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The Best Keylogging Software-Which Program To Buy

10:44, 18/6/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Whether you want it or not, but one day you realize that the problems you have with your computer can only be solved by watching who uses the computer and for what. You can face this problem at home (what do your children do with the computer when you are away?) or at the office (do your employees devote all their time to work?). Of course, you have neither time nor desire to hide and find it all out. Is there a way out? Yes, the only way out is to install a program that thoroughly everything that is done with the computer. This spy program can not only keep track of users’ actions, but also carefully hide itself from inquisitive eyes so that it can be seen neither in the list of running services nor among running programs. Antivirus programs do not detect it as well.

What does the program monitor and how? It logs all keystrokes and the case of each typed character. It also saves screenshots not for each window, but at certain intervals. The program logs when programs are started and closed and monitors the clipboard. Very often one look at a screenshot gives more information than looking through logged keystrokes.

With this program you can find out if your significant other is cheating/flirting in email or chat rooms. You can find out what websites your children are visiting. You can learn what others are writing in their email's and which programs are being used. You can view instant messenger conversations and know when the computer is in use. You will also be able to recieve emails with information in real time as it happens.

To get the latest and most powerful stealth computer monitoring spy software available, please visit Supreme Spy Online .

Put a stop to worrying about who is doing what on the computer. Got doubts of what the spouse is doing? Wonder what the kids are up to? Wondering what your employees are doing while you aren't around? Put a stop to all of the worries and get Supreme Spy. You can get a free trial version at Supreme Spy Online

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The Best Keylogging Software-Which Program To Buy


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