CDs that assign name to by business enterprise name and are like Pie ed hardy rres whom our Chinese acquaint ed hardy with card Dan and also had me to once say in the book of Las coste Hotel, certainly still have Bouddha Bar, listen to friend speak, these well-known business enterprises ed hardy will invite some famous music producers to do CD annually.Bouddha Bar is CD music annually, not for making money.Music of Bouddha Bar spreads in the Europe and America very successfully, it is now to ed hardy make me unexpected there are already many pirate edition CDs of Bouddha Bars in Peking!Or become a set the ground is selling.Bouddha Bar is a delu ed hardy clothing

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