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This hot weather, and the collocation of ultrashort marriage gauze is the best choice of many brides, gonws especially for the most representative of the cascade thin describes emphatically, beautiful ornate degree let woman can't refuse.
In the past, many people like to wear long gown wedding dress, short enough, always seems to be not grave. gonws In recent years, this concept is quietly changed, short in the wedding dress to also become bride wedding nowadays for gear.

The form and wear dress from European aristocracy, part of the inheritance left by, another part of the change of life in modern society and new meaning.

With the development of science and technology, life style and concept of life changes, dinner dresses 2010 new materials and new style in the field of clothing that emerge in endlessly, the dress with the needs of modern design, modelling concise, greatly had become vogue and civilian and popularization,.

That evening gown or late outfit also is in the evening, the ritual activities in the clothing worn by using.

Have two kinds of forms, evening gown, was one of the more traditional forms for low bosom, dew shoulder, back, waist. Close-fitting dress suits, and senior and security in the occasions with,
The second is the modern dress, along with the social life changing and developing, make night already not limited to a few substantive occasions, and due to the city lifestyle, diversification, dress becomes social and recreational activities indispensable dress.

Compared with the traditional dinner dresses 2010 dress of modern dress, on modelling more comfortable and practical, beautiful, such as economy, suit suit jacket skirt type, and two pieces of combined-type even trousers reasonable collocation also become evening dress.

Posted: 02:43, 18/9/2010
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afternoon dresses

Referred to the formal dressing when pay visit to your, say, line managers or other leaders. This clothing can be used for shopping, theater, tea, party and other occasions.If be modified a bit, it can be dressed to attend a wedding ceremony, celebration ceremonies.It is featured as elegance,calmness and steadiness.PM dressing should be serious, not to expose skin.But collar,sleevesless shoulders should not be exposive, meanwhile should not be over-conventional, avoiding the feeling of stiff and inflexible. The afternoon dressing is not limited to  wearing a dress, it can be multi-purpose set, two-piece, three-piece suit likewise.
strapless yellow dress

Dresses weared at daytime are of strict and conservative style.Pay attention to the quality of jewelry.Choose pearls, precious metals,amber and so on.

Package used during the day usually with soft leather, sheepskin, snakeskin and other fine texture, of subtle color, made of matte materials.
spaghetti strap dresses
Shoes that used to match dressing is of rigorous modeling, oft seen ones are court shoes, shallow mouth shoes, high heels and sandals,etc. of patent leather, leather, suede, sheepskin, snakeskin and other materials.

Posted: 09:24, 22/7/2010
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evening dresses

1.The different occasions from evening dresses Divided into: wedding; banquet scene ;performances Meetings 2.The classification of evening dress style Divided into: alternativeevening dress; simple evening dress ; gown vintage evening dress ;court evening dress & sexy evening dress 3.The evening dress pattern of classification Divided into: Tube ;Top suspenders evening dress; evening dress with shawl ;tuxedo halter; evening gown with short trailing; tail evening dress ;evening gown section 4. The color classification of Evening dress Divided into: white evening dress orange pink evening dress evening dress evening dress black evening dress yellow red evening dress gold evening dress gray dress blue green evening dress evening gown champagne silver evening dress evening dress evening dresses brown evening dress purple

Posted: 06:52, 26/6/2010
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prom dress

The presence of occasions to wear evening dress: at least five occasions to a tuxedo to attend: gala dinner, dance, opera, concerts, weddings and other social occasions to attend. Attend the concert dressed in jeans,it's too any errors standards. And who dress the casually at the banquet it can not show you a low profile, on other hand is lack of the respect to the master and the other.
   The evening dress is produced in the Western  social activities.The formal meetings in the evening, the ceremony, and ritual clothing to worn. Long skirts and feet, the pursuit of elegant fabric, hanging, good sense of color to the most solemn black.The different of evening dress styles, Western-style long dresses bare-chested it's all showing female charming.The Chinese-style evening dress is elegant and unique oriental charm shape, there are the new fashion of Chinese and Western. And evening dress with elegant luxury clothing is suitable choice,which the exaggerated style is highlight the feminine.

Posted: 07:27, 23/6/2010
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How to choose your dress in line with your own body and face

Tall slenders are lucy for any style. The petites should choose a simple style rather than Puff Skirt, maybe A-LINEA or high waist dress designs can make the legs seem longer.

plump body should wear low cut or halter style to show the advantages of breast fullness, in addition, it can also help the neck line seem longer. Also, try long-sleeved dress, or plus a shawl, will cover up the thick arms.

As for the too slender, package style upbody and waist skirt style seems a wise choice. They had better choose Puff sleeve or long sleeve design. if she doesn’t like this type then recommendation is that she can  wear gloves as decoration, make the whole body does not seem too thin.

In addition to outside the body, face is a reference element of the dress selection. The drop shoulder, low cut or V-neck style are fit to round face or shorter neck people. As for square face, people can try V-or a peach, thanks style. Inverted triangle face can choose the ship or large Round Neck style rather than the peach, thanks design; As people with cute Oval face are more fortunate for there’s no special restrictions.

Posted: 08:45, 17/6/2010
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