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Commonly seen mistaken ideas beyond CCNP

09:57, 23/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

As there are many occupations in Information and Technology Industry, many of which are promised with high salary, a large number of people are attracted to take vocational course.to be the formal computer expertise.Due to the misleading public opinion, many people have misunderstandings about CCNP.

Misunderstanding 1: to achieve the IT certification is to enter into the IT industry.however, For the inadequate supervision of the involved Grovement Departments, certification exams like Cisco 642-901 increased sharply.So the the sharp increasing in the numbers caused The CCNP Certification lost their original objective certification standards and values.

Misunderstanding 2: Accumulate the experience after obtaining the certification.However high your previous job income is, you need realize you have to start from the very beginning at the cost of being paid less in the computer field.

Misunderstanding 3: more certificates more opportunities .Excessive certifications can’t reflect the expertise of job-seekers but make employer hard to identify the job-seeker’s specialty.

Mistaken Idea 4: to immerse themselves in preparation for the certificates but unaware of the market quotation.The social demands for the certificates are changing all the time, if one cannot grasp the correct trend, he would pay in vain.

Misunderstanding 5: only emphasize your input, but neglect the output.It is an investment to get the certificate, especially for the 642-901 one. People running after certificates must consider the benefit of the investment on both money and time.The group of people striving for the certificates are faced with the problems as to how to choose reasonable certificates according to their own economic situation and schedules.

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Do Not Have Unpractical Expectation on CCNP Certification

09:57, 23/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Many people participated in Cisco certification exams, with the unrealistic expectations, but they usually finished with the frustration. Before participating in the certification exam, many people have the following expectations:

  • CCNP is the only way to bring me a job in IT industry;
  • CCNP certification is the golden key to my success,
  • I can get my dreaming job as long as I acquire the CCNP certificate;
  • CCNP certification is the rule of the IT industry;
  • The certification of CCNP is a big gold mine....

But is such certificate so important? Maybe it is the mistaken concept of the certification that contributes to such unpractical expectations.

In fact, certificate examination, take the example of Cisco 642-825, is only used to assess a candidate' knowledge of certain software, his logical thinking ability and problem resolution ability. However, nearly every client or emplor hopes you are experienced and skillful. You should know that, the certification exam could bring you the rich working skills and experiences .

In addition, 642-825 mainly focus on the technological skills, while it’s impossible for you to achieve success in IT industry merely by skills. That means other abilities, including interpersonal relationship, negotiation skills and teamwork, are not less important than skills for success in IT industry.

Anyway, you should think through before you take the examination, and make sure you have enough time and resource for the examination. You might as well get more useful experience from the media, the Internet or even your boss.

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Seven Steps Routemap for an IT Certification

09:56, 23/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

All things are difficult before they are easy, the first step is the key point to achieve goals. So does IT examination. One of the main obstacles of achieving IT certificate is the beginning activities of the process of gaining IT certificate. At this time, you must get up the courage and get out of the “gate” and never come back.

The seven-step roadmap for IT certification breaks the whole process down into small steps to help you get sustained momentum and achieve your goal finally. The line map of the seven steps is as follows, to Cisco as an example:

  • 1. Select the authenticating examination program. At first you must clear the IT certificate which you try to get. Once you made a decision on the CCNP Test, you must set off preparing for the Cisco 642-901 Test.
  • 2. Making an examination schedule. It’ll be easy to encourage yourself once you set yourself a deadline.
  • 3. Get access to the relevant study guide and analog test software. You can buy them, or search on the Internet. These things can help you estimate how well you comprehend the knowledge.
  • The fourth one is that make clear and arrange corresponding training courses. This step is optional, but one of the advantages of attending a lecture is that you can use special time to prepare for the exam.
  • 5. Attend training courses. If you sign up for listening to the classes, then you must arrange the time of your attending the course; Otherwise, your authenticating examination may absolutely be effected because of the delay of time.
  • 6. Doing simulation tests. I suggest you do some 642-901 simulation tests after you finish reading study guide and the formal training.
  • 7. Revise and sit for the exam. Revise your review materials and go over where you have made mistakes. After you finish the stimulated tests, then you can take the exam.

One of the biggest obstacles to passing the CCNP certification test lies in how to get it started. Usually, to start preparing for a certificate exam, you need to develop detailed plans. This route for IT certification test helps you easily solve the problem by giving you a clear starting point.

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Commonly seen mistaken ideas beyond CCNP
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