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Engagement Rings

Choosing An Engagement Ring For You

15:10, 29/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link

Planning a wedding is a daunting task for any couple. The fact is, between the guest list, the venue, the decorations, the menu, etc. there are nearly endless elements to consider as you plan your special day. But, as any couple going through this process understand, the planning actually begins far in advance of the actual wedding, as you set about dictating the style and fashion that will be associated with the ceremony and reception. Part of this, of course, means choosing a wedding dress and groom outfit, as well as appropriate attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. But, going even further back, some portion of the wedding style is actually dictated by the engagement ring.

Choosing an engagement ring can be a complicated process, and different couples do it in different ways. Some men spend weeks researching Engagement Rings by 77Diamonds and exploring jewellery shops looking for the perfect option before proposing. Some couples get engaged and then pick out an engagement ring together. And some women choose their rings after becoming engaged. Regardless of how you and your fiancé go about the process, it is important to understand the differences between engagement rings, and how they associate with personality and style. After all, the ring may to some extent dictate your fashion on your wedding day! Here are a few things to consider with specific regard to matching your ring to your personality.

The Glamour Ring
Many women grow up dreaming of big diamonds and glamorous engagement rings. Part of this is due to the rings young women see on celebrities and film stars, which tend to be large and amazing. If you are the type that has always dreamed of a big, beautiful ring that will stop passersby, a glamorous ring - perhaps featuring a large diamond, or a multitude of diamonds on the setting or band of the ring - may be just right for you. This can certainly help you to bring some of the fairy tale aspects of a wedding to life.

The Fashionable Ring
If you are not concerned with glamour so much as what's fashionable or stylish at a specific point in time, you may want to examine trends in engagement rings. For example, currently some of the most popular options are vintage rings - often featuring halo settings - and alternative stones, such as sapphires or emeralds instead of diamonds. Choosing one of these options can keep your ring unique and fashionable, and can make you feel very good about your choice.

The Simple Ring
Finally, there's the simple ring option. If you have always dreamed of your engagement ring, but you don't want to be too "loud" about it, a smaller ring featuring a single diamond, or a smaller diamond, may suit you. Often, you can find smaller diamonds that are more perfectly formed than larger ones, and something small and elegant may suit you perfectly if you want to be simple, yet elegant.


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Choosing An Engagement Ring For You


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