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wire cut edm machine

what is the sinker edm machine

09:18, 1/12/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
CNC Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining, first found by former Soviet Union scientist in middle of 20th century, is one of widely used machining methods today. There are two different wire cut EDM machines existing now in global market. Fast feed wire cut EDM and slow feed wire cut EDM, fast feed wire cut EDM was developed by Suzhou Changfeng Mechanical Factory in 1970’s, nowadays, Suzhou is the major base of fast feed wire cut EDM machine. Main difference between fast feed wire cut EDM and low feed wire cut EDM: 1) former one use usually uses molybdenum wire as electrode, latter one uses brass wire; 2) former one uses saponification working liquid; latter one uses deionized water; 3) wire feed speed of former one is around 11 meters/second, while 3-5 meters/minutes of later one; 4) molybdenum wire is used repeat continuously until it brake; oppositely, brass wire is used for only once; 5) cutting accuracy and surface finish of latter is better than former; 6) price and using cost of former one is much lower than latter one. Today, as fast feed CNC wire cut EDM is original from China, there are a lot of manufacturers of fast feed wire cut EDM in China, Suzhou Kingred Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Suzhou city. Kingred is forcing on designing and building high performance CNC wire cut EDM, which is featured in : 1) unique high rigidity “C” structure design which is used for brass wire cut EDM; 2) closed-loop with servo control available to guaranty long term cutting accuracy; 3) accurate Taiwan HIWIN linear guideway and ball screw adopted; 4) “T” shape machine bed, “+” shape X and Y axes motion, much better mechanical accuracy then conventional wire cut EDM; 5) wire tension control system with linear guideway to avoid loose of wire; 6) Window XP based control system, easy to use; 7) brass wire EDM type clamping system, much more accurate than conventional fast feed wire cut EDM machine. Small hole drilling EDM, also known as small hole EDM, EDM hole driller or EDM hole popper, is pretty similar to wire cut EDM machine, difference is that small hole drilling EDM use a long electrode tube to erode conductive material to create through holes or blind holes, usually, small hole EDM is used to make wire cut EDM start hole, filter hole, gas hole, group holes, it can machine various conductive material, even semi-conductive material, especially for stainless steel, chilled steel ,copper, aluminum, hard alloy; it can machine on the curve and slide surface directly; also can remove broken drilling tool and tapping tool without damage to original thread; working liquid could be normal water, low using cost and no pollution; we have two different type small hole EDM DB703 and DD703, DB703 had X/Y/Z axes DROs and DD703 had X/Y axis DRO display. Sinker EDM machine is another kind EDMs built by Kingred, sinker EDM is mainly used to make various cavity molds, mechanical parts. With or without X/Y axes servo controller, sinker EDM could be classified to ZNC control type and CNC type.
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what is the sinker edm machine
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