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Adam's blog

• 30/7/2013 - NYPD Officer Arrests Woman and Steals Nude Pics Off Her Phone

Pamela Held, 27, was arrested in June after police officers found prescription pills in her car. When she took out her phone to prove to the police her whereabouts that night, Held entered the security code and showed the NYPD officers that she had been with a friend that night. That's when Officer Sean Christian walked off with the phone into another room. I knew they had my phone and I was bugging out, Held told The Daily News. I had a bad feeling. When Held got her phone back after being released and only given a citation, Held noticed that several photos and videos had been forwarded to a number she was not familiar with. A private investigator helped Held and her lawyer track the number to the officer. Officer Christian denied that he had ever met Held or worked at the precinct where she was taken to after being arrested. However, during a secretly recorded call, Christian spoke with Held for over 50 minutes, flirting with her and referencing her trip to the precinct. Unfortunately for Officer Christian, NYPD Internal Affairs was also listening in. Held is worried that the twenty pictures and five videos might one day find their way to the Internet.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://gawker.com/nypd-officer-arrests-woman-and-steals-nude-pics-off-her-874846795

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