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Satire Cartoons Require Creativity and Understanding What Is Satire

12:51, 3/5/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link

If you are interested in satire cartoons, you may want to start drawing your own cartoons. This may be of an interest to you, so it can bring you some enjoyment with all the process of creating one. This includes deciding on a subject, figuring out a design and then drawing the cartoon.

It is important to know that you may not become one of funny pictures the lucky cartoons who make it a full-time living. Instead, you may use drawing satire cartoons as an outlet. You may have a problem with some issue, concerned with how someone is acting or want to raise awareness on a particular issue.

When you finish drawing some, you can promote your work on your own blog. This way, you can have an audience. It is always important to get noticed. You can also promote your work through social media too. If you have the talent, you can try sending your cartoons to newspapers, magazines or other mediums

If it is your mission to become a satire cartoonist, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Most importantly, you need to understand what is satire. It has been defined as a humor that involves using irony, exaggeration or ridicule to criticize and expose certain vices or actions that were done by a person, institution or society itself. These satire cartoons are typically designed to highlight and showcase the absurdity and inconsistency of the particular subject.

Besides cartoons, you can see satire in many forms, such as novels, articles, poems, movies or other ways. It seems that cartoons are the fastest way to get your point across. It is a visual image with a short, witty message at the bottom.

After you realize this, you should check out other satire cartoonists' work. They can give you some motivation and insight about what makes effective satire cartoons. You then should attempt to draw your own cartoon. It takes a lot of practice, but it can be done.

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Satire Cartoons Require Creativity and Understanding What Is Satire


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