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Beyond The Microwave: Cookware Of The Future

13:13, 18/6/2008 .. 0 comments .. Link

Imagine a woman calling her husband from her office job to prepare dinner for that evening for 8:00 pm. The husband decides to make Chinese food rather than take out. The woman?s husband commutes home on a train. He whips out his palm pilot and instructs his cook to make Chinese food in less than 1 hour; they are on their way home.

1 hour later, the family gathers around the dinner table and the maid comes out with a tray of delicious Chinese Cuisine. This happens every night in this household. The wife hasn?t prepared dinner since four Christmas? ago when the husband ordered the maid through an online catalogue. Kelvit serial number KC234589 is a robot. Her specialty is cooking fine cuisine.

Meanwhile, as the wife takes a bite of her ?Caliloo? (spinach mixed with okra) and requests to have it warmed up for about 1 minute. Kelvin opens a microwave door near her abdomen made of steel; the wife places the plate into the microwave and closes the door. The microwave light comes on and in 1 minute, the wife?s food is nice and warm.

This may seem like something from a sci-fi movie. Cookware of the 21st is heading towards that direction. Many people are beginning to eat meals at home rather than eating out. Cooking today is easier than ever because there are so many options to choose from.

Technology in the cooking industry is great because it?s an assistant to busy men and women who do not have time to slave in a kitchen all day just to prepare meals such as baked ziti, tuna casserole or a chicken and rice dinner.

Even refrigerators that store our delicious meals are state of the art. In the late 20th Century, refrigerators with ice makers became the rave. A few years down the line, refrigerators came equipped with ?crushed? ice makers and water. Today, in the 21st century, refrigerators come with TV monitors. You can watch television while preparing your meal, eating your meal, cleaning up and storing your food away. Refrigerators even come equipped with computerized screens where you can electronically lock your refrigerator with a code so that greedy family members or guest do not have to sneak and eat your delicious food when you are not around.

As technology in the food industry continues to improve, people are finding more ways to save money on cookware so that they can purchase the latest products

About the Author:

Vuctor Nunn writes about Cookware, KItchen Etc Coupon Codes

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Beyond The Microwave: Cookware Of The Future


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