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My life

About Me

About my daly life, stories/poems I wrote myself and other stuff I want to tell.
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First introducing - 17:29, 18/7/2007

Hey !
I will first introduce myself. I'm a girl who has just become 15 and who is in the middle of her teenage years. I like theater, dancing, singing (not good), computering and having fun with friends. I live in a big family : 2 brothers, 3 sisters and me (the oldest one).
I decided to make this blog, because life doesn't always go as I want to let it go. So I'll tell almost every day what happened that day (as far as it as interesting) and sometimes I'll put some poems on this blog (which I wrote myself) or nice songtexts.
What you must know about me, difficult to write it down, i scratch myself. Everone thinks I have already stopped, but it isn't the truth at all. I can't stop and I have it difficult with that. My second life-problem is that I have 2 earrings, and my parents only allowed me to have 1, so I must hide it all the time.
So, in short myself: first look I'm a happy girl, but from the inside I have two things to hide...

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