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Valentine's Day, Valentine's gifts

Tanabata sun drying the new alternative to the public mind over France personalized gifts

07:05, 23/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

In previous years, Tanabata, netizen "Nannan treasure" and her boyfriend to eat one meal usually candlelight dinner, and then to the cinema to see a movie, often spending a few hundred dollars. "This year's Tanabata, we thought about was saving without losing the romance." "Nannan treasure" in your post, said she has chosen to "delicious meal at home, doing dishes to share with him, do not spend more like a very happy . "

And the "little girl treasure" who have similar ideas, and many couples have frequently played the back to nature so that in previous years, "high price Valentine's Day packages" five-star hotels have begun to adjust their thinking, have lowered worth launched the "approachable" lover package. The relevant responsible person said, this is because of the financial crisis, many people have had a thrifty plan Valentine's Day.

And practical alternative to expensive potted roses

In addition to candlelight dinner, roses Valentine's Day is also an indispensable element of the romantic. But this year, many couples choose to send a gift instead of flowers practical. Reporters at the forum to see that many white-collar workers have played a pot drying flowers, intended as a lover's holiday gift of flowers. User "swimming fish," said, "one to Valentine's Day flowers, the price soared this year, do not want to engage in vanity of flowers. So give up the idea of buying expensive roses, to the girlfriend to buy potted plants flora, affordable, time also be able to _ is taking a long time more. "

The public mind an alternative gift of personality

In addition, Valentine's Day gift shopping online is also being more and more couples of all ages. Reporter learned from a number of e-commerce website, recently buy fashion jewelry, chocolate and other Valentine's Day gift of users increased significantly, compared to roses, candy and other traditional Valentine's Day gifts, netizens prefer a personalized, customized gifts, For example, hand-tailored foreign chocolate. Tanabata festival people feel both historical connotation, there are modern.


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13 sweet new hairdo to enhance Taohua Yun

10:06, 14/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Valentine's Day has just passed, you are those loud lamented that "there is no lover's Valentine's Day," one of them? Sweet's new hair from another bar, real-time UP your sweet degree, so you Taohua Yun rose!

Straight hair good girl

Sweet and warm style: straight hair good girl

With emphasis: If your hair is a standard Qingtangguamian do not want to bother to take care of, we might select a color card to a wide escape mention for their gas.

Popularity index:

Fashion sexy short hair, small white-collar workers

Sweet and warm style: fashionable white-collar workers in small sexy

With focus on: the former long lines after a short type is very popular nowadays, Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|Chinese FurnitureMercedes benz star so that short hair can look sexy MM, a change in the new hair color, giving themselves more eye-catching.

Master Liu Haigong oblique curls

Sweet and warm style: most touched the hearts of the boys

With focus: the main oblique Liu Haigong curls, gentle and sweet boy touched the hearts of most, Bordeaux dull hair color and break the sense of cold.

Popularity index:

Trips look lovely

Sweet and warm style: lovely trips look

With focus: Valentine's Day to the streets to feel the breath? The lower part of the mid-and long hair out of bon bon feeling hot,Electronic Cigarette Laptop Batteries BMW GT1 Printer Parts with a plush velvet cartoon earmuffs, adorable enough warm enough.

Popularity index:

Cute sexy two braids

Warm style: Angel's Temptation

With focus: rolling two pigtails who would want to show a pure and occasionally cute and sexy key lies behind the end no one can comb with hair too smooth, fluffy, curved volumes must be.

Popularity index:

Mature gorgeous light of the perm

Sweet and warm style: gorgeous light Mature

With points: appearance dignified and not suitable for "The tide woman" line of girls, may wish to try this in the length of the Korean flavor valgus spiral perm, gorgeous and elegant but not lose fashion.

Popularity index:


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Hongdou Group through the "red beans Acacia" running under the banner of "red beans Valentine's Day"

06:41, 26/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
With the arrival of the financial crisis of 2008 is the Chinese textile market turbulence. Export enterprises in China in order to survive have to export products to the domestic circumstances, the associated invasion of the domestic market-oriented textile industry market share.

United Securities analyst, said the textile industry, the domestic textile market, more and more intense, the market is full of a variety of branded apparel, but as the financial crisis, the arrival of a dramatic drop in domestic consumer base, in this time to want to grab the limited market share, they rely on corporate branding effect.

So far, China's textile enterprises have also emerged, such as red beans, seven well-known clothing brands such as Phi wolves. Among them, Hongdou Group in order to expand awareness is doing their utmost. In addition to advertising to expand its reputation, Hongdou Group has even hit the national holiday on his mind.

Hongdou Group phase of the Valentine's Day a tremendous opportunity with the word "red bean Acacia" held the banner of red beans Valentine's Day. August 21 this year, red beans for hosting the Tanabata? Red bean Valentine's Day activities, the biggest bright spot than 500,000 yew look for the best advertising language award announced. This created a Chinese single highest "worth" the ad phrase is "yew, health umbrella," a word more than 80,000 yuan, it is absolutely China's advertising language word of the highest on record.

Hongdou Group believes that business bubbling at the festival is also opening its doors not only profitable, while the Tanabata festival this nation can also be more accepted by the people, this is a win-win situation.

It is understood that Hongdou Group since 2001 to launch and sustain a massive "Tanabata red bean Valentine's Day" event in the world in promoting the Chinese traditional Chinese culture, promote the healthy concept of love in the community had a widespread impact. May 20, 2006, Tanabata festival was included in the State Council, the first national non-material cultural heritage site.

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Tanabata sun drying the new alternative to the public mind over France personalized gifts
13 sweet new hairdo to enhance Taohua Yun
Hongdou Group through the "red beans Acacia" running under the banner of "red beans Valentine's Day"


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