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Start Gathering Gold for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

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With the new WoW expansion on the horizon, now is a perfect time to start gathering up some extra World of Warcraft gold."When it comes to the end of the line and you have played World of Warcraft as much as you possibly can, the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade will be right there to pick you up and help you keep going. It’s really one of the only ways to get a head start on your way to level 80 once the new expansion hits.There is no reason why players should have to give up on their most beloved game and with the Burning Crusade now available for players, they don’t have to. Fortunately, thanks to the daily quest system introduced in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, earning gold yourself has never been easier.So why should you be thinking about WoW Burning Crusade. With about 30 minutes of playing, you can easily make well over 100 WoW gold by completing daily quests, such as the ones on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Simply put, it is just as fun as some of the original missions in this game. When you play the WoW Burning Crusade, you are basically playing a more advanced game. You can use that gold to work upgrade your gear, or even start working on the new profession in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, which is called inscription.Everything is bigger and better. Not only will you earn gold, but also reputation with some of the factions in the world, which in turn can earn you unique rewards that will serve you on the path to 80.You have probably been able to conquer most everything in the game, so this is just another test for you. You may have heard that once WoW: Wrath of the Lich King comes out, you’ll no longer be able to use your flying mount.In the past, when players beat a lot of WoW levels, they would just get bored and finish playing the game. If you haven’t already spent the 5,000 World of Warcraft gold to buy an epic flying mount, you may think its no longer worth it.That is no longer the case, as it really is a nice challenge for you if you are looking for it. However, its been revealed that once you hit level 77, you can use your flying mounts again.World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, for better or worse, is an addition that you have to try. A great reason why you should check out the WoW Burning Crusade expansion to this game is that it will have a bunch of great features that you have probably never seen before. So if you haven’t already, now is a great time to work on getting enough gold for an WoW epic flying mount.This means that it will be like playing an entire new and different game, except for the fact that you have played some of it before and you will be somewhat familiar with how it works " . You’ll be zooming across the skies of Northrend in no time. "That’s right, the end is nearly upon us. World of Warcraft players have been exploring outland for well over a year now, and its finally time to leave the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade behind us. On November 13th, players will start the next stretch of their journey through the world of Warcraft. Players will finally return to spending most of their time on Azeroth proper, exploring Northrend, the icy realm of the Lich King. handys The Wrath of the Lich King expansion will be revolutionizing the World of Warcraft experience just like the WoW Burning Crusade did before it. Among the biggest of the changes is the introduction of a new class: the Death Knight. mp3 players WoW’s first hero class, the Death Knight is the first new class added to the game since its launch. Death Knight characters will start at level 55 and get to experience an exclusive storyline before officially joining the Alliance or the Horde. wow gold Aside from the new class, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King brings a lot of other fun new stuff, such as achievements. First popularized on the Xbox gaming console, achievements give players a new way to measure their progress in the world and compare their exploits with other players. wow gold kaufen The expansion also brings a brand new profession, called Inscription, which allows players to enhance their spells. With so much exciting new content, there’s little doubt that players will be lining up on November 13th to get the new expansion and upgrade their World of Warcraft accounts.

Training a Night Elf Rogue

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Well against my best judgment I decided to train a Night Elf Rogue."I know everyone is a master at the World of Warcraft and how you should spec (train) your character. I am not much of a rogue type of player, but will give it a try.I currently have two hunters. He is only level 13, but I have invested a lot of time and money to his enchanting and leather working skill.One is a level 42, with his specs all over the board. So if nothing else he can make and enchant stuff for my hunter characters.The other is a level 28 Hunter primarily in Beast Mastery (18/0/0). I am unsure what spec I am going to make this rogue.Once I hit level 29 with my 28 Hunter he will be aligned as (18/1/0) for the improved concussion shot. I think currently he is a (1/2/0) spec. A little background behind the decision of beast mastery. No particular reasoning for that spec, just seemed the funnest.I am not much of one to do a ton of Battlegrounds. I think I might make him an Assassin as that sounds cool.In such I like to solo or do a small group for most of my quests. The down side to being a rogue, is coming from a hunter, the questing is much harder given that I do not have a pet to tank.Reasoning is I am very new to WoW and want to experience the quests first before I dive deep into the battleground. You have to choose your mobs more wisely and rely on your stealth a lot.Although with this hunter I will probably be twinking at the BG once I hit level 29 for at least one or two nights mainly because I want to earn enough honor to get a very nice PvP mount at level 60 and a few other items when I am a higher level. Which is fun, but also not fun. I also figure that at level 29, most people's skill level is decent but not crazy like in Higher level BG's so it should be fun and one side should actually win. The not fun part is that you avoid a lot of fights, which means less experience.We will see. Given that I am trying to grind him up to at least 1-2 levels above what the quest suggests so I can hold my own versus the mods.I am anxious to see how my level 29 hunter will do. Right now I am really concentrating on getting my first aid, enchanting and leather working skills up.I do talk up about twinking, but really I am going to throw him into the BG with the equipment I use for normal questing. I am nearly maxed out for my level so once I am maxed out I will be doing a bit more questing with this rogue.Reasoning is one, I do not have the gold to buy twinked out items and two it makes it more interesting when your not completely a twink. I will report my losses/successes with this spec of hunter in the Battle Ground. The real intention of this rogue is to play Battlegrounds.I can tell you already for questing, Beast Mastery is the way to go as at a Level 29 hunter I can take on Level 34-35 mobs (1-3 at a time) due to my pet aggroing and maintaining them. As my hunter I saw first handed the DPS they deal and that if they take out my pet from the picture, well I am basically screwed.Where as when I was on my level 42 hunter my pet could only handle maybe 1 or 3 at level 33 and no higher. I will probably not be reporting much on this character as he is a very low level and I plan on working on my Level 29 hunter much more than this rogue.So there is a huge improvement for my solo questing which I love to do. "Considering the amount of World of Warcraft addons that exist for this game, it only makes sense to utilize these types of modifications in order to get a clear understanding of exactly what’s going on during raids and instances. " . handy In many cases, there is so much information to be absorbed, it can be almost impossible to function in the game without the tremendous amount of add-ons. The add-ons in World of Warcraft cover all manner of information, such as the gold that you have collected as well as the different types of gear and even what type of instances have the best boss encounters. mp3 players By utilizing the multitude of World of Warcraft add-ons, you can increase your ability to level up, collect gold and grind for gear in rapid fashion. Without the multitude of WoW add-ons available, it is very likely that many players would be left clueless and unable to progress as rapidly as they currently do. wow gold With all of the assistance that these types of add-ons deliver, it only makes sense to give yourself the edge whenever possible and utilize these types of add-ons. Anyone familiar with the World of Warcraft game world has very likely already seen the add-ons and WoW modifications that make the game so much easier to play and succeed at. wow gold kaufen By utilizing the phenomenally popular WoW add-ons, you can enjoy a focus on making money, gaining levels or simply keeping track of all your different friends and enemies. With an add-on for everything, World of Warcraft can expand to become the be-all, end-all game world that many gamers enjoy.

First Aid Skill is a Must in WoW

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Some people may disagree, but I am very hooked on the idea that the First Aid skill in the World of Warcraft is a must have skill."I love doing instances, especially if you have a great group to do them with. Not only is it very useful in Battle Grounds, but useful in everyday questing and grouping.I especially hate it when there is a ninja in the group taking everything being annoying. It is especially nice if a party member dies, when they come back you can easily bring them back to full health without them using a potion, have to sit and eat something or waste mana to heal.I consider myself to be a decent Instance/Dungeon player. The idea to not make them waste a potion is simple.Having that said I like being a hunter in an Instance. Potions have a cooldown time of 60 seconds.Mainly because you can ""tank"" with your pet. Meaning they are only really helpful in situations that you need emergency health to help escape, to give the healer time to heal or to finish a boss who is a few levels above you.This makes you more attractive to groups, especially ones that have seen you play before and like your style. Not wasting a potion to heal yourself when you are revived is crucial especially if you are facing a boss. My style for Instances and Dungeons is to always look before you leap. By bandaging them up, the cooldown is 30 seconds I believe before they can be bandaged again, and they can use their potions at anytime without waiting.Never wander off into un-known or un-cleared territory unless you are the Tank. Leveling up First Aid can be tough especially the first bit.Especially if you are a low level with a high aggravation radius. Wool Cloth was the hardest for me to locate, so I broke down and bought it from AH for around 30s per 20 pieces.This could easily get you and the whole group killed. Once your skill gets up to 150 you need to find a book, ""Expert First Aid"".Know your limitations and boundaries and do not over step them. The book is located in Arathi Highlands, but is guarded by level 39+ elites.Grant it for beginners you will not fully understand how the party works. So at a low level it is nearly impossible to get the Expert First Aid book.I know it took me a while to figure out what to do and not do. The other option, instead of waiting for either a group or until you are leveled enough you can grind your way through is to buy the Expert First Aid book through AH (Auction House).Here is a list I compiled of some do's and don'ts for group play: - Do not whine or complain. The cost at the Auction House when I bought the book was around 4 gold. - Do not Ninja (Need or say ""Oh I need that"") - Do listen to the leader, after all he was chosen for a reason. - Do be friendly and not rude. Hopefully you get a better deal than I did. - Do follow the group, venturing off will get you killed. - If you are going for a certain item, discuss it with the group before you go in. But it was well worth the gold.Be willing to make a sacrifice, such as passing on every other item. By following those guidelines above it will make for a great group inside an instance. mp3 players Once I learned the Expert First Aid I had all the silk I need to and quickly advanced to the ""Manual: First Aid Silk"" which teaches you how to make Heavy Silk Bandages.Being friendly and courteous is the best way to play because then everyone has fun. Now that I have maxed out my Heavy Silk Bandages I am basically waiting till I am of the proper level to learn Mageweave bandage, and Artesian First Aid.Remember all it takes is one person to ruin it, so before inviting someone to the party, try and talk to them first to get a feel for their style. wow gold Since that is all the farther I am, I will end this here.Just remember that everyone can just about use everything, which is why there is the rolling feature in WoW. The basic gist is First Aid is very relevant and can save you time and deaths by having this fast healing ability.cheap cell phones If you lose, lose graciously and chances are that group will invite you on more instances, which ultimately means more items for you. " . wow gold kaufen Especially as a hunter with a frost trap, that trap gives you enough time to heal your hunter and prepare to kill the whatever you froze.

Playing Warsong Gulch with Hunter

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Recently I have been playing a lot of Warsong Gulch with my level 29 hunter."After some long thoughts about my Rogue I decided to create a Druid for now. To put it short I now have 49 tokens.I still have the Rogue character as I will probably want a Rogue sometime down the road. The nice part about it is I have found a group of two other people, a warlock and a druid, who know how to play battlegrounds.For now the druid seems to be a lot of fun in the battleground and that is who I am creating. Every round of Warsong Gulch we played together we won. I have no real tips right now as this is my first druid character and he is only level 8. Our strategy is actually really simple, basically the Warlock stays at base with one or two other people and guards our flag.He is not that strong on melee, but has some strong casting, which means mana is needed, at least for now. While the Druid and I sneak into the Horde's base, at which point, I jump down and set a frost trap and un-reveal the rogues hiding while they attack me the druid snatches the flag and runs with it while I keep the people in the base under-wraps with concussion shot and wing clip.I am unsure if I want to equip up with +intellect or wait till after level 20 and I have the cat form. This strategy, although simple, is amazing.I doubt that I will do the BG's at level 19 with the druid. We have won 8 BGs in a row with that exact same strategy.Mainly because I wanted to create him for running/holding the flag. The crappy part about it though, if I am playing without them it is tough to find a flag runner.Which means I need the bear and cat form. Generally it should be a druid, but a Rogue who knows what he is doing can run the flag very well too.I will probably wait until he is level 29 and then buy some good gear for him. But most people do not listen and just do their own thing, which makes for a long and boring Battleground. Right now I am really enjoying leveling this druid. Thats how I like to play Warsong Gulch and will continue that strategy, as it has yet to fail us once.Great soloist, given that he does have the healing power. "In the latest WotLK beta push, we made a large change to the mana cost of spells.But is only good vs 2-3 mobs his level. All player spells now cost a percentage of base mana rather than a fixed cost.At which point I barely survive and do have to use healing. Base mana is a special value determined by the player’s level and class, regardless of any effects or items that increase intellect.I love the buffs they get because now I can just run around and buff random people to re-pay what people have done for me in the past. It is the size of a player’s mana pool if the player has zero intellect.That will be fun. This change was made primarily to prevent downranking, as it’s a technique that was never quite intended.Well that is my Druids story thus far, we will see how well he does in between level 10 and 19, which is usually tough for me to get to level 20. " . Rather than continue to find ways to penalize players for casting low-rank spells, we decided to essentially make doing so obsolete. If rank 5 and rank 6 of a spell cost the same amount of mana, but rank 6 does more damage/healing, then there is no reason to consider casting rank 5. mp3 players So, each spell line (eg. Frostbolt, Shadowbolt, Greater Heal, Rejuvenation, etc. phones cell ) has a fixed percentage of base mana that it costs for most of its ranks. That means each time a player gains a level the cost will go up some. wow The percentages were picked to attempt to keep the costs relatively similar to what they are currently in World of Warcraft. For most spells, that percentage will drop some when the player receives their highest-rank spell in existing Burning Crusade content. wow gold This was done to better fit the existing cost curve, and to keep the mana cost for level 70 players as close as possible to existing costs. Level 70 characters will see most of their maximum rank spells change in cost slightly up or down, but not by significant amounts.

Training a Feral Night Elf Druid

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Training a Feral Night Elf Druid My new druid character, who is now level 13, has been chosen to be a Feral druid."Well given that I have done all the beginning Night Elf quests at least 4 times, I decided to create a beginner's guide to it. After running through the Talent Calculator provided by worldofwarcraft.As there are many different ways to quest, but to quest efficiently is different. com, I decided that is where my focus point will be.If you do have input or another option, please let us know. Currently the druid has 1/2/0 for his talents.I do not know all the names of everyone or the quests, but I do know locations and what the quest entails. The 1 point under balance is the Nature's Grasp.Hopefully that is enough, I may go back later and add those details. The Balance of Nature The initial quest is an easy one ""The Balance of Nature"", kill 4 Young Thistle Boars and 7 Young Night sabers (name. A very handy spell that when active if anyone hits you they have a chance of being entangled in roots.). The other 2 points under Feral is for Ferocity.Do as you are told and get the level up with the experience. That is his current position, what the end result will be for this druid is a Tank.Should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. The layout of how I will divy up my points will be under the Restoration, I want Mark of the Wild to be maxed out at 5 points along with Nature's Focus. After you completed that quest, the next one, which is titled ""The Balance of Nature"" also is to kill the level 2-3 Thistle boars and Night sabers. That will be all for the Restoration portion of my druid.Pretty easy, but before you go out and kill the animals, go snatch ""A Good Friend"" from Dirania Silvershine. The only point for Balance is going to be the Nature's Grasp.She is by a cooking pot North of where you should be. Since the Feral tree is where I am concentrating on here is they layout I think I will eventually end up as: Ferocity 5/5 Feral Aggression 5/5 Brutal Impact 2/2 Thick Hide 3/3 Feral Swiftness 2/2 Feral Charge 1/1 Sharpened Claws 3/3 Shredding Attacks 2/2 Predatory Strikes 3/3 Savage Fury 2/2 Faerie Fire 1/1 Nurturing Instinct 2/2 Heart of the Wild 5/5 Survival of the Fittest 3/3 Primal Tenacity 3/3 Leader of the Pack 1/1 Improved Lead of the Pack 2/2 Predatory Instincts 4/5 Mangle 1/1 These are in no particular order.The quest is simple, which is to simply find Iveron. The order I will probably end up doing will vary but I will most likely max out Ferocity first then Thick Hide.Now that you have those two quests, go and kill the 7 Thistle Boars and 7 Night sabers. Once those are maxed I will do 2 points in Feral Aggression and than 2 points in Feral Swiftness.Once those are done venture North West till you see a cave with spiders around it. At this point I am at level 22 from here I will update my Mark of the Wild 5 points which puts me at level 27.Try to avoid the spiders if possible, but to the west of that cave you should see a path with a guy. So I have 2 points before the BG's start to throw to Feral Charge 1 point and Sharpened Claws 1 point.That is Iveron. After that I am not sure yet as I will stay on level 29 for a while playing Battlegrounds.Talk with him and get the quest to report back. When I figure it out I will post and let you know, and also let you know how my tanking druid is doing. Iveron's Antidore and The Woodland Protector Head back to Dirania Silvershine first. " .This will save traveling time since you start out slow. cell phone accessories Talk with her and she will send you on ""Iveron's Antidote"". Well the nice thing about this quest is it coincides with the Centaur quest called, ""The Woodland Protector"". mp3 player Head back to the gentleman who gave you ""The Balance of Nature"". Get the experience and most likely a level up. wow Talk to him again and start ""The Woodland Protector"" chain. Go talk to the Cintaur. wow gold She should be west of your location. She will tell you to gather 8 Fel Wood Moss. To do this you have to kill about 10-15 Grel's. They are really easy, and since they are yellow you can take them on one at a time. While gathering the moss, you will notice that the Grel's also drop the mushrooms you need for ""Iveron's Antidote"" this is nice because you can basically knock off two quests with one go.

Clarification on Fair Gameplay in Arenas

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There have been a number of questions recently on what exactly falls into the category of Win Trading in Arena matches, and therefore what is and is not considered acceptable, so we would like to provide some clarification on what is considered fair gameplay in Arena matches."Standing at the window Elessedil was able to see all she remembered from this place, the beautiful lilac plants, the arched rooftops, the creatures that roamed the wild treacherous forest. The act of Win Trading may be described as the carrying out of premeditated plans to rise in arena rating by means of determining the outcome of a match prior or during its taking place.But most of all, she could still sense the Elven magic that remained in Teldrassil, her home. The heavy robes she had not worn since the sentinels brought her back were still in one piece. Win trading goes against the spirit of World of Warcraft and devalues the enjoyment of the game for all players who earn their victories by competing in a fair environment.Looking at them, they reminded her of the glory she once knew. Win Trading includes players tampering with, or otherwise abusing the queue system as well as colluding to enter into an arena match with a specific opposing team.How long ago had it been. In the case of arena collusion, we consider any situation where the standard queue possibilities are bypassed through an abuse of mechanics to be a violation of policy. She wanted to remember, but everything was so far away now. This includes, but is not limited to, the act of tampering with one’s team roster with exploitive intentions as well as setting up a situation that bypasses the randomness of our queue system where a team has a specific and predetermined opponent and repeatedly faces that team.She buttoned up her boots and stepped outside. Queuing against a known and affiliated opponent gives a competitive advantage over players who are entering the queue at random.She walked across the lush gardens of purple and green foliage and greeted passersby casting a blessing upon them. Yes, Elessedil could still grant life to others. We have measures in place to take action against any account found to be using these practices to advance their characters.This made her smile for a moment, but the smile vanished just as fast as it had come. These described actions all fall in line with our fair use clause in the Terms of Use, which specifically states: Nonetheless, certain acts go beyond what is “fair” and are considered serious violations of these Terms of Use.A flash of the terrible things she had seen shook her core again. Those acts include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: 1.Her skin turned cold as the guilt imposed itself once more. Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or “program bugs” to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players; With that being said we are aware that players will often face the same team multiple times in succession due to a lack of similarly rated teams in the queue.Had she let her friends die in that horrible place to save herself. Naturally this is not in violation, nor should players worry if ever they happen upon a situation such as this, but we will invoke action against any team when the team in question creates an agreement to exchange matches or tamper with the queuing system. If they were still out there, did they know she was alive. Regardless of the content of these games, this presents a conflict of interest that we wish to deter in order to keep our arena system competitive. Outland had drained her spirit, that was true enough. In our continued efforts to support fair gameplay we have taken steps to ensure fair and enjoyable competition in the Arena by taking action on players who are found to be involved in Win Trading.She had wanted to forget everything, the war, the evil, the hatred, all but her friends. Actions for violations may include not only penalties to the account but also confiscation of any gear that has been won if deemed necessary.Nevertheless, she left it all, good and bad. Our Support staff will continue to enforce fair gameplay in Arena matches and all aspects of the game and will continue to address any new concerns to ensure that the playing field is kept fair.She had survived. " .And what now. cell phones Sadness. Elessedil had not seen the end of the war waged against Illidan Stormrage, although she heard the army of Ilterendi had defeated him. She also knew they were gone, and she would never go to battle with them again. mp3 Alone, she looked around and recognized no one in this place anymore. The truth was, she recognized no one anywhere anymore, not even herself. wow She bit her lip to stop it from shaking and ran back into the cottage. The hinges squeaked when she opened the chest. From within, she took out the old heavy amulet and placed it around her neck. wow gold She looked for the small velvet pouch she had hidden at the bottom and pulled its silk ribbon to open it. They were still there, her trinkets and her jewel encrusted rings. She closed the pouch again and stuffed it in her pocket.

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