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Erina Mik

Corner of Mouth Cracking and Sore, Could be Angular Chelitis

07:08, 10/1/2008 .. Link

The place where your infection is, is very telling. If you have an issue with the corners of your lips, it is most often Angular Chelitis. This is a yeast infection, or a fungal infection that is very difficult to cure. It is a very persistent infection that leads to symptoms of split or sores at the corners of the mouth. The legions often look like paper cuts and are painful when the mouth is opened often splitting and causing bleeding. If you have this condition, there are things you can do, but it takes some specific instruction to get cured of this affliction.

Angular Chelitis is actually quite a difficult and insidious condition that millions of people are afflicted with around the world. Typically sufferers have 3 or more bouts of Angular Chelitis per year and some individuals are almost permanently afflicted by the symptoms due to a lack of knowledge and ignorance about the condition.

Angular Chelitis is not life threatening, nor is it contagious. However, the more advanced development of the illness is contagious. Left unchecked, Angular Chelitis becomes an infection of the entire mouth. The tongue becomes coated with a whitish hue, called Candida or oral thrush.

This condition begins at it's earlier stages as small white little bumps at the corner of the mouth. It progresses into split legions of the corner of the lips and finally fully blown Candida. It is caused by a lack of iron in the diet and often, people with this condition would do anything to be rid of this disease and not have to suffer it's symptoms.

If you would like to look at pictures that can help you verify your own condition, you can download this simple and effective cure from the Angular Chelitis Foundation Their official treatment instructions are very effective. After following treatment instructions, you can expect the symptoms relieved and the legions in the corners of your mouth completely dried out within a few hours.http://www.angularchelitisfoundation.com

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Corner of Mouth Cracking and Sore, Could be Angular Chelitis


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