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Do you know

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I am so nutty about you that I cannot find myself having interest in any other man. Why would you continuously say that I am such a remarkable and pretty girl that you don’t think you are a match for me. So, please don’t send me to anyone wishfully as I am emotionally unavailable to other man. Why would you refer to Chinese superstition that rat and tiger are second choices for each other. I dote on you so much that I can even ignore any shortcomings you have and sometimes the bad way you behave. That is stupid theory. I don’t care.That is something none other than entertainment. As I understand that it takes very much for two persons to spend their life together.You have no knowledge about it. If we are to be together, we have to overcome not only the cultural differences and values, we actually have to mount the basic and subtle differences between two individuals.But, please don’t use that as an excuse for you to leave me. No two persons are the same. And as for your previous excuse, I can hardly get you. So, conflicts emerge sometimes, which is normal and inevitable.How could you make up a silly story to tell me. I do confess that sadly, we fight quite a lot before, all because of our differences on values, behaviors, and beliefs. As I said before, the two virtues I see in you that I appreciate most are that you are good-tempered and honest. We have different ways.And now, you honestly tell me that you are not actually dating a girl in shanghai. But, even though we are from the same race, this could happen.But, truly, it is an excuse which you think is the best way for us to break up for good, as always in the past, we kept coming together. For two persons to be together, understanding and forgiveness mean a great deal.How could you be so cruel to me. With that in mind, I do not feel upset at you, nor would I feel any pissed off. Please don’t give me up. Do you know.Please don’t. I am just so attached to you that I can forgive anything. Nobody is perfect. Love is blind.But you are excellent in my mind. I believe you still love me very much, as you did before.Please don’t sell yourself short. I so miss the days you tried to make me happy in my blue days.I understand you are having a tough time adjusting to life there in Shanghai. I always couldn’t find your jokes amusing, but it is you who is funny.And it would be tougher because you never belong to the Chinese culture. Sometimes I think, I have spent my previous life looking for you.It is just alienate to you. And this life, I meet you and I will absolutely cherish you.But, when you make your choice of working there for the job and the once-in-a-blue-moon chance, could you please step up and be a man. Hopefully, if there is next life, I would like to find you and be with you again.Hard time will finally come to an end and happiness will follow suit. I will be with you.It is just this simple. I will not regret my decision.It is easier said than done though. Could you please not send me to another man. This is not bull crap. Please don’t. I trust my feelings.Do you know how much I have hurt hearing you say that fabricating that fake story is the only way to send me to another nice man. I trust my gut. How could you do that. And more importantly, I trust you and the pre-destination. I am not a gift. I believe our relationship is doomed. How can you send me to another one. It makes me laugh when you say, for my make, you will not contact me, because you truly, truly want me to succeed and make it big in finding a great job. I am a woman. I can understand why you say that.I have my emotions and thoughts. handys But, the way you express it is just so elusive and amusing.Could you please let me make the choice for myself. I cannot help laughing at it. In my mind, you are good. mp3 players Please don’t say you cannot bring me happiness and thus, the preferred way for you is to bow out and send me to a nice Chinese man.Please listen to me once. No! This is crap.Just once. wow gold I will hold on to my dream.You are excellent and remarkable in my mind. I will hold on to you.No other man can be a comparison to you. wow gold kaufen I will stay the course.This is true. Sometimes, it even crosses my mind that I can be a wonderful wife with my good personality and temper.You don’t need to be excellent in others mind. I can be as loving and caring as you.What matters only is that you are good in my mind. Don’t push me to another man.

Proud of Guangzhou

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I like the city of Guangzhou. At the beginning of the job hunting process, I did feel a bit frustrated. I like everything in this city, mainly because my experience here has been very impressive.Well, I did have to undergo a lot more than the ordinaries. If anyone would go so far as to talk ill of Guangzhou purposely, I would go all out for defend Guangzhou and clear up misunderstandings.On top of the pressure emanating from finding an ideal job, there was more to go through, which was about the emotional pain. 1, very nice people I would never raise any doubt of the fact that the city of Guangzhou is full of nice people everywhere.I constantly put myself into trouble. you would easily figure out this is true with a few walks down the street, casually picking one passerby and asking for the right direction you are bound to.Then, normal was that I, more often ever, felt gloomy and confused. Quick response will come and you will get the right answer.At the end, however, I grew stronger and wiser. Guangzhou people, in general, are very nice and hospitable in nature.I was able to bounce very well between personal life and business, and to get focused on priorities. Bad people are everywhere, and Guangzhou is not an expectation in this case.It was a long journey of growth. But all you need to do is to observe things on both side and admit that each thing has flip side. Talking about the unprecedented array of challenges I encountered in the course, I came a long way before I finally was enlightened. A positive attitude to the bright is always what it matters in dealing with anybody or anyone.Currently and more than ever, I was so much more positive and hopeful. I have very impressive experience here in Guangzhou.I understood competition was a way of life and I rose to challenges. I have to admit that I am not good at getting the right direction.I didn't fear difficulties, as I believed there was a way so long as I was alive. Having been here in Guangzhou for over 3 years, I still find it hard to remember the ways and have complete blinders of my surroundings.I was fearless, and the only thing I was fearful of is that I lost the ability to solve problems. Yet this is no worry at all as it won't cause any problem or inconvenience.I was tough enough to cope with the problems, however grave they were. If I don't know which bus i should take, I could easily search it out through a website or calling 12580; if I have no clue in whatever direction I should take, I tend to turn to people walking by who would smile to give me detailed advice.Being soft in the business world was not my trait when I stepped up with a twisted ankle. They are so hospitable that I just wish this would not be excessive.I was in pain and had to limp on one leg, after a few days' treatment though, and I was strong-minded enough to go to the recruiting seminars. Should you have similar problems when you are in Guangzhou, you could try my way.Nothing could hold me back seriously. Another thing that makes me glad is that I have many sincere Guangzhou friends and tend to make more over time. Previously, I was thinking it would be a bit hard to edge out candidates from top universities like Sun Yat-sen University. They always make me feel home.They said to be so much stronger and more capable, leaving us far behind to catch up with. I don't know what I have done to deserve this.However, I understood I should just bear in mind that in the competitive field of job finding, everyone was competing on an equal footing, and that there was no reason to keep that angst in mind others had a clear advantage over us. handy But I suppose this is close linked to the common things we share, such language, cultural background, geography, demography, etc.The thing was, no matter what, we should have confidence in ourselves and always believe that we could not only be as excellent as them, but better in our performance. nevertheless, clearly, good nature of its people is the major factor behind.They might be a shining star, but, we could be their nearest challenges. mp3 players I cannot feel more grateful.And it was the judges’ ultimate decision as who was the best fit. 2, Canton Fair Canton Fair, known as the NO.So, drop the ill mentality of inferiority complex, carry on and no worries. wow gold 1 expo in China, is yet another thing to feel proud of. As to the interview I mentioned, it was not immediately clear who won the challenge. On the first day of Canton Fair, I went out for a job interview and made a friend, a native of Guangzhou that I immediately was bonded with.And the result would be unveiled sooner or later. wow gold kaufen In the subway back to school, a foreigner came up to us, asking if we could buy the subway ticket for him and point out how he could get to the exhibition hall of Canton Fair.Let me believe I had all it took to get the job well done. It goes without saying that we are very glad to help.I would be patiently waiting on the judges’ ultimate decision while hanging in and trying my luck on other companies.

Turnover - count me in

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I cannot help laughing inside my heart upon hearing this point.My earlier contacts with its citizens, who behaved badly and presented himself to be racists, completely drove me away, leaving an ugly stain on my impression about the city. I laughed not because that was pointless, but because of my previous thought of resignation.A person could never represent the city, or all citizens, as you might argue, which was true. I know that I have just been through the probationary period.However, considering his identity as a teacher in an elite university, I had full reasons to believe this, though not representing anybody or exemplifying anything, should have a marked connection with the larger society as a whole. But, the thought of resignation never dispersed from my mind. Maybe I had been biased with my impression against it all because of the earlier experience. And up till now, I am still thinking of immediate resignation when the contract expires.However, I believed I have the right to do things legal and moral. There is no second thought, nor hesitation.Personally, I would have nothing to say at anybody’s choice for anything he believed in. Turnover.I totally understood we have freedom of speech and thoughts. Count me in please Know why I am so dissatisfied.Honestly, I got confused at reading and hearing the words of anger from many Chinese over Hanhan’s comment on the nation’s great writers, including Maodun, Lushe, etc. 1) The salary is so low. So long as he was consistent with the fundamental norm of being moral and legal in the way he behaved and expressed himself, why, then, should we feel outraged. 2000 plus salary cannot ensure any better life. From what I have learned about that incident, he never used a nasty world disgracing anybody. Given the current inflation rate, costs of living, and traveling charges, this salary is way too low.He bounced quite well actually. Do you remember the hierarchical theory.Then, why feel bothered. There are 5 hierarchies of human needs. (The man of this story purported to be a teacher of that university, and from the way he stood up for his belief, I could assume he didn’t lie about his identity maybe he was faking to be a university teacher, however, I didn’t care the reality now, as I believe this should be the reflection of a potential problem.) Back to the case, I was not against the ordinary. And the need for food, shelter, clothing and traveling comes first to be met.And generally, my belief was that stereotyped opinions should be banished and by no means could one nasty person represent the whole city and all citizens. And only on this basis could people get more satisfaction on other higher needs and get more motives and higher morale needed for better performance.And when you are communicating with a teacher from an elite university, the best university in that province, only to find out his hostile and biased opinions against your mother province. The salary itself detracts a lot of satisfaction, and ultimately, performance.The worst thing came from the fact that he actually had no scruple, nor shame, at pitching his grandiose ideas and giving an impressive lecture that you were not going to forget but forming negative impressions against H city. Suppose oftentimes you are dissatisfied for no good reason, how could you deliver.Witnessing his impertinence and hostility knocked me down. 2) The miserable process of apartment renting. Earlier relief work about Sichuan earthquake, they said, was the reflection of unity and love within the whole Chinese nation. I never thought it would be beyond possible to rent an apartment with others in city centre of Panyu.Provided that this assumption was close to reality, why, then, was the man, claiming to be the elite university teacher, could be so ignorant and impertinent towards his compatriots, and towards me, who had no contacts with him prior to this conversation. I offered to pay 60% of the total rental, but still the fact was few people would afford it.This should be worth in-depth contemplation. 3) Unsatisfactory route of shuttle bus. School education and social experience presented the basic rule of survival that we cannot see the whole truth from the tip of the iceberg, in that it could be totally disguising and misleading. cheap cell phones Currently there are 2 spots the bus planned to pick us up.I believed this idea was very well imbedded in the mind of anybody. And these spots are metro stations of Shiqiao, panyu square and shiqi.And if you lobbed me the soft ball that how I could judge a city and its citizen by one ill-behaved person, I would absolutely give you the answer-no. mp3 players And because of this, some of the colleagues have to rent in Shiqiao of Panyu. No might be the best answer, which was true. But still, majority of the colleagues, except for those Panyu natives, prefer to live in downtown Guangzhou.But, when you look into the whole thing from top to bottom, some details couldn’t be missed out. wow gold Inside scoop came first early last month that the shuttle bus would pick us up in downtown Guangzhou soon, but the exact date was unknown.Why would a teacher be so impertinent and never choose your words and the way you presented your ideas in light with the situation you were in. At the beginning of this week, I got an email saying the shuttle bus would go to downtown Guangzhou, but to wherever near the current pick-up and drop-off spots. Did you never know you should. wow gold kaufen This came as good news. University teacher were believed to be highly educated and knowledgeable, therefore, they were thought to be the high calibers and well-disciplined. But soon, it was revealed that another bus was added to pick up people, however, it would not go to downtown Guangzhou.

To My Love

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We met hundreds of times, hundreds of times I was fascinated by you, my love."A few weeks ago, we visited the most renowned park in Guangzhou-Yuexiu Park. The modest size of your forehead appears to be so beautiful. It has been a pleasant visit because we enjoyed not only the senic spots but gained more indepth insights into the history and culture of Guangzhou. Following are some pictures I took in the park that I would like to share with all of you. 1) This is, perhaps, the Totem of Guangzhou. The pair of long and slender willow-shaped eyebrows symbolize that you are elegant, modest and approachable. It is all about a legendary story, a reflection of the city's longstanding history and brilliant culture of over 2000 years. Under the eyebrows is the pair of eyes which are so limpid that it feels like the blue sky and white clouds can be seen inside. The story is being passed down from generation to generation. Your noble nose, which seems to be made under the principle of the Golden Section in general, matchs your face perfectly, lets people feel pleasant. It is said that during a time in ancient times, the area of Guangzhou suffered from severe famine. On both sides of it lies the delicate pink cheeks. From the heaven came a Divine, riding 5 sheeps who helded in their mouth rices, to endow the city with peace, prosperity and love. The following is your thickness of medium red lips which seems tantalizing. Guangzhou has been enjoying continuous rapid development and prosperity since ancient times. As you smile with joy, the red lips slightly rise up, revealing the neat white teeth. Everything glimmery and shimmering has its root in its storied past. It seems to me that those beautiful words about lips and teeth are completely made for you only, sweetheart. And I am sure brilliance has a lot to do with its strong suits, and do hope it will remain, forever, the land of prosperity. 2) Below presents a beautiful secery in the park. The underneath of your red lips is the sharp-rounded chin. It is really stunning. And the neck below the chin is so slender and fair! Besides, there's a head of long silky hair hangs down to your shoulders, much like a black waterfall pouring down. But as always and to no shock of mine, Guangzhou isn't good at clearning its waterways. The feeling, when your long hair is flowing in the wind and sweeping in my face, is so smooth that i can enjoy a temporary inner peace. And when does its government realize what it should do and is supposed to do to get its Pearl River cleaned so as to refresh the city image. Behind the long hair is that pair of well built fan-shaped ears. Pearl River is world-famous for its sightseeings and yet, it is all the more famous nation wide for its polluted water. They are in attractive grace in the shade of beautiful earrings. In spite of all its drawbacks, Pearl River and the city of Guangzhou remain a hit for tourist destination. You are the outstanding person made by God with slender stature, long arms of the white, slim legs of the white and slender soft fingers. It is all fine. Pls do see carefully that two people, wearing raincoats, were fishing quietly and undisturedly. Every part of your body is made in proportion, not a little unnecessary. What a nice day it could be to just fish there with no distraction nor disturbance! 3) A snapshot of the Nanyuewang Gallary of Xihan Dinasty. You seem like a perfect statue which is full of moisture when you are at the static condition. With a quick glimpse from the outside, it was really small and delicate. Never will I dare to touch you with my rough fingers for fear that even the most gentle pinch will injure your skin. But actually, it is unbelievably big in size inside the Gallary. I would rather just watch you quietly, and this is enough for me, my darling. Because it was originally the Tomb of the Nanyuwang King. mp3 players When you are happy, you would like to dance in breezes. 4) a look at the sky through spaces between branches and leaves-- the sky in Yuexiu Park. At that moment, it appears to me that you are a dancing butterfly that let me be in a stew.It is wild, classic and gorgeous. 5) This is what I like about spring. phones cell However, sincerly I’m afraid that you will really fly away from me like a butterfly.Flowers blossoms and trees bud, making a beautiful picture of nature. In any case I will not let you be trapped in a cage, my love! No matter where you fly, I will find you, accompany you and protect you, my dear! When you are sad, your eyebrows cross together and your melancholy eyes are blurred by tears." . wow Then the blue sky and the white clouds just disappear, my love. My love, I’m afraid that you are sad and worried, it is more uncomfortable than my chest is pierced by thousands of swords. wow gold If possible, my love, I am willing to paying all what I have to exchange for all the happinss for you. My love, that’s all the words from my heart! I can and I will keep them forever, I promise you.

You are your habits

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At first it seemed a struggle, it took courage to drag yourself out of the warm quilts. Obviously, the Net is becoming a universal medium, which provides an immediate access to such an incredibly rich store of free translation resource, which includes a rich bank of glossary. As days went on, it became a daily routine.The perfect recall of silicon memory can be an enormous boon to thinking and translating, but the boon comes at a price. Jumping out of bed was not as difficult as it used to be.The media theorist Marshall McLuhan (1960s) pointed out media are not just passive channels of information. I quickly put on my clothes, singing loudly to enjoy myself.They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. By and by, I loved to rise early in the morning, and to be the first to walk around the beautiful campus.And what the online free translation resource seems to be doing is chipping away at my capacity for concentration and contemplation. Now in the morning, I do not have to do the job as someone else has taken my place instead.The increasing reliance on the online free translation make my minds get used to the way the Net distributes information: in a swiftly moving stream of particles. The Internet has altered my mental habits when I work on a translation project. I returned to my old bad habits, struggling in bed, wanting to sleep for one or two minutes.My concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. What is worse, I get up a little later and have to send my daughter to her primary school, which makes me in a rush.I get fidgety, lost the thread, and begin looking for something else to do. I don't feel calm and comfortable.The contemplation that used to come naturally has become a struggle. My new day begins with the struggle and rush.My thinking has taken on a “staccato” quality, reflecting the way I quickly scans short passages of bilingual text from many free translation sources online. As the saying goes: A good day begins with a good morning. I worried that the style of reading promoted by the Net, a style that puts “efficiency” and “immediacy” above all else, may be weakening our capacity for the kind of deep reading and translation. Now I decide to change the situation as if I have to get up a little earlier.In this money-worshipping world, academic excellence seems to have been relegated to a role of secondary importance. Let me give you one more example.The translators, a kind of intellectual, tend to become “mere decoders of information”, instead of weigh our words when we translate. I fell in love with English writing the minute I found this website, and back then I was fascinated by writing in English, thanks to my hard work, my writing skills has improved quite a lot.And the hustling and bustling of routine life makes deep-reading and intensive study become a kind of luxury. Just as the speed and scale of China’s rise as an economic power have no clear parallel in history, so its annual quantity of translation has shattered all precedents. One of the scholars I admired most , after reading some of my essays, spoke highly of my works and encouraged me to go ahead.Meanwhile with the emergenance of podcasts and blogs, the section of free translation on the Net cannot be ignored. As we known, in 1960s, every Chinese followed Lei Feng to help each other voluntarily on March 5, the commemoration day. ""one day, you can piece together all the articles and combine a book, I will be glad to be the first reader"".And Lei Feng was worshipped as a hero or even a god and millions of young people emulated his acts of generosity. He said jokingly.And nowadays, even though China’s modern society has become much more self-centered, Lei Feng’s good deeds have not lost any luster to today’s what’s-in-it-for-me generation who knows Lei Feng from text books and class lectures. never shall we underestimate the power of other's encouragement, it took roots in my heart.Some of language talents with passion translate materials for nothing and publish their works on the Net. cell phone accessories I determined to keep on writing and writing better.Their goal of doing so is not for fame or fortune, but for the satisfaction of personal interests. And you know, to write better, I have to read more English books.The establishment of free translation circles provides a convenient and efficient means of communicating to develop their complex of Lei Feng. The online free translation is not only in the form of text, but also in the form of subtitle. mp3 player Needless to say, the more I read, the better I can write, and the better I write, the happier I will be, which is a great force which motivates me to aim high and strive for excellence.Many domestic movie website or BBS recruit language talents to translate the subtitle of latest movies abroad and published the version with Chinese subtitle before the opening of Hollywood blockbuster on the mainland. During that crazy period, each single night, I stayed behind in the office and began to write anything I that was on my mind.The competition is so fierce that website who merely has a lead of an hour will enjoy an overwhelming click rate. wow The willow leaves were dangling softly in the moonlights, the frogs were singing happily as if to tell me that they were having a dancing party. " . The twinkling stars hanging in the night sky were playing hide and seek behind the clouds which were also moving slowly . wow gold When I opened the door, I found my wife and children fast alseep. In order not to disturb them , I stealthily washed my face and lay down with my brain running wild. Oh, how happy I was back then. I used words, phrases foreign to me, express my feeling and thoughts, I was moved by what I have written. More importantly, I simply enjoyed what I was doing, what else mattered.

The journey of my learning and teaching English

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have learned English for almost 20 years, since the very first day I entered junior school."The following speech is given to a group of UFY students preparing to go abroad. It is by Shirley, she has been an exchange student to the USA. At that time, the learning condition was beyond imagination.Here she shares her views and experiences with them.And the speech was warmly appreciated by them. Relationship (The relationship with classmates and friends) It is kind of difficult for us to join those Americans as first, because usually they’ve already got their friends. No tape recorder, no walkman, no English channel, no qualified English teachers in my hometown.But don’t be frustrated. I did not remember clearly why I was infatuated with English.For me, I had no friends at first. Back when I was a middle school student, my favorite subject was Chinese, I was proud of my compositions, which were often read to the whole class as ""model essays"" It is a pity that I didn't turn out to be a famous writer, my talent at writing was submerged before it surfaced.All I did was to be outgoing, try to talk to them and always they would be glad to talk to me. When I told my students that my first English teacher was a man who has acted as an interpreter for the Japanese army when they invaded China, they burst out laughing, they did not take what I said seriously, but actually I was telling the truth! His major is Japanese.Sometimes I started a conversation like” You look good today” or “I like your outfit”, and these did help when developing new friendship. It is my senior high school teacher who encouraged to take up English as my major.Take every possible chance to have a nice conversation with them at proper time and always be honest. (You know, at that time, it was a hard decision to make, I was dreaming of being a writer and winning Nobel Literature Prize for China!) To tell the truth, I am personally grateful for him, he has been so generous to me as to offer to share his apartment with me to save me much inconvenience.In this way, you can not only join them soon, but also improve your English incredibly fast. Moreover, he let me choose my own way of learning, which was very rare at that time.Just remember that never be shy when making new friends. And the sad fact is that I often cut him short and made him embarrassed by asking him tricky or silly questions, with which he was always tolerant.FRIENDSHIP WON’T COME TO YOU UNTIL YOU GO FOR IT. Independence To be abroad, the ability of independence can be put in the very top place. Since my primary school day, I had developed the habit of airing my views whenever it occurred to me.Basically it means you have to get everything done yourself, from washing your own laundry to making decisions. I entered a just so-so college majoring English, two years of learning English offered a good beginning.For example, how to use the money properly is really a big deal. As time went by, my memory of college years blurred, but some scenes do stand out, I was nicknamed by my head teacher as"" living dictionary"", whenever I went , I carried a pocket-sized dictionary with me.Every time before you go to supermarket, you should make a shopping list and be clear about what to buy and what is needed to buy. I spent most of evenings in school library reading China Daily, Beijing Review, copying those unfamiliar words on a piece of paper and later consulted them in dictionary.Never waste one cent and bring your coupon with you if you have it. When my roommates were playing cards or courting girls, I buried myself in English or Chinese periodicals.You are not making money, instead you are spending it. (so you see, my college life was dull rather than colorful!) My speaking skill didn't develop as my reading skills.Therefore, you should always have a clear idea about using money. I still remembered the first time I was asked to read a short passage to the whole class, I was so nervous! Shame, once properly handled, can sometimes turn out to be a disguised blessing, I decided to improve my pronunciation and intonation, which was the hard part of the battle, I bought many tapes, listened to VOA, BBC every evening and read New Concept English in the morning.To be real independent, the awareness of independence is the most important thing. My efforts, at last, paid off more or less.Remember another thing, ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT IT BEFORE DOING IT. GPA GPA is the average score you get during the whole semester. When it was time to say goodbye to my college, my dean, who is almost as obscure as my small college, said to me, “learning is a lifelong process, college is not the final destination.Top students always get high GPA. If anyone keeps on reading English magazines or newspapers for 20 years, he is sure to become a master or an expert in this field!’ Looking at the old professor with gray hair and thick glasses, I thought these were words from the bottom of his hearts, I set up my mind to speak good English.High GPA does help when applying for top universities. This has been my college life.To get high GPA, the first thing you have to do is to be self-discipline. I have found it worth living, and would gladly live it again if the chances were offered to me. Leadership Leadership is the special quality of those top students. Looking back, I don't complain that life was not fair to me, instead, I thank all those people who have stepped into my life and gave me a hand when I needed.It is required when applying for universities and plays an important role in daily life. cell phones I appreciate all their timely help and unselfish aid.Usually, those top students set up their own clubs, do the posters themselves to attract students and think about new ways to perfect their clubs. Now I have stepped into the real world, I got a job far away from my hometown, teaching kids English.Though they also meet with difficulties sometimes, they find best ways to solve the problems and do their best to manage the clubs well. mp3 Although working pressure was heavy, I enjoyed my job anyway.Also they join the student government. During my spare time, I locked myself in the study.They take charge of possible activities at school and out of school, help to solve the problems for the students and take positive advice to build the student government and the school better. wow It happened that Li Yang Crazy English began to spread throughout China; I couldn't wait to lay my hands on books and materials of Crazy English.Outside school, they help to do extra work as volunteers to experience life. After reading Li Ying's story, I was deeply touched.Those top students take effective ways to show their ability and prove themselves. wow gold At that time, I had no girl friend to flatter, no family to support, it is easy for me to focus on something which interested me.So please remember the last thing that LEADERSHIP CAN BE DEVELOPED.. Language: Language is the door to communicate with others when we are in a foreign country.

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