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Little Girl

First Blog

19:10, 9/10/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
This is the first day that i have my blog. I will keep everyone up to date about my life. Today i had to sing in the church some realy amazing songs. One of them was written by Handel. Amazing!! I wanted to go to the centre of Zutphen. There was a party. All about beer. But the weather sucked so I didnt go. Actualy it didnt matter because i'm realy tired. So i've been sleeping on the coutch for more then an hour. Just not to long ago i watched Extreme home make over. wauw a women who cares for 14 children 4 of her own en 10 of her sister who died from cancer. Those people are hero's!!! no matter what you say. Those are hero's xxx Little Girl

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