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Elijah Hawkins

Technology Asset Services Announces New Patented Technology Solderite Products

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Lead Free Soldering Solution for Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

Technology Asset Services announced today a cost effective solution for manufacturers implementing lead free solder into PCB Assembly. The Solderite? product line has been developed for hand soldering stations. The new patented technology employed by the Solderite? products provide the manufacturer a cost effective solution to lead free solder implementation.

The Solderite? products are specifically designed to help manufactures faced with RoHS Compliance. The implementation of lead free solder has generated a need for soldering tools to withstand the higher temperatures and the corrosive nature of lead free solder. The use of hand soldering is often performed in the final stages of assembly. The product is at its highest value point. The necessity of securing equipment designed to implement RoHS Compliance is of growing concern.

The new Solderite? products address RoHS Compliance by providing substantial changes in the design of the soldering station. The three foremost properties of any soldering station are: Power, Temperature Control, and Soldering Tip. The patented technology and design of the power supply and temperature sensing in these new products produce the fastest temperature recovery time on the market. Specially designed electroplated soldering tips ensure quality soldering and extended tip life.

The tip replacement and cost of lead free soldering has increased the soldering cost to manufactures. The corrosive nature of lead free solder combined with higher temperature has on average cut the tip life of standard soldering tips in half. The manufactures cost has doubled in tip replacement. Standard soldering tips average fifteen to twenty five dollars per tip. The average lifespan of lead soldering tips in an industrial environment averages one week. Manufacturers commissioning several solder stations are faced with significant cost increase when implementing RoHS Compliance.

Solderite? soldering stations have underwent strict testing, from lab, contract manufacturing, and lead free soldering training centers. The tip life has averaged a two to one rate compared to standard soldering tips. The tip replacement cost of the Solderite tips did not exceed the cost of standard soldering tips.

For more information on Solderite Products, including Distribution and Representation opportunities contact Ken Fry or visit http://www.solderite.com/

Technology Asset Services provides solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, and Semi Conductor Industries.

Ken Fry CTO Technology Asset Services, Inc. 515 Hanover Dr. Allen TX. 75002

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11:34 - 18/12/2007

Elijah Hawkins
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- Technology Asset Services Announces New Patented Technology Solderite Products
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